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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: huguesseraphin

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E VENT MANAGEMENT COURSES: ‘GIRL POWER?’ Emma NOLAN Programme Leader & Senior Lecturer, Event Management The University of Winchester Emma.nolan@winchester.ac.uk Hugues SERAPHIN Lecturer, Event Management The University of Winchester Hugues.seraphin@winchester.ac.uk

STRUCTURE Introduction Literature review Methods Results & Discussion Conclusion 

INTRODUCTION Event Management course at The University of Winchester: 85% of the students – Female 15% of the students - Male Our main objective is to determine whether prospective students associate event management as a course with a particular gender and determine why male and female students choose the course

LITERATURE REVIEW (1) For Francis (2000), some subjects are perceived by students as masculine or feminine domain

LITERATURE REVIEW (2) W omen are disproportionately underrepresented in science and engineering fields (Dick & Rallis, 1991; Leach, 1998)

LITERATURE REVIEW (3) Motivation to study: Intrinsic Extrinsic Strategic

LITERATURE REVIEW (4) Sibson (2011), work on the choice of career paths of University students studying Event, Sport and Recreation Management is based on: Having enjoyable work, a variety of opportunities and pleasant working conditions are the most important factors. His research was not gender orientated HOWEVER, his sample was made of the 62 students of the course: 65% female students 35.6% male students

LITERATURE REVIEW (5) Molesworth and Scullion (2005) , Bloxham and Boyd (2007) and McEvoy (2011) refer to ‘strategic learners’ Motivated by grades

LITERATURE REVIEW (6) Molesworth and Scullion (2005) assert that students who choose to study vocational courses are more likely to be extrinsically motivated. Mode of assessment on the course, location of the campus, and perception of a ‘fun’ degree will influence students decisions. Employability will be the key motivation

LITERATURE REVIEW (7) Adcroft’s (2009) study of Management degrees was contradictory. Students of specific management courses will be motivated by a mix of extrinsic and intrinsic factors but overall intrinsic factors will have greater influence.

METHODS  Sample: Event Management students  Sample: Event Management students at at The University of Winchester: 144 The University of Winchester: 144 students students Ye aa r33 : 55 5 ss tud ents Ye r : 5 tud e nts Ye aa r22 : 49 ss tud ents Ye r : 49 tud e nts Ye aa r1 1: : 40 ss tud ents Ye r 40 tud e nts  Analysis: SPSS  Analysis: SPSS 98 students (68%) 98 students (68%) completed the completed the questionnaire questionnaire = = Reliable results Reliable results  Questionnaire: 11 questions  Questionnaire: 11 questions Gender // Age // Level of study // Status // Gender Age Level of study Status previous study // degrees and previous study degrees and gender // Event Management and gender Event Management and gender // discrepancy female & male gender discrepancy female & male in the course // explanation // in the course explanation Motivation Motivation


    Why do you think there is such an imbalance in the number of male/female students on your course? Total Girls are more organised It is all about wedding planning Males are more attracted to other subjects (business, sport) Higher ratio of females at Uni Stereotypes (women are good at organising) No explanation provided Event management not well known More opportunities for women Image of Winchester More females in the industry Change of mentality Women more prominent in the industry Because males know the subject is dominated by female therefore chose something else Gender Male Female 0 4 1 8 Total 4 9 3 20 23 3 13 16 3 8 11 2 2 18 6 20 8 1 0 1 0 0 2 1 2 1 0 1 1 1 1 2 16 82 98

1 2

Motivation – General Observations       I chose the degree because… 19 factors (extrinsic, intrinsic, strategic influences) Likert scale 1 (in no way like me), 7 (a lot like me) 74% of the scores from females were 5 or over 68% of the scores from males were 5 or over Mode answer from females – 6

Strategic Learners     I thought I could get a good overall grade I liked the assessment patterns I felt that the title of the module sounded interesting I can get a better grade with this degree than with another males 81%, females 55%

I chose the course because: Females   I want to understand this subject in depth 87% It looks challenging 67% Males   I want to understand this subject in depth 63% It looks challenging 56%

The most important factor: Females   I want to be an event manager 18% Career prospects/graduate level job/interesting subject Males   I want to study a practical subject 27% Fun degree/career prospects/interestin g subject

LIMITATIONS OF FINDINGS Sample: Only data from Event Management students at The University of Winchester were used HOW EVER, We know that in other universities, there are more females in the Event Management courses. NEXT STEP, Extend the study to other universities  Compare gender in courses to gender in the industry 

CONCLUSION • • • • • Both male and female students are influenced by a mix of intrinsic and extrinsic factors Female students are more likely to be influenced by intrinsic factors Male students are more likely to make strategic decisions Female students have a clearer view on what career path they intend to follow Male students are more interested in the practical nature of the course

REFERENCES Adcroft, A. (2009) The Motivations to Study of Undergraduate Students in Management: The impact of degree programme and level of study . International Journal of Management Education, 9 (1), 2010 Bloxham,S & Boyd, P. (2007) De ve lo p ing Effe c tiv e A s e s s m e nt in Hig he r Ed uc a tio n . Maidenhead: s Open University Press Dick, T.P. & Rallis, S.F. (1991) Factors and influences on high school students’ career choices, Jo urna l o f Re s e a rc h in M the m a tic s Ed uc a tio n , 22 (4), 281-292 a Francis, B. (2000) The gendered subject: Students’ subject preferences and discussions of gender and subject ability, O x fo rd Re v ie w o f Ed uc a tio n, 26 (1), 35-48 Leach, F. (1998) Gender, education and training, G e nd e r a nd De ve lo p m e nt, 6 (2), 9-18 McEvoy, G. (2011) Increasing Intrinsic Motivation to Learn in Organizational Behaviour Classes. Journal of Management Education, 35:468 Molesworth, . & Scullion, R. (2005) The Impact of Commercially Promoted Vocational Degrees on the Student Experience, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 27 (2), 209-225 Sibson, R. (2011) Career choice perceptions of undergraduate event, sport and recreation management students: An Australian case study, Jo urna l o f Ho s p ita lity, Le is ure , Sp o rt a nd To uris m Ed uc a tio n, 10 (2), 50-60


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