Everything Torqued Up By Electromagnetic Brakes And Clutches!

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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: rene5gear

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There are various forms of clutches and brakes. They also come in combination for specialized purposes. Along with electromagnetic form, brakes are available in pneumatic, hydraulic, and spring applied types. Similarly, clutches are electromagnetic and pneumatic, both. Electromagnetic brakes and clutches seem to be simple, but the complex variations they show make them ideal for multiple applications.

everything torqued up by electromagnetic We use electromagnetic ( visit here ) brakes and clutches almost every day; but never realize it. While switching on an air conditioner in a car, a copy machine when we need a photocopy, a tractor used in lawn, and many other machines for that matter; we make use of electromagnetic brakes and clutches. Simply put, electromagnetic or EM brakes and clutches are just so common to be unaware of. EM brakes have a lot of applications Electromagnetic brakes were first referred to as electromechanical brakes, but eventually acquired the name electromagnetic due to the actual mechanism of their function. These brakes serve to slow down or absolutely stop motion by means of electromagnetic force. This force imparts a kind of mechanical resistance or friction that ultimately results in slowed or stopped motion. One of the first few applications of EM brakes was in trains and trams; later they became very popular. Although the basic working mechanism of EM brakes is still the same, we can see a tremendous variety in their mechanical designs and applications than ever. EM clutches work smooth and fast Electromagnetic clutches operate electrically, but transmit torque mechanically. It took years to change the name from electromechanical to electromagnetic clutches. EM clutches are the most suitable ones for remote operations because they require no linkages to control their engagement. These clutches operate smoothly and rapidly. Electromagnetic brakes and clutches are primarily used in the fields such as metallurgy, construction, chemistry, food-prompt, automatic doors, stage apparatus, medical appliances, etc. - where an accurate braking effect is critically essential. There are a number of applications of these EM brakes and clutches: •Cranes/ Hoists •Machine Tools •Conveyors •Wind Mills •Packaging Machineries •Tower Cranes

•Textile / Printing Machineries •Golf Carts/Wheel Carts •In food packing and packaging industries - for packing machines, strapping machines, packaging machines •In metal processing factories - for punching machines, drawing machines, calendars, welding machines, return machines, coils, pipe machines, and cutting machines •In mechanical industries - for milling machines, automatic CNC bed, lathes, and other specialized machines •In heavy duty machinery - cranes, conveyor, feeding machine, volume machines, and winches •In paper machinery industries - for paper machines, carton making machines, bag making machines, breaker, system book machines, and cutting machines •In printing industries - for rotary machines and feed printing presses •In woodworks - for sawing machines, woodworking machines, plywood cutting machinery •General office machinery - computers, electronic replication machines, fax machines, coin counting machines, printers, etc. •In measuring machine industry - testing and measuring machines, endurance test equipment, etc. •In food processing industries - noddle machines, bottling machines, meat machinery, and confectionery machinery •Other applications - chemical machinery management, reducer, plating equipment, paper making machinery, resin processing machinery, etc. Fail-Safe brakes are meant to prevent any harm or cause least harm in a situation of break or clutch failure. Such fail safe brakes ( official site ) are often used in parking and emergency stopping in case of power failure.

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