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Published on November 14, 2019

Author: alvinjhon

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slide 1: Cisco 500-240 Cisco Mobile Backhaul for Field Engineers slide 2: 500-240 VCE ExamCollection slide 3: Don’t you want to succeed in your first attempt at getting Field Engineers certification If so then grab on this chance to train better with Examcollection. We will provide you with all the basic essential to ace the exam in just one try given that you train through our Cisco Mobile Backhaul for Field Engineers Practice Exam Dumps there is nothing that can stop you from passing. We have specially collaborated with high professionals to get you these fantastic Cisco 500-240 Practice Test Questions. 500-240 VCE ExamCollection slide 4: You dont have to take any worry about your 500-240 Exam VCE. Examcollection give you some demo question and answer of 500-240 Examcollection. 500-240 VCE ExamCollection slide 5: Which two commands can you issue on an ASR920 router to view the status of a pseudowire Choose two A. show pw all B. show pw and xconnect C. show pw all detail D. show xconnect all detail E. show xconnect all Answer: A D www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html slide 6: SyncE clocking is provided at what OSI layer A. Layer 3 B. Layer 2 and 3 C. Layer 1 D. Layer 2 Answer: B www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html slide 7: How does traditional mobile networks scale A. non-exponentially B. exponentially C. linearly D. nonlineariy Answer: A www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html slide 8: Which three clock types can an ASR920 router be configured as Choose three. A. Boundary clock B. Clock C. Ordinary clock D. Regular clock E. Transparent clock F. Ordinary Regular Answer: A C D www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html slide 9: Which type of backhaul network does the Cisco Unified RAN Backhaul use A. SONET B. ATM C. IP MPLS D. TDM Answer: A www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html slide 10: High availability at the transport network layer is provided through the combination of what three technologies Choose three A. Alternate Route B. Loop-Free Alternate Fast Reroute DBGP C. DHSRP D. DBFD E. D BGP Core and Edge Fast Reroute and Edge protection Answer: A B E www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html slide 11: Which two options configures an ASR920 router as a hybrid clock Choose two. A. ptp clock boundary domain 0 B. ptp clock boundary domain 0 hybrid C. ptp clock ordinary domain 0 hybrid D. ptp clock ordinary domain 0 E. ptp clock Answer: B C www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html slide 12: What can PTP be used to synchronize A. Time frequency phase B. Rate C. Phase time D. Frequency Answer: D www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html slide 13: What are three purposes of partitioning the backhaul network into independent IGP domains Choose three A. to not enhance stability B. to reduce the size of the routing and forwarding tables on individual routers C. to ensure that reach ability is not possible between domains D to not ensure stability D. faster convergence D to enhance stability Answer: B C D www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html slide 14: Offering Effective PDF Tests Training to Individuals and Companies 100 Passing Assurance on All Dumps Special Student Discount Available Printable and Searchable PDF Braindumps User Interactive Exams Software 500-240 VCE ExamCollection slide 15: 500-240 VCE ExamCollection slide 16: I have recently cleared the Certification exam with the help of a package I acquired from Examcollection.us. Thanks to the package I was able to pass the exam with flying colors and achieved 98 score. Thank you guys it is because of you that I am sitting in one of the best tech firms of the city and I am earning a lot. Really Thank you guys keep up the great work. 500-240 VCE ExamCollection slide 17: Good luck www.examcollection.us/500-240-vce.html 500-240 VCE ExamCollection

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