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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: JackMorton7



Horse racing is the more difficult than car racing, motor racing

Equestrianism • Horseback Riding is also known as “Equestrianism” • It is the action of sitting on a horse's back while controlling its movements. • Horse Riding has been ridden from many decades. • Many people ridden horse for the different purpose such as Recreation, sports, transportation.

English Riding vs Western Riding • English riding and western riding are the two types of horse riding. • English riding is very formal riding. • Horses are less decorative and small. • Western riding are informal riding. • Horse are very much decorated and tall.

Attraction of Horse • There are many types of sports in which horses participate.  Show Jumping Horse-rider must clear a number of obstacles on a set course within a mentioned period.  Dressage It is the act of riding a horse with balanced, relaxed and obedient manner.  Cross Country Horse rider need to jump on the obstacles set on the field within a mentioned period.  Horse Racing Racing between the horses take place on the oval race track.

Material • Saddle Primary equipment for riding a horse • Stirrup To support the rider’s foot and is attached to each side of a horse’s saddle in the form of a loop • Bridle To rule the horse and to control the speed • Spurs, Whips and Halters In a difficult situation these additional equipment are very useful.

Experience Level • Beginner Riders are capable of walk and trot • Intermediate Riders are able to walk, trot and canter Riders can ride the horse outside the stadium. • Advanced Riders has potential to walk, trot, canter, and gallop Riders can perform the complex activity and jumps over an obstacle

Movies in Fashion of Horseback Riding • Many film producer are include the horse racing or horseback riding in a movie. • Movie stars look more charming on horseback riding.

Betting • In many countries wager bets on horse • There are many betting strategy. A successful strategy increase the odds of meaning to produce the long-term profits. • All successful betting systems are predicted on statistical analysis. • Betting systems are changes according to the rules and circumstances of each particular game. • Many professionals provide the previews and betting advice for horse racing.

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