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Published on August 17, 2012

Author: AbbyCovert

Source: slideshare.net


Whether you are a designer, a developer, a marketer, a student or anything in between - in today's creative job market every differentiator will count towards getting the job. Gone are the days of being able to talk over your future employer's head, just showing the latest deliverable you are working on, even worse showing nothing at all. Welcome instead to a world where your work is being measured not by what you say it was, but by what it really was.

This workshop was developed for General Assembly in NYC. It is meant to be run in 90 minutes.

Everyone needs a portfolio by Abby_The_IA

The best Portfolios...1. Show pride, not Just proof2. tell a story, not a catalog3. illustrate Process, Not just passion

Step 1: Define Your Chronology Volunteered VolunteeredCollege First Job Promotion Second Job Third Job Ran Marathon Taught Now begins 7 minutes of silence... Break the timeline of your story in chunks of context and start layering on important details. Don’t forget: Personal Achievement, Volunteerism, education, promotions etc.

Step 2: Tell Your Story + Highlight interest Volunteered VolunteeredCollege First Job Promotion Second Job Third Job Ran Marathon Taught Each person has 5 minutes to tell their story. The rest of the team will take notes on that persons story. 5 minutes will then be given for the team to give them notes on what they found the most interesting and why.

Abby The IA:Career Timeline Executive Producer for: IA Summit IDEA IA Summit 2010 2010 2010Boston New Hampshire Chicago New York CityAttended First job as an Design Lead Started information Senior UX Director of Managing ConsultantNortheastern Information Architect Information Architect architecture Planner Strategic Partner, & TeacherBachelors in @ EMC Microsoft on innnovation team practice in strategic at Planning + UX at TUGGraphic Practice. for Fidelity Investments healthcare agency. DraftFCB DraftfcbDesign 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Sc Am M Ba Th St Pr Kr Pr Sh J S JS He ho er ed nk e ra te ice af ism ar ELL har TO rm ol ica ica of Ha x wa t Fo ac pi e -O pi e R an of n re Am rtf Pa te od ol -L - F .co Pe M Vi So Pi or rtn rh s- or iq ac m rs ille su cie lo er d ou O -M ui on r al tP ica In er se n d eb Ar ty ro su s ar Pe oo as of gr -T ra -H Co an ke ts Tr am al nc R op d O tin nc k -C ai en e Se er ffl g il L on ni -C tM -H lf s i Si au te ng al an R Se - M ne E te nc nt -I lC ag Se rv Re h M nt en em lf ice arke nga de an ra te Se tin ge sig ag ne rA en rv Ap m em tS tA ice pl g en n pp ica Si en ys lic pp Ap te t Re Pro Project tS te at lic tio m io at pl n de gr ys n io ica sig am Highlights te n tio m n n 4

Step 3: Who are you?What is common about whatis interesting in your story? Take 5 minutes of silence to come up with short, job title-less description of yourself. Write each attempt on a note card. Then quickly go around and share these for reaction from your team.

About me:I make the unclear, clear.

Next Stepstoward a great portfolio

Decide what you should (and can) show

Show Process

Show YourDeliverables

Show The Story

Sharpie.comSharpie.com About this effort: Lead in redesign that brought together Sharpie’s very popular social community properties with the more standard catalog functionality Good Example of: Results: Sharpie was written up in the NY times on site launch day. They also received the TED Ads Worth Spreading Award in 2012. 12 Show The Result

Prismacolor.com | Summer 2009Prismacolor.com About this effort: Lead on full site redesign including a rich social community of artists sharing their work online. Good Example of: Results: Redesign resulted in a 400% improvement in engagement as measured through site traffic, time on site and uploads, comments and views of the member gallery. 7 If ever possible, Show The Numbers






Before you go..Trade Cards

thank you! Twitter: @Abby_The_IA Email: abbycovert@gmail.com Website: www.AbbytheIA.comSlides: Slideshare.com/abbycovert

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