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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: jessicaroseramplin

Source: slideshare.net


Media work, evaluation question two.


I wanted to create a brand identity between my music video and ancillary tasks so that my target audience would recognise that they are part of the same product. It was vital that there were obvious connections across the three products. In order for this to be executed successfully there had to be a strong theme running through out, this theme was the vintage style present in my music video, to create this much desired brand identity and consistency.

With regards to my digipak as well as creating brand identity I had to follow the conventions of a digipak this being: • 4 or 6 panels - I chose to use six panels as I knew of at least 4 images I wanted to included, so this would not fit on a four panel as I did not want to have an image under the CD placing. • Main image on the front • Name of artist and title of album on the front • Song listing located at the back • Production company located at the back

Where as some of the typical conventions of a magazine advert are as following: • Artist's name • Image of this artist • Company logo • Two or three hit songs • Release date • Rating • Website

By applying some of these typical conventions to my own work I was able to create a realistic and professional product that was based on my music video. For the main images I used images from my music video as well as some shot whilst filming, this then creates consistency as it makes sure that the audience can see the link between my ancillary tasks and my music video. My main images on both were close-ups, this is because the majority of the shots throughout my music video were close-ups. So if I had for example used an extreme long shot this would confuse the audience meaning that they wouldn't be able to identity that they are part of the same product as they look too dis-similar. Also with both of the images you could directly tell that they were related due to the mise-en- scene of both shots. You can blatantly tell that the background is the same in both shots, both having the vintage floral wallpaper background, this creating consistency and making them both seem as though they are part of the same product. This also shows the audience that they are also related to the music video as they look as though they have been taken out of the music video its self, with Emily doing some of the videos poses e.g. the gunshot pose seen in the magazine advert.

Also with both of these close-up shots we made sure there was a direct mode of address, like there pretty much always is through out the music video. We thought this was a good idea as it made it seem as though the star image was looking out the audience, almost directly looking at the person who has brought the product. The costume and make-up is also the same between all three further reinstating that belief that they are all part of the same product. These outfits again suggest the vintage theme as they are long ball gown dresses, this also suggests sophistication. Furthermore this will help the audience locate and recognise the digipak in store, as they would see the continuity between the magazine advert and the music video they had previously seen

Another aspect we kept continuity with was the typography, the style of our font kept the vintage theme well as it had swirls around the edges of the letters. Swirls is something associated with being vintage, it also half resembled flower petals linking in to the floral background we had used. The typical convention of a pop song font is for it to be bright and eye popping, this was achieved by the use of colour. We decided to use a brighter colour than we had originally planned to make it stand out. This was done across both platforms to ensure that there was consistency creating the brand identity that we desired whilst sticking to the conventions of a pop song. Also our font styling we unique to our artist, we had not seen one we liked that another artist used and either took it or got inspired by it, we found ones that fitted with our style and asked our marketability to decide for us. This ensured not only that we would create brand identity, as all fonts would be the same and would also fit in with our theme, but also appeal to our target audience and would be something they would associate with our music video.

As mentioned above a magazine adverts typical conventions are to have a rating and a website this will help create a brand identity because it targets a specific type of audience. This audience being the same that I have targeted in my music video therefore showing consistency with targeting my marketability. The target audience was suggested through out the music video by the genre of the song, this being pop, and the audience of this being teenagers/young adults. This was also shown in our music video by the ball gown dress something a lot of teenage girls want either for the perfect prom or wedding further showing the teenage/young adult audience we have targeted for our music video. The use of a web address on my magazine advert then shows that the magazine is also targeted at people of the same age of my music video as teenagers and young adults regularly use the internet, especially more often than someone of an older age. 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up, with 28% doing so before even getting out of bed

Furthermore the use of a rating from Seventeen Magazine and Bliss Magazine show the target audience. Seventeen Magazine is clearly aimed at teenagers with its quirky colours, stars used and the information on offer for the reader. Bliss Magazine is targeted at a slightly older audience, this is shown by the cover stars being slightly older than the ones of Seven Magazine, with their music targeting young adults rather than teenagers. This then meaning the ratings also reflect the audience of my music video.

Overall the consistency of my ancillary tasks and music video show proved very effective as it shows that they are part of the same product which is something that is vital when creating a magazine advert, digipak and music video. As it helps the audience recognise the artist making it easier to sell the product. Over all I feel the most effective way this has been done in my three pieces is the use of keeping the theme the same throughout establishing a strong brand identity which has been proved very important when creating an artists identity. It also proved effective to follow the conventions of each element to make sure we were creating a professional realistic product making sure that my ancillary task and music video are easily recognisable alone as well as together as a package.

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