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Published on February 6, 2008

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Planning a Successful Event at Drexel University: From the Leadership Assistants and Planning a Successful Event at Drexel University Slide 2: The Leadership Assistants (LA) This Tutorial has been prepared by the Leadership Assistants (LA): a team of students engaged in helping to strengthen your student leadership and your organization. Please visit our website to see what services we can provide for your organization! OCA Leadership Assistants Visit the website! Slide 3: Table of Contents What event do you want to plan? Questions to Think About Pre-event: Meet with OCA Money Reservations Facilities Costs Public Safety Contracts Catering Sound Publicity Delegation Running the event Event Management Form Post-event List of Forms Contact Information OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 4: What Event Do You Want to Plan? • What kind of event is it?• What are the goals for your event? • How will your event benefit Drexel University students? • Will your event be open to the general public?• Is your event a duplication of another event? Has it been done in the past? What were its strengths and weaknesses? • Could the event possibly incur liability? What are the risks involved? Is it dangerous? OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 5: Questions to Think About • Plan a date and time for your event. Does it conflict with any other campus event (midterms, finals, other major student organization event, or a holiday)? • What is the estimated attendance? • Will you be requiring the services of a performer, caterer, band, speaker, dance troupe, etc from outside of the University? • What are your sound requirements? • How will you advertise? • Do you have enough members and volunteers to help set up, run the event, and clean up afterward? OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 6: Meet with OCA Staff • OCA can help walk you through the process of planning your event. CLICK HERE for more info. Just email or call 215.895.1328 to make an appointment with a member of our staff (Office is located in Creese 215) Try to have your ideas organized before your meeting so they can help you figure out what you may have missed in the pre-planning process OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 7: Meet with OCA Staff • There are many resources that OCA and the University itself can provide. Click Here for more info.Located in Creese Room 215 For example, the following is available at OCA The following items are available to check out: Popcorn Machine Karaoke Machine Game Show Buzzers Helium Letter and Shape Cutting Machine Poster Printers Monster Games (golf, tennis, etc.) Board Games Blind Folds and other Team Builder Supplies Ballot/donation box Large sized roll paper – 9 colors (for signs, displays, etc) Sandwich boards to post large posters OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 8: Money • Have you developed a budget for the event? • Where will you get the money from? SAFAC allocation (Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee) Annual/Yearly budget are completed prior to the following school year Visit: SAFAC Website SAFAC reserve funding – money available (on an event by event basis) for groups that do not receive a yearly budget CAP Funding CAP Request Form Your own organizational Fundraising Fundraising Resource Guide Will your event be co-sponsored by another student organization or University department? OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 9: Money Are you selling tickets? All money for the event must be in the organization account at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Due to this policy, you will not be able to use money collected at the door to pay for the event. Any on-campus event using SAFAC funds must be open to the entire undergraduate population Whether or not your organization receives SAFAC funding, you will need to work with Bridget Scanlan. She is the account manager for all student organizations and can assist in monetary transactions to get your expenses paid for your event. OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 10: Money Visit: SAFAC Website Bridget Scanlan Email: Phone: 215-895-1811 Office: Creese Basement Room 32F SOOT Presentation Powerpoint presentation and outline to familiarize student leaders with event planning and finance Visit: Presentation for New and Returning Attendees OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 11: Reservations To reserve a space for your event, contact Event Services Office at 215-895-2520, Creese 001, or email Services Arranged by the Event Services Office: Advice on which room is right for you and set-up for your room Individual meetings with your organization to go over your event details Make arrangements for Public Safety Make arrangements for Facilities (Main Building and General Grounds) Make arrangements for UNICCO (Residence Halls, Creese Student Union, Ross Commons and the DAC) IMPORTANT: An actual reservation has not been confirmed until a 5-digit reservation number has been sent to you with a confirmation report OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 12: Reservations Event Services will need the following information in order to reserve a room: Start time and end time of the event Any set-up time you may need (for more elaborate events) Event Services – University Facilities Website Your student organization account number Brief description of the event Food Attendance A/V needs and DUST Preferred location Reservation FORM (See next page) IMPORTANT: Event planners from student organizations are expected to take ownership of your events. You need to have regular communication with Event Services and OCA about the details of your event. If we do not have enough information about your event in sufficient time, your event may be cancelled. For more information, visit the Event Services website OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 13: Example of Reservation Request Form OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 14: Facilities Costs Certain aspects of event may require additional Drexel employees. Keep these costs in mind when creating a budget FY2007 Student Organization Hourly Rates  (student organizations receive a 15% discount from regular rates) Standard        Overtime         Doubletime Custodian                     $21.00         $31.00              $42.00 Mechanic/Electrician   $28.00         $42.00              $57.00 Engineer                       $29.00         $43.00              $58.00 Standard Time - 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday Overtime - 5:01pm-7:59am, Monday-Friday; and Saturdays Doubletime - Sundays and Holidays Please verify other applicable rates with the Event Services Office (Utility (set-up/tear-down) and Shipping). OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 15: Public Safety Public Safety Costs (hourly rate)                            Student Events                                                  $21.45 per officer per hour                                 Supervisor (if 4 or more officers are required) $29.00 per supervisor per hour Requirement 1 officer per 100 participants (varies depending on location, type of event, and number of participants.) A minimum time span may apply based on: location, type of event, and number of participants. OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 16: Contracts Any time your student organization wants to bring the services of a person/group from outside the University (performer, caterer, band, etc.) a contract needs to be completed. There are many reasons why contracts are required: To ensure that the companies provide what they promise though legal documentation. The contract serves as documentation for payment through check requests (it acts as an invoice). To require the proper insurance coverage from the companies in the event of an accident or negligence on the part of the company being hired. (for standard companies, a one million dollar insurance policy is required. For companies that provide inflatable rides, a three million dollar insurance policy is required.) OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 17: Contracts To start this process, you will need to fill out a Contract Request Form. Pick this up at OCA in Creese 215 or print it from the OCA website Once you have all of the information filled out, drop it off to OCA and meet with a staff member to go over the contracting procedures. All contracts must be completed 1 week prior to the date of the event so allot enough time for this process Preferred Vendors List (not required but a list of places that have been easier to work with) OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 18: Example of Contract Request Form OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 19: Catering Drexel University partners with Sodexho which is the campus caterer Sodexho has a variety of food options for your event and have a special discounted menu for student organizations picking up and setting up their own food. If your student organization would like to utilize the services of Sodexho for your event, a contract is not required as we have an established agreement with them through the University. They can be reached at 215-895-6934 or email For more information CLICK HERE to see sample menus: OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 20: Food Options If you are using an outside or off-campus food vendor to provide food for your event, you must get APPROVAL from Sodexho first. Make an appointment with Sodexho to discuss this in more detail The exception: if you order less than $100 worth of food from Powelton Pizza or Ed’s. The University has a standing arrangement with those vendors. Bake sales- CLICK HERE to see guidelines and speak with an OCA staff member Potlucks – CLICK HERE to see guidelines and speak with an OCA staff member OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 21: Sound DUST (Drexel University Student Technicians) provide services and equipment such as: microphones, projectors, speakers, extra electricity for outside activities, etc It’s free if… You give them at least one week’s notice…if not, then there may be a $100 fee if they can do the event They have the equipment in stock…if not, then you will have to pay the equipment rental and delivery charges (at no profit to DUST) Your event ends prior to midnight and the DUST crew is able to leave by midnight…if not, then your cost is $12 per DUST employee per hour until they are done DUST Request Form Contact DUST at 215-895-1330 or OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 22: Publicity Publicity is one of the crucial aspects in making a successful event Click here for suggestions Print Options The Triangle Fliers/Posters for on-campus bulletin boards  Posting Guidelines Residence Hall Postings Poster Maker (located in OCA Office – Creese 215) Copy Machine (Drexel Copy Shop) Physical and Outreach Options Display Case (Visit Creese Information Desk) Sandwich Board/A-Frame (Request through OCA) Activities Unlimited Get Connected Word of Mouth Sidewalk Chalk OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 23: Publicity Technology Related Options Drexel Information Network (Request through USGA) Computer screens across campus Drexel Daily Digest - Submittal Form DrexelOne Campus Announcements ( Organization Email Lists Organization Website Drexel University Calendar OCA Calendar Facebook CLICK HERE for more ideas on promotion: If your event requires contracts: as a rule, never begin promoting an event without a signed contract OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 24: Delegation Why Delegate? To get more of the membership involved and to make your own life easier! See Tip Sheet on Delegation Make sure to set deadlines for task completion Be specific, straightforward, realistic, and follow up See Tip Sheet on How to Delegate: Encourage open communication For the actual event, make sure helpers and members know their responsibilities Try to have a few extra helpers that are “on deck” in case an extra set of hands becomes necessary For more resources on Delegation (and other leadership resources), check out the Online Leadership Library: OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 25: Other Leadership Tips Tip Sheets Time Management Procrastination Goal Setting The Value of Involvement How Well Do You Delegate? Stress Management Stress Management 2 Leadership Resources Links OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 26: Running the Event Arrive early for set up and to finalize details Confirm seating, equipment, logistics, and refreshments are correct Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities Have someone meet your presenters and escort them to the location (if you have any) Present a brief introduction Try starting with an ice breaker if the group seems uncomfortable (see the “Ice Breakers” tipsheet) Be prepared to facilitate and help discussion if needed Be an active participant in the program Thank all presenters and audience members for attending OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 27: Event Management Form You can use the Event Management Form to organize contact information, etc. for the event (see next page) Staying organized is very important, especially for the day of the event. Just in case something goes wrong, it’s good to have all the contact information in one place. By keeping everything in order, it will be easier to fill the form out for organizational records and to pass it along to the next set of officers. OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 28: INSERT LINK HERE OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 29: Post-Event Send Thank You’s to presenters and those who helped with the event Use the Event Management Form to fill out anything that hasn’t been completed yet – including the post-event questions The questions on the Event Management form are a guide for you to evaluate the success of the event and to pass along helpful information to the next group. OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 30: List of Forms Related to Event Planning Finance-Related Located Organizational Fundraising Guidelines (Creese 215 | Online) CAP Request Form (Creese 215 | Online | Creese 048) Request to Purchase (Creese 215 | Online | Creese 048) Annual Allocation (Creese 215 | Online | Creese 048) Cash Deposit From (Creese 215 | Online | Creese 048) Reserve Funding Request Form (Creese 215 | Online | Creese 048) Check Request Form (Creese 215 | Online | Creese 048) Reservations/Facilities-Related Reservation Form (Creese 215 | Creese 001 | Online) DUST Reservation Form (Creese 215 | Creese 001 | Online) Event-Related Contract Request Form (Creese 215 | Online) Event Management Form (Creese 215 | Online) Online Source: OCA Leadership Assistants Slide 31: Office of Campus Activities *Rebecca Dzara (Assistant Director of Campus Activities ) is the main OCA Staff member helping groups plan events Email: askoca@drexel.eduPhone: 215-895-1328 Website: Leadership Assistants Email: Website: Contact Information OCA Leadership Assistants

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