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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: RyanSoper2

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A look at the different oils in the Everyday Oils collection from Young Living and their many equine uses.

Everyday Oils for the Barn EQUICENSE.COM

Frankincense                 Melanoma: Apply neat to area of concern or find veterinarian willing to inject area Sarcoids Mast Cell Tumors Respiratory Infections: inhalation & internal if pneumonia Immune Stimulation: whole bottle internal mixed with 8 oz V6 Mixing Oil (aids to increase leucocyte activity) Tumor Prevention: internal especially if a grey or paint horse Depression: inhalation Hormonal Stimulation: inhalation to stimulate limbic center of brain (memory & emotions) & hypothalamus (thyroid & growth hormones), pituitary, & pineal glands Allergies Wounds Inflammation Scar Formation Prevention Staph infection Strep infection Warts Nervous tension

Joy               Bad Attitude Training Difficulties: Inhalation to improve concentration & accuracy Mental Fatigue: due to training sessions or competitions Chill Pill for owner/handler/rider Depression: doesn’t matter if due to illness, old age or rescue Alpha issues: balance male/female energies Feeling of Well-Being Lack of Confidence Little Man Syndrome Lack of Enthusiasm Liver function Kidney function Reproductive Hormonal Balance Cushing’s Syndrome or other Adrenal Issues (apply in kidney area but only at night if animal goes outside during day)  Pain Relief: surprisingly it appears to input Joy where there is none  Poor Circulation: Apply to area of concern  Immune Support

Lavender                 Wounds: to increase tissue regeneration & healing rate Rashes Hives: Especially after rolling in ant hills Eczema Burns Abscess or Boils Scar Prevention Hair Loss Sunburn on white noses Sun or Heat Stroke Patience: Apply to both owner/handler & animal Nervous Tension: Apply to owner/handler/rider & animal as 1 often feeds upon the other before or during a competition Training Difficulty: inhalation to improve concentration Heart Irregularities Breathing Capacity Allergies

Lavender                  Respiratory Infections including bronchitis Pain Relief Fungal Infections: including Ringworm, Pythium, Thrush Convulsions Poor Circulation Inflammation Phlebitis Cellulitis: Aids lymphatic system drainage Muscle Spasms: Apply to area of concern Swollen limbs Insect Bites Gas formation Fluid Retention PMS in mares or bitches Throat Infection Ear Infection: Apply to base of ear but not in Stress of any nature

Lemon                 Hooves or Nails Brittle: Mix bottle into 8 oz. V6 Mixing Oil for hoof or nail dressing Lipoma: Apply to area Immune Stimulation: to increase leucocyte production Liver Support Tumor Prevention: Apply in V6 Mixing to food Mammary Gland Cancers: Internal & external to area of concern Bacterial Infections: Diffuse for airborne bacteria. Internal on food stuff. Nervous Tension or Anxiety: Inhalation Training Difficulties: Inhalation for memory, concentration & focus Acid Stomach: In water or top dress food stuff Gastric Cancer: Top dress food Aflatoxicosis: from moldy food stuff Squamous Cell (Skin): Apply to area of concern unless going outside in sun Poor Circulation including veins Parasites Urinary Tract Infections

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