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Published on September 17, 2014

Author: ChloeBakerMedia

Source: slideshare.net


Evaluation update. Added detailo to the last upload.

Evaluation of Chelsea Harper’s blog Chloe Baker

Preliminary Task • Firstly Chelsea added a photo of her preliminary task in her first blog upload. This is good because the examiner would like to see different formats rather than just text. This is also a good way of showing how she has gone through stages of her design and making of the magazine. • Chelsea also added in very detailed explanations that weren't too long but gave a good amount of information. • She also added a screen video for her preliminary task. This also adds variety to her blog

Planning • Chelsea’s planning section was also very detailed and this helped to follow all the steps that she did right up un till her final product. I will make sure my plans are thorough so I know what I have to do and what I am meant to be doing. • In her planning label Chelsea gave us lots to look at from photos to presentations which allowed us to see much more than if she was just updating through typing it up. • In some of her planning blogs Chelsea has highlighted some words or phrases to make them stand out. This looks good and really makes you read the highlighted words more.

Evaluations • This blog was updated very often. This shows her hard work and allows us to see how she has progressed and edited her magazine and ideas so that we can see improvement. • At maximum she left a week in between her updates. • Chelsea also used media terminology in her updates to show her understanding of the subject and what was going on with her magazine. • Chelsea also blogged about her ideas as well as what she has actually done, this does require more time but I will do this to show dedication and hard work. • There was also some really detailed evaluations of her work and how she could improve, this meant she knew exactly what she could do in the next lesson and was prepared with a sort of plan. • Her evaluations were also thorough so covered every area of her work not just some parts and not others.

Drafting • Chelsea’s drafting label was very full and detailed. • When she gave us photos or print screens it wasn’t just that it was also an explanation as to why it was on her blog. • She also gave us different examples of her work and what she could use. It wasn’t all what she used she gave us examples of what she didn’t use and why. • The drafting section also shows progression of her blog.

Research • The research tag is really detailed. This is good because she shows that she spent a lot of time and did a lot of work. • She does need to add more variety to this tag though. • Also Chelsea needs to add variety, she has a lot of text in this label but other than that its good because she has a mood board which divides the text up a bit.

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