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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: jordanlachance

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EWRT 30 Class 20

AGENDA Coming Attractions Discussion: Portfolios Make-up or Retake of Terms Test Writers' Workshop: Drama Project #4

Coming Attractions Class 21: Due: Project #4 Drama Begin play readings/performances. Class 22: Due: Portfolio (Electronic in one file; Please save as last name only). Due: Submission to Red Wheelbarrow (please copy me on your submission) Finish play readings/performances

Portfolio Options and Requirements Options Submit one story between 12 and 25 pages and two poems. Two Haiku = one poem Submit one story between 9 and 12 pages and three poems. Submit two stories, neither of which is longer than 9 pages but combined are at least 12 pages, and two poems. Requirements Submit one attached word document, saved as your last name and “portfolio.” For example Palmore Portfolio. Email your portfolio to me before the final class. Submit at least one entry to the Red Wheelbarrow. Copy me on the email to Ken Weisner.

 Poetry: up to 5 poems  Fiction: 1 short story (up to 5,000 words), or up to 3 short- shorts  Plays: 1 dramatic piece up to 5,000 words  Creative Nonfiction: 1 piece up to 5,000 words  Comics: 1 brief graphic story  Submissions in multiple categories are fine. Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine Editor: Ken Weisner weisnerken@fhda.edu http:/faculty.deanza.edu/ weisnerken/

How to submit your work Send an email with your name and the title(s) of your work to weisnerken@fhda.edu Attach your clean and edited text in a word document. For multiple submissions, attach multiple documents. Leave your name and other identifying information off of your submission.

Make-up or Re-take Exam  If you are taking an exam, move to the front of the room.  The rest of you can begin your group work.  When you finish your exam, turn it in to me and join your group.

Write Your Plays!

Homework Prepare: Reading/Performance/or Video for Class 21. Email me a copy of your drama Email me a copy of (or a link to) your performance.

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