Evaluation Tool For Action Plan Implementation 02.10.09

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Information about Evaluation Tool For Action Plan Implementation 02.10.09

Published on February 13, 2009

Author: pccampo

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for uermmmc-nursing nstp2 students only

Gawad Kalinga Onsite instructions Schedule of Deployment Date Morning (8-12) Afternoon (1-5) GK Site & GK Site & Section Assembly Area C.I. Section Assembly Area C.I. Coordinator Coordinator A Pure Gold Thea Tagalog F Sto. Domingo Joseph BMA Perez (Rommel) Cubar/Pia (Joanna) Campo B UERM Jenny Escopa (Noel) G Sto. Domingo Pia BMA Cariaga Campo (Joanna) Feb. 14 Feb. 21 C Sto. Domingo Tina Vana H Sto. Domingo Tina Batulao Feb. 28 Arroyo (Nappie/Wella) Arroyo (Joanna) Mar. 7 D Sto. Domingo Angel Block 245 I Sto. Domingo Jenny Don Manuel Verain (Nappie/Wella) Cariaga (Joven/Liville) E Burger King- Pia Campo San Jose J Sto. Domingo Thea Don Pepe Welcome (Wilma) Perez (Joven/Liville) L Sto. Domingo Joseph Ohio K Sanctuario Angel Elga (Niño) Cubar/Pia (Tom/Ardythe) Araneta Ave. Verain Campo The general schedule of activities for the community engagement is as follows: Time Activity Related Guideline 8:00 – 1:00 – 1:30 Assembly for • Students who arrive 8:31/1:31 PM onwards are marked late (individual 8:30 AM PM deployment deduction-attendance). • Students not in proper NSTP attire (NSTP shirt, jeans, rubber shoes, ID will have individual deductions-following instructions). Batch shirt may be worn if the NSTP shirt is not available due to wrong size & for 2nd semester entry (irregular students). • Section leader (with or w/o the assistance of another member) must facilitate the checking of attendance & attire. • Section leader must give a copy of their action plan (revised from Jan. 31’s presentation) to their CI and GK coordinator (otherwise, deductions- compliance) • Enforce buddy system to account for all students. 8:30 – 1:30 – 2:00 Deployment of • Only Sections E & I are given until 9:30 AM and 2:30 P.M. to arrive at their 9:00 AM PM students site. • Students are not allowed to bring out mobile phones, iPods, and the like while traveling. They are also discouraged from buying food & drinks while in transit to avoid delays (deductions in discipline) 9:00 – 2:00 – 4:45 • Arrival at GK • Clinical instructors will monitor the conduct of the activity from the 11:45 AM PM site preparation up to clean-up. They will be guided by the action plan given to them by the section to monitor for: • Preparation for Preparedness (complete materials and mastery of content when the activity needed) • Implementation Organized implementation (preparation, activity proper, time of action plan management) (weekly Quality of weekly activity (logical phasing, relevance, accuracy of phasing) content, reception of recipients) Interaction with the community Team work (work interaction of the class, delegation of work, initiative, concern for classmates) Discipline/Behavior (proper decorum, attire, interaction with the community) Time management (assembly, setting up, activity proper, wrap- up/clean-up) • Section or team leader must inform their CI of last-minute changes about their action plan or any other on-the-spot decision. CI’s can only advise but NOT decide for the students except on matters of security & safety. 11:45 AM 4:45 PM – Assembly for • Section leader shall facilitate the assembly of the class for departure . – 12:00 5:00 PM departure from the Moreover, s/he will thank the community in behalf of the class. PM area • Clinical instructor will give a short feedback to the class on what to improve on in their implementation for next week. 12:00 PM 5:00 PM Depart from the site • Clinical instructor will accompany the class back to UERM for dismissal. Contact no: 09278726571 (Pia)

Gawad Kalinga Onsite instructions Weekly Monitoring Tool Type of Activity: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Participants: SIBOL, SAGIP, SIGA, PARENTS (encircle one) Section & Team Name: _________________________ Clinical Instructor: __________________ Implementation Week (encircle) 1 2 3 Phase and Aspect Observation/s Qualitative descriptor (Excellent, Very Good, Good, and Poor) Assembly • Class is complete by 8:30 AM/1:30 PM • Students come in proper attire (to be facilitated by the Section or team leader) Preparation for the activity proper • Venue setup is orderly • Materials for the activity are complete • Everyone is doing something for the preparation (even beyond what’s assigned to them) Order and organization during • the registration of participants (if applicable) Implementation of the activity for the week • Quality of the activity’s content o Appropriateness (based on participants’ age, background, etc..) o Accuracy of content (facts/concepts are correct) o Useful information Appropriate learning aids • (when applicable) Flow of the activities (smooth, • erratic, no dead moments) Time management • Interaction with the • participants (language used, respect, etc.) • Conduct/Behavior of other team members during the activity (mobile phone & other gadget’s use, noise level, etc.) • Perceived impact of the activity on the participants • Coordination, communication, & teamwork of team members from assembly to pack-up OTHERS: Cite here security or disciplinary incidents that happened at any time during the 8-12 pm and 1-5pm time frame. Identify the students involved. You may write at the back for more space. Contact no: 09278726571 (Pia)

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