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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: melinaaa15

Source: slideshare.net

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? To plan for my music magazine I had to do some research on several other music magazines. Music magazines I looked at and started to analyse was ones likes VIBE, NME, XXL and Mojo. To get a really clear idea on features in the magazines and how the layout and presentation is laid out, I went out and brought the VIBE magazine and used the XXL magazine we had in class. I used these two, physically because they’re both Hip Hop magazines and that’s the type of genre my music magazine will be. By analysing both magazine’s it gave me a better idea on how the front cover of a Hip Hop magazine should look and what features a double page spread should have and how the layout of a contents page should look. This was important for me to make sure I researched because different genres of music magazines are presented and laid out in completely different ways. For example the front cover of a pop magazine would look very bright and overcrowded, in comparison with a hip hop magazine. By looking at these two types of music magazines it gave me more inspiration on how I should think about laying the pages in my magazine. One thing that I noticed when I was analysing all the type of genres of magazines was that they all had similar conventions. I wanted to find out more about what the public thought, what genre of music magazine’s they invest in and what age range they would fall under. To do this bit of research I produced some primary research, a questionnaire. This helped me find out more knowledge on what the public thought overall. I also included questions that applied more to my music magazine, to help me start to think about how I could start to design it. For example I included three possible master head designs and asked the public which one do they prefer more. My questionnaire was handed out tomales and females as that’s who I’m targeting my music magazine at. Doing this bit of research had a big impact on the features my final magazine would include. For example photos to use, price I would charge and what master head appealed more to my target audience. Below are a print screen of the questionnaire I designed and the different versions of master heads I designed. I handed both these things out to the public, to see what the public response was towards my ideas. This helped me come closer to making my final decisions on what I would include in my Hip hop magazine.

I wanted to do some research that was specifically for my front page cover. For this I did research on current hip hop artists and analyse their styles and hip hop trends. I wasn’t sure about how I should style my model at first so by analysing what other hip hop artists wore, it helped me to get a better understanding on how I could style my model. This included what my model would wear, how her makeup should be done and how I would position her. I also did some research on front covers on current hip hop magazines. This bit of researched helped me understand about following a colour scheme, usually throughout the magazines I looked at the maximum of colours used were up to three and these were usually red, white and black. Underneath is research that did to help me gain a better knowledge on how I should present my model for my front cover. I created a mood board to help me feel more inspired about making my Hip hop magazine. My mood board was based on more of American hip hop artists/styles/music and rap. America is where hip hop originally originated from, so when I was researching research on this, I found loads of pictures and information that related with American Hip hop. This helped me again on how I could style my model for my front page as I noticed that over the years the trend of hip hop didn’t adjust a huge amount and is still kept today but is seen as more of ‘old skool’ look.

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