Evaporation Rates

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Information about Evaporation Rates

Published on September 22, 2008

Author: mysciencespace

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Student experiment on what affects the evaporation rate of water

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Evaporation is a type of vaporization of a liquid that occurs from the surface of a liquid into a gaseous phase that is not saturated with the evaporating ...
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Evaporation rate can be useful in evaluating the health and fire hazards of a material. For example, a substance with a high evaporation rate will readily ...
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Vaporization rate of a chemical compared with the vaporization rate of a standard chemical such as normal-butyl acetate (also written as n-Butyl Acetate, n ...
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Your answer to calculating the evaporation rate of water is of great interest to us, but you cite Zemansky and Dittman, Heat and Thermodynamics as your source.
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Evaporation from Water Surfaces The amount of evaporated water from a water surface - like a swimming pool or an open tank - depends on the temperature in ...
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Maps for each month use a 15 year average (1985-1999) to show what average annual evaporation is like. The rate at which evaporation takes place is ...
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How to Calculate Evaporation Rates. Water and other liquids evaporate at different rates. These rates are influenced by the temperature, humidity, air flow ...
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Evaporation is the amount of water which evaporates from an open pan called a Class A evaporation pan. The rate of evaporation depends on factors such as ...
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Evaporation is an important process in the global water cycle. Solar radiation hits the surface of water or land and causes water to change state from a ...
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Description. This evaporation rate calculator uses the evaporation rate equations in Paul Uno’s ACI Materials Journal (July/August 1998) article, Plastic ...
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