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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: enesus

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Quran recital

Quran Recitation Checklist – Muhammad Syazwan 2012 Bil Surah 1 An-Nas 2 Al-Falaq 3 Al-Ikhlas 4 Al-Masadd 5 An-Nasr 6 Al-Kafirun 7 Al-Kauthar 8 Al-Maun 9 Quraish 10 Al-Fil 11 AlHumaza 12 Al-Asr 13 AlTakathur 14 Al-Qaria 15 Al-Adiyat 16 Al-Zalzala 17 AlBayyina 1st Ayat Done?

18 Al-Qadr 19 Al-Alaq 20 At-Tin 21 AlInsyirah 22 Ad-Dhuha 23 Al-Lail 24 AshShams 25 Al-Balad 26 Al-Fajr 27 28 AlGhasiya Al-Ala 29 At-Tariq 30 Al-Burooj 31 33 AlInshiqaq AlMutaffifin Al-Infitar 34 At-Takwir 35 Abasa 36 An-Naziat 37 An-Naba 32

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