Evolution: Natural Selection ala Mr. Sapora

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Information about Evolution: Natural Selection ala Mr. Sapora

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: siskiyoukid

Source: slideshare.net

The Origin of Species:! By Means of Natural Selection! Published 1859!

Darwin had discovered and described for the first time:! A process in nature - a scientific mechanism that could operate like artificial selection.!

Individuals have natural variation among their heritable traits. Some of those variants are better suited to their environment than others.! Western Toad! Bufo boreas!

Where’s frogo?!


Adaptations Anyone?!


Individuals with adaptations that are well suited to their environment can survive and reproduce and are said to have high fitness.!

Survival of the Fittest! ng assi .! dp g an eration cin odu ext gen pr l: re the n iva o ur v tions t S ta adap

❖  The Mechanism for Biological Evolution! the process by which organisms with variations most suited to their local environment survive and leave more offspring.!

In natural selection, the environment - not a farmer or animal breeder - influences fitness.!

The Struggle for Existence! More individuals are born than can survive.!

Variation and Adaptation! There is natural heritable variation.!

Survival of the Fittest! There is variable fitness among individuals.!

Natural Selection does NOT! make organisms “better”.! It just selects the best out of the bunch...!

If local environmental conditions change, some traits that were once adaptive may no longer be useful, and different traits may become adaptive.!

Evolution takes TIME!!!! Each generation experiences natural selection, but evolution is the process of natural selection over time on a population.!

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