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Published on March 7, 2008

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Slide1:  EVOSTM Digital Inverted Microscope Imaging System AMG A Division of Westover Scientific, Inc. 18421 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Suite 110 Mill Creek, WA 98012-6825 p: 800.304.3202 425.398.1298 f: 425.398.0717 advancedmicroscope.com Slide2:  Background-Overview Traditional Inverted Microscopes Most commonly used to observe live cells or organisms inside vessels containing a sterile, liquid nutrient medium. Optics are located below the sample (inverted) as opposed to above as in conventional microscopes. Include Phase Contrast illumination. This technique makes it easier to observe transparent cells or low contrast specimens. The use of cameras especially digital are becoming more popular, even required by some researchers and institutions. Objectives typically used include 4x, 10x phase and 20x phase. Occasionally, a 40x phase objective is required. Slide3:  Background-Disadvantages Traditional Digital Inverted Microscopes Require camera adapter, computer, monitor, software, cables, technical expertise and hours of assembly. Inverted microscopes with a digital camera can range in price from $5,500 to $10,000+ depending upon options. Requires costly maintenance, i.e. changing light bulbs, fuses, cleaning optics. Options are expensive, e.g. mechanical stage, vessel holders, filters, additional objectives, etc. Not ergonomic, and often complicated to use. Slide4:  Background-Advantages Traditional Digital Inverted Microscopes Current contrast techniques available include Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Nomarski (DIC) and Fluorescence. Optically (through the eyepieces) superior in live image quality than most analog or digital based video systems. Name recognition and history. Advanced options available include micro injection and manipulators, environmental chambers, automation, etc. Slide5:  Introducing…EVOS “Non- Traditional” Digital Inverted Imaging System First release of 2 main configurations July 2007 AME-i2101 Plain Stage Version AME-i2111 Mechanical “Glide Stage Version Slide6:  Introducing…EVOS “Non- Traditional” Digital Inverted Imaging System Plain Stage Version AME-i2100 – Does not include objectives. AMG objectives sold separately and individually. AME-i2101 – Objectives include 4x, 10x Ph, 20x Ph. Optional 40x Ph. Stage platform fixed. Specimen is moved by hand. CANNOT be upgraded to mechanical stage version Slide7:  Introducing…EVOS “Non- Traditional” Digital Inverted Imaging System Mechanical “Glide” Stage Version AME-i2110 – Does not include objectives. AMG objectives sold separately and individually. AME-i2111 – Objectives include 4x, 10x Ph, 20x Ph. Optional 40x Ph. Stage has full range of motion in X and Y directions. Stage is manually controlled. Y-position fine movement control knobs are located on the left and right side of the stage. One X-position knob is located in the front side of the stage. Essential for viewing individual wells of 96-128 well plates, chamber slides and C-Chips, especially at 40x. Specific size and shape vessel holders drop into the standard stage platform. Culture vessels are placed into the vessel holder and are secured in place. Slide8:  EVOS “EVOLUTION” “Non- Traditional” Digital Inverted Imaging System Prototype first introduced at the University of Washington, Seattle in June 2005. Concept was well received. Circa 2006 2005 2006 2007 Slide9:  CONCEPT & STRATEGY EVOS Digital Inverted Imaging System Product concept targeted ergonomics, image quality, ease of use, affordability and uniqueness. Concept target price: $3,500 - $10,000 with multiple configurations, and illumination techniques. Target market: Routine tissue culture screening in biotech, pharmaceutical, and university research facilities. Other considerations Establish brand name (AMG); Opportunity to provide innovative solutions for an expanding “niche” market Build within Westover Scientific core competency – optics, cameras, software Slide10:  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION EVOS Digital Inverted Imaging System The EVOSTM imaging system is a fully integrated inverted microscope, digital camera and LCD display which allows you to easily and comfortably view, capture and archive images of specimens in various culture vessels and on slides. By replacing traditional eyepieces with a large adjustable 15” color LCD, designing controls which are convenient to access and easy to operate EVOS becomes the most ergonomic and functional digital inverted microscope on the market today. Image data can be stored on a SD memory card for use via card readers, printers, etc. or connect directly to your PC using the USB2 connection and take advantage of the Micron imaging software which is included with EVOS. Slide11:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS ERGONOMICS Ergonomic Profile High-Definition Color LCD: Utilizes a 15” flat panel LCD instead of eyepieces as viewing source. Color LCD has controls which include backlight level, contrast and color saturation adjustments. Adjustable in vertical height and tilt. Live on-screen viewing resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels. Dual, low positioned focus controls with rubber grip. Large rubber coated dual focus controls are positioned low to the bench allowing you to rest your arms and hands in a relaxed position. Slide12:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS ERGONOMICS Ergonomic profile: Image Capture buttons: Easily accessible, right and left side controls are located behind the focus control knobs. Low Profile Stage The stain resistant fixed stage platform sits only 4” above the bench for easier handling of specimens. The stage platform measures 196mm X 196mm (7.7" x 7.7") which accommodates most vessel types. Slide13:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS Mechanical Glide Stage: The AME-i2110 & AME-i2111 configurations of EVOS features a smooth, manually driven platform which moves in virtually any x-y position effortlessly. Interchangeable stage plates accommodate many common shapes and sizes of vessels, including flasks, Petri dishes, multi-well plates and slides. These quick-change, vessel specific stage plates allow you to view the entire area of culture vessels without moving the vessels themselves – the stage moves instead. ERGONOMICS In addition, fine X-Y travel movements are made with control knobs conveniently located on each side and the front of the glide stage. Fine travel range = 69mm / revolution of control knob. Stage travel range / distance is 110mm x 110mm (4.3” x 4.3”). Y z Slide14:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS Mechanical Glide Stage w/ slide holder: Slide holder accommodates 2 C-Chip slides. Perfect presentation at trade shows and demos. At 10x, entire 1mm square fits on-screen Fine adjustment knobs allow you to precisely move to each square. Also accommodates 2 standard 1”x 3” (25mm x 75mm) glass slides Cost of slide holder (and other vessel holders) approximately $200. ERGONOMICS Slide15:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS IMAGE QUALITY 3-Megapixel color CMOS camera: Captured images (3 MB file size) are stored on a removable SD memory card for use via card readers, printers, etc. On-board SD memory card port is located in the LCD housing. Images can be stored directly on a PC using our Micron software via USB2 connection. USB2 port is located on the rear side of the LCD display. Slide16:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS IMAGE QUALITY 3-Megapixel color CMOS camera: Embedded in the microscope stand. Captured image resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels. Images are saved in a proprietary raw, uncompressed image format. Image file is opened and edited using our Micron Imaging software. Slide17:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS EASE OF USE Stand-alone digital microscope system: Complete plug and play system – optically and mechanically. No major assembly or adjustments are required. There is no complex video or power supply cable attachment (except for power cord and USB cable), external video couplers, or camera and system adjustments necessary. Connect the system to a 110-240VAC power source and begin use. LED Illumination: Variable intensity control provides bright white color temperature. Service life of approximately 30,000 hours. No lamps or fuses to replace. Slide18:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS EASE OF USE Brightfield and Phase Contrast Optics / Illumination Techniques: Easily accessible 3-position condenser turret contains combined 10x/20x Phase annuli, a 40x phase annuli, and a brightfield position. Easily accessible 4-position objective turret Accommodates 4 infinity corrected objectives. Objectives must be installed in their designated, color-coded positions. EVOS automatically adjusts the lighting settings to match the objective magnification. Slide19:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS EASE OF USE Brightfield and Phase Contrast Optics/Illumination Techniques: Standard configurations (AME-i2101 & AME-i2111) include 4x brightfield, 10x phase and 20x phase objectives. 40 x LWD phase objective is optional in standard configurations. Green filter for phase contrast studies is included. The 10x / 20x phase annuli in the condenser turret is centerable. It is not necessary or possible to center the 40x phase annuli. Slide20:  IMPORTANT SPECIFICATIONS On-screen Magnification 4x Objective = 84x on screen 10x Objective = 209x on screen 20x Objective = 418x on screen 40x Objective = 836x on screen Weight Plain Stage Version = 8.16Kg / 18 Lbs. Mechanical Stage Version = 10.13 Kg. / 22 Lbs. Physical Dimensions Width: 363mm / 14” (Outside edges of focus controls) Length: 449mm / 18” (Front to back, clearance for power cable NOT included) Max. Height: 577mm / 23” Slide21:  IMPORTANT SPECIFICATIONS Working distance with condenser in place for both plain and drift stage versions: Physical clearance (stage - condenser) Plain stage: 63.5mm / 2.5” Glide stage (with 96-well vessel holder): 59mm / 2.3” Glide stage (with slide vessel holder): 63.5mm / 2.5” Physical Dimensions Maximum envelope needed for X positioning (width) for mechanical stage version to accommodate travel and knobs: 435mm / 17” Recommended rear clearance for power input cord: 120mm / 5” Slide22:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS ERGONOMICS Large Viewing Area Adjustable LCD Low-profile Stage Convenient Controls Work Comfortably Traditional Inverted vs. Slide23:  OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS CONVENIENCE View Images at Various Angles and Distances, Sitting or Standing Collaborative Meetings Training Sessions Scientific Presentations Comfortable Conference Setting Slide24:  Applications Biotechnology Labs Pharmaceutical Research & Production University Research Laboratories Fertility/Reproduction Clinics Independent Testing Labs Commercial Labs Cancer Research Centers Stem Cell Research Centers Veterinary Research Facilities University and College Biology Classrooms ANYPLACE working with LIVE CELLS, CELL CULTURE & TISSUE CULTURE SAMPLES Customers who use INVERTED microscopes are located in… Slide25:  Thank you for your attention. AMG A Division of Westover Scientific, Inc. 18421 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Suite 110 Mill Creek, WA 98012-6825 p: 800.304.3202 425.398.1298 f: 425.398.0717 advancedmicroscope.com

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