Evolution of Digital Public Relations with Content Marketing

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Information about Evolution of Digital Public Relations with Content Marketing
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Published on October 17, 2012

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Content is the currency for building social relationships that can boost earned media. If you want to ensure your brand gets in the media, then become the media. Presentation from PRSA International Conference on evolving digital PR through content marketing by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing.

The Evolution of Digital PR Through Content Marketing @LeeOdden TopRankMarketing.com – TopRankBlog.com@leeodden #prsaicon

Why Should PR Care About Content Marketing?@leeodden #prsaicon

Ubiquitous Connectivity “50 billion Create connected devices: 2020.” Source: Ericcson Consume Publish Interact Transact@leeodden #prsaicon

Content Powers comScore 2012 SearchGoogle: 12 BillionSearches Per Mo PRWeek Media Survey 95% Journalists use search engines Fleishmann Hillard 2012 Digital Index 89% Led to Purchase by Search Engines@leeodden #prsaicon

Content Drives Social Sharing & Discovery AOL Nielsen May 2011 73% of industry related Tweets link to content 3 Text 100 2012 Avg number of different social channels used by journalists to prep a story.@leeodden #prsaicon

Content Attracts & Engages Newsletter Social Ads PPC Reviews Community Forum Social Networks Email Blog Website Blog Online Ads Media awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy Direct Mail Email Store FAQ Word of Mouth Promotions Knowledge BaseP EcommerceR Radio TV Print PR Social Search Across the Customer Lifecycle@leeodden #prsaicon

Content Info-tains@leeodden #prsaicon

Content Inspires@leeodden #prsaicon

Inspires… Action@leeodden #prsaicon

Inspires… Connections@leeodden #prsaicon

Content is the currency for building social relationships that can boost earned media.@leeodden #prsaicon

@leeodden Inspires… Sales! #prsaicon

Content Is Powerful Content Equalizes@leeodden #prsaicon

Website Newsroom Book Google+ White Papers Twitter Articles Facebook Guides YouTube Webinars Flickr Guest Posts Blog LinkedIn Events Slideshare Press Releases eBooks Pinterest@leeodden #prsaicon

What’s Your Content Strategy? Do You Publish & Pray?@leeodden #prsaicon

Feel Overwhelmed? Optimize Content Desktop Tablet Mobile@leeodden #prsaicon

Why Leave Content To Chance?@leeodden #prsaicon

Content Marketing Isn’t About You Me. Me me. Oh, We are and me. It’s all awesome. about me Awesome are we! Did I So many of you are mention… looking for Widget Wranglers, we’ve created a new weekly column. It’s About Your Customers@leeodden #prsaicon

Content Marketing Trilogy Shift Consume Engage Discover@leeodden #prsaicon

The leap from PR to Marketing is not so far.@leeodden #prsaicon

Goals for PR? @Shonali Says… • Increase Exposure • Educate Audiences • Improve Positioning • Increase Mind Share • Increase Sales • Obtain Members • Raise Awareness for Mission Source: Shonali Burke – From WTF to KPI: Measuring the Value of PR@leeodden #prsaicon

Let Me Tell You A Secret http://tprk.us/cmsecrets@leeodden #prsaicon

@leeodden #prsaicon

Hey TopRank, Let’s Work Together on Some Content for CMW.@leeodden #prsaicon

Cool! We’ll interview CMW speakers And make an e-book for attendees.@leeodden #prsaicon

Content Marketing Secrets PlanObjective: Grow Awareness of CMW by promotingspeakers & content (top of funnel)Audience: Attendees, Marketers, SpeakersAudience Goals: Learn practical content marketingadvice they could actually useFormat: Interviews, eBook, Images, PDFChannels: Blog, Slideshare, Social, Email, SearchPromotion: Incentivized speakers, CMW & TopRankMeasurement: Awareness, Engagement@leeodden #prsaicon

 ID Keywords / Topics Co-Creation:  Plan assets, promotions  Create design templates Thought  Identify sources  Write “optimized” questions Leader eBook  Send out 20, eight question interviews@leeodden #prsaicon

Incorporate target keywords in questions to inspire “optimized” replies. How Many Replies? One. #fail@leeodden #prsaicon

We need to rethink this. We need to optimize our approach.@leeodden #prsaicon

One Question: Youre a secret agent on a mission and youre having a rendezvous with your agency contact after pulling a dangerous undercover operation. You now have a coveted secret. A content marketing secret. What secret for achieving success with content marketing will you share? The content marketing world depends on it!@leeodden #prsaicon

Replies? 29 #winning@leeodden #prsaicon

Story First Content Marketing Secret: Three things separate the truly great content creators from the rest. First: The best content creators see their story as the keystone of their communications. They don’t view content as a task or a campaign. They view content as something fat with possibilities in the way we communicate with customers so that they recognize us before and over any other brand. That sounds easy enough, but it’s a huge mental shift for most businesses. Name: Ann Handley Position: CMO, Author Second: The best content creators have a distinct Company: MarketingProfs voice. They have developed a point of view that’s Website: marketingprofs.com unique to the brand—and unshackled from Twitter: @marketingprofs corporate Frankenspeak. A good test is this: If you mask the visual branding on your content, would you recognize that content’s voice as your own? About Agent Handley: Cited in Forbes as the most influential woman in Social Media and recognized by ForbesWoman as one of the top 20 women bloggers, Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer of Marketing Profs, which provides business marketing know-how for more than 420,000 subscribers. @leeodden @leeodden - #prsaiconFrom the content marketing experts at TopRankMarketing.com #prsaicon

No B.S. Content Marketing Secret: Your job is to make content that makes your audience say, "Holy shit!” If you do that, you win. Period. Name: Jason Falls Position: Author, Speaker, CEO Company: Social Media Explorer Website: socialmediaexplorer.com Twitter: @jasonfalls About Agent Falls: Jason Falls is an author, speaker, and CEO. He is a thought leader on the strategic use of digital “You shouldn’t blog as a business marketing and technology and has been named a top influencer in social technology and marketing unless you’re going to blog for by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and business.” Advertising Age. -Jason Falls @leeodden @leeodden - #prsaiconFrom the content marketing experts at TopRankMarketing.com #prsaicon

Keep the Promise Content Marketing Secret: Think big but act small. Your content marketing goals should be lofty, but you need to be incredibly fast and flexible, like a small startup, to really make magic happen. Oh, one more thing. Consistency is the key. Content marketing cant just be a campaign...it must be a way to communicate with customers over the long term. Content is your promise to your customers. Dont start and then stop, breaking your promise. Name: Joe Pulizzi Position: CEO, Author Company: Content Marketing Institute Website: contentmarketinginstitute.com “If content marketing Twitter: @juntajoe were a baseball game, we are just About Agent Pulizzi: getting out of the Joe Pulizzi is known as “The Godfather of Content dugout for the first Marketing” for his work evangelizing content inning.” through Junta42, Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing World, Chief Content Officer -Joe Pulizzi Magazine and by being an active content marketer @leeodden @leeodden - #prsaiconFrom the content marketing experts at TopRankMarketing.com #prsaicon

10 Long Form Interviews@leeodden #prsaicon

Planned Repurposing B2B Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Top 10 B2B Enterprise SMB SMB B2B Tactics SMB B2B Tools SMB Tools Tools Win budget Tools Win budget Win budget B2B Win budget B2B Tools B2B B2B Top 10 Enterprise B2B Enterprise Enterprise Content SMB Enterprise SMB Tools Marketing Tools SMB Win budget SMB Tools Win budget Win budget Tools Win budget@leeodden #prsaicon

@leeodden #prsaicon

Promotions: Posted to Slideshare Embedded in Blog Post Email broadcast Twitter Facebook Flickr Pinterest LinkedIn update LinkedIn Inmails Customized emails to participants Pre-written tweets@leeodden #prsaicon

All Content & Promotions Consider:  “Findability”  “Engagement”  “Shareability”@leeodden #prsaicon

What Happened? 1. Created Demand 2. Dominated Search Results@leeodden #prsaicon

Results in 6 Days – 100% Organic43,000+ views on Slideshare1,000+ PDF downloads5000+ visits of interviews3,300+ Retweets200 “likes”130 G+100+ inbound links@leeodden #prsaicon

B2B Marketing Innovationhttp://tprk.us/mpb2bebook@leeodden #prsaicon

If you want to ensure your brand gets in the media, then become the media.@leeodden #prsaicon

Make A Content Marketing Plan What Who are What do Make it stories will you writing they care easy to find connect for? about? & share you? Preferences Search & Editorial Social & SEO Pain Points Social Data Calendar, Networking, Behaviors Sources Repurpose PR, Linking awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy@leeodden #prsaicon

Optimize & Socialize: 5 Steps to Content Marketing Success@leeodden #prsaicon

1 Customer. Problem. Solution. Who is your audience? What are their goals? Which problems can be Reporter Customer Blogger solved with content? “Social content is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”@leeodden #prsaicon

1 Customer. Problem. Solution.What are YOUR goals?What makes your storydifferent?How will your content solvea problem for the media?For customers? Media Relations Social PR “To stand out, your content should stand for something: unique & specific.”@leeodden #prsaicon

2 What To Write About Sweet You Spot! Audience@leeodden #prsaicon

Optimized & Socialized Content Plan awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy Align Customer Needs With Content Buying Keywords Social Topics Content Type Cycle Time Saving Housekeeping, Blog post, articles in Awareness housekeeping tips Naptime Cleaning relevant magazines robot cleaners, What types of automated Interest automatic Demonstration video cleaners are there? cleaning Maria Product feature/benefit robot cleaner What are the best robot Consideration list. Comparison to reviews cleaners? competitors Customer & Pain Points Purchase robot , Zrobot how to buy, Where can I buy a Zrobot? Store locator, geo-specific• No time to clean Zrobot prices store pages, FB fan pages• Busy schedule Zrobot cleaning How to get more uses from Blog posts, guest posts,• Working mom Retention tips your Zrobot video• 3 kids under 10 Zrobot fans, Zrobot mom user group Q Facebook Fan page, Advocacy Zrobot and A, tips Forum, Zrobot Newsletter accessories@leeodden #prsaicon

Optimized & Socialized Content Plan awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy Align Topical Needs With Content Buying Keywords Social Topics Content Type Cycle Awareness broad general issues blog, byline, social Interest category investigative video, social Stan feature comparison, Consideration comparison demos reviews Purchase transactional referrals exclusive Journalist Pain Points Retention tips connect with other users be a resource• Deadline to meet• In need of another source• Need a different story perspective Advocacy supporting participation deliver as promised!• Quotes, stats, research@leeodden #prsaicon

30 Content Marketing Tactics • Article Marketing • News Release • Advertorial • Online Magazines & Apps • Blogging • Podcasts • Case Studies • Print Magazines • Print Newsletters • Crowdsource • Real-World Events • Curate • Research & Surveys • Digital Newsletters • Social Content • eBooks • Teleclass & Telecasts • Email • Traditional Media • Interactive Games • Videos • Images & Infographics • Virtual Conferences • Interactive Tools • Webinars • Microsites • Wikis • Mobile Applications • White Papers • Mobile Content Blog Post: tprk.us/30cmtactics #prsaicon@leeodden

3 Facts Tell, Stories Sell Essential questions for each content object: What’s the narrative? How will it persuade? How does it connect with your past stories?@leeodden #prsaicon

Connected Content Topical Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Theme Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Weave Themes Into Stories@leeodden #prsaicon

Connected Content Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 Keyword 4 Keyword A Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Keyword B Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Keyword C Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Keyword D Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Keyword E Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Create a Keyword Matrix@leeodden #prsaicon

Hub & Spoke Publishing@leeodden #prsaicon

4 Grow Social Networks Topic B Topic C Hub Topic A Topic D Topic E@leeodden #prsaicon

Listen, Create, Engage My interests are… Reactive - Proactive@leeodden #prsaicon

5 ABO – Always Be Optimizing Set goals Repeat Make a Plan Refine Implement Measure Results@leeodden #prsaicon

Master SEO Basics Your Ideas Tech SEO Audit Topical Focus Your Biz Keyword Glossary Category Author Rel Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords Category Blogs Keywords Social Topics Keywords Keywords Keywords Analytics Monitoring Conversions@leeodden #prsaicon

Search & Social KPIs • Fans • Friends • Followers • Comments • Likes • Google Plusses • Links • SERPs • Search Traffic@leeodden #prsaicon

Business Outcomes • Shorter Sales Cycles • Increased Order Quantity • More Referrals • Lower Marketing Costs • Grow Revenue • Improve Profits • Retention • Share of Voice • Improve Service@leeodden #prsaicon

It All Sounds Good, But… Can I Really Do This?@leeodden #prsaicon

Yes You Can You Can Do Anything@leeodden #prsaicon

With the Right Plan@leeodden OptimizeBook.com #prsaicon

Optimized Planning: WHAT & WHY 1. View Search, Social & Content from 360 Degrees -- Holistically 2. Optimize Everywhere: Marketing & PR, B2B or B2C, SME or LE 3. Research, Audit & Listen 4. Set Goals, Create a Roadmap@leeodden #prsaicon

Optimized Implementation: HOW Audience & Personas Keyword & Topic Research Content Plan Creation & Curation Content Optimization Social Networking Promotion Measure & Refine@leeodden #prsaicon

Scale - WHO Make integrated search, social & content part of a process Identify training opportunities for knowledge transfer@leeodden OptimizeBook.com #prsaicon

Optimize Is A State of Mind@leeodden #prsaicon

Thank You! @LeeOdden lee@toprankmarketing.com TopRankMarketing.com TopRankBlog.com Get Optimized! OptimizeBook.com@leeodden #prsaicon

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