Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt

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Published on December 9, 2017

Author: yusupov8

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slide 1: Sergei VanBellinghen Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt sergeivanbellinghen.com/every-flower-must-grow-through-dirt/ Why every flower must grow through dirt is a gentle reminder that nothing worth having comes easy. We may look at beautiful things and successful people with envy. But if we take a deeper look it is clear that we often forget that anything worthwhile had to struggle before rising to beauty and success. In life how many times did you go through an unpleasant situation Did you ever think or ask yourself if it would ever end Why is adversity occurring in life What is the meaning of it all The message conveys that seeing a beautiful thing successful person or even exceptional circumstance is only the tip of the iceberg. But instead as you look underneath the surface you can see it was not always a bed of roses to achieve the status they now have. And that just like a flower growing through dirt such things and people have chosen to fight rise through and flourish despite the adversities. It is such a perfect reminder that remarkable things result from difficult times struggles and hard work. Each Flower Must Struggle What a great feeling to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just like every flower must grow through dirt you have to experience hardships develop and blossom before reaching glory. It also shows that no one is entirely immune of living free from 1/3 slide 2: suffering and grief. In all of human history every single period had its full share of chaos despair and misery. While your life may take a painful turn you might be tempted to ask why it happens to you. Even if it is a typical reaction you should instead focus on the solution. Sometimes it also seems to be no light through the darkness of the woods. As a result you feel alone abandoned heartbroken yet a flower must grow through dirt and endure the middle of nowhere. You then view your troubles as misfortunes and bad luck. Pessimism begins to occupy your mind. You become impatient in trying to get an answer for your predicament. And you forget that often patience is also required. A Flower Must Grow Strong In nature flowers that grow up in windy surroundings become stronger. As storms beat around a young flower bud forces inside the flower head and the stem create changes. These forces stimulate the roots to grow faster and spread farther. Then it starts to build cell structures that make the flower more flexible to the burden of the wind. Therefore it shows you that you learn grow and become stronger as you face and overcome the trials which you have to go through and pass. You also know that there are times when adversity tests your limits and you have no other choice. On the other hand these adversities allow you to be a better version of you. Thus a flower must grow through dirt to blossom into something beautiful and glorious. With no adversity in life there would be no struggles and with no difficulties no glory or success. The Flower and its Adversities But why is adversity occurring in life Well at times some of your choices produce circumstances that generate hard times. At other times your decisions or other people create trials for you which can be painful. And occasionally out of control situations cause pain and struggles in your life. The Flower and Its Own Choices There are life choices you make which cause you pain and sorrow when the costs of those decisions are wrong. Unlike a flower as you grow through the adversities you created it teaches and prevents you from making similar choices in the future. So the dirt you are going through is pushing and giving you the real desire to climb the hill and change yourself in one way or another. In the process it may cost you time tears and changes in your habits and lifestyles. But in the end it will all be worth it just like the flower that blossoms and reaches her beauty. The Choices Made by Other People Adversities in your life can also be the cause made by the choices of other people. It can 2/3 slide 3: be challenging to accept and tolerate since you are not in control of the reason. Sometimes people around you make poor choices and you also pay the consequences. Therefore you feel frustrated by the circumstances you find yourself in. But since you cannot change the choices that other people make you can only take some quiet time to think of a solution and listen to what you feel you should do. Just like the sun strengthen the flower by helping her grow through the dirt and lift her burdens. Out of Control Adversities and the Flower Why do bad things happen to any of us Well there are laws of physics and natural laws that the flower abides by and so we do. There are no choices. It is all based on actions and reactions to uncontrollable situations. As a result the planet we live on follows these laws and it is often impossible to interfere. And though just like every flower must grow through dirt it does not seem logical at times the natural order of things and its ensuing adversities are something you cannot escape. All you can do is to work on yourself develop trust in the process have patience mature nurture and become an excellent example for those around you. Be like the flower that must grow through dirt so that you can reap its beauty success and glory. Please leave your thoughts below as how you handle adversity. 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