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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: asmediab13

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Overview of Target Audience • Age:18-21 • Gender: Males and Females (ratio 50:50) • Social Class: Middle/Upper Class • Sub-cultures: Ravers, Hoodies and Clubbers • Hobbies/ Interests: Regularly go Clubbing and enjoy partying, popular and up to date with the social scene of their area. Enjoy Dance and Electro music and enjoy listening to the genre.

FRONT COVER The use of exclusive shows that this may be the only magazine that the audience will gain the information from, attracting my audience as typically the age group enjoys ‘gossip’. The ‘WIN!’ attracts the audience as reading the magazine gives them the chance to win V.I.P tickets to one of the worlds most popular DJ’s, this also appealing to them as they enjoy the genre of music he creates. It’s a persuasive technique and as the age group often attend gigs and festivals which do cost money something which students are typically short of so giving them the chance to win the free tickets will draw them in even more. The simplicity of the Front Cover with cover lines to the point and decisive allows information to be gained but in a quick manner which doesn’t take time, something my target audience do not have and will also not show an interest in reading through large amounts of texts this being the reason I have decided to dedicate the right half of the Front Cover to an image and left the page uncluttered. I named my magazine ‘Love Club’ as I believed it was quirky and current, something unique compared to other magazine titles so therefore standing out to my audience. Also it means the love of club music which my target audience enjoy listening to so therefore attracts them towards my magazine.

CONTENTS PAGE In my ‘Features’ contents article I have included many different pages that will appear in the magazine. Articles such as ‘Clubs of the Year’ will attract the audience, as these are places that they attend regularly, so teaching them about the best in the country will clearly interest them and may even persuade them to visit these venues. Also the article ‘Banged up Abroad’ may interest the target audience of my magazine as many have or will eventually visit these party capitals of the world so learning about the best places to go and party will appeal to my audience. The box that contains the masthead has been edited, this to show the modern and current feel of the magazine, I imagine the target audience of my magazine are also quirky and appreciate the unique elements I have added to the magazine. The inclusion of the logo throughout the magazine, at the top of the page, reminds the audience of the product they are reading and hopefully shows that it is a quality product. The target audience are popular in the social scene so will spread the word about the new magazine they have taken interest to and could possibly become a talking point for the groups. I have included captions under my pictures and also the number that the article can be found on to shorten the time of finding articles that the target audience will find interest in, my target audience may not enjoy the time searching for different articles and they are normally life a busy and hectic lifestyle with their first steps into independence. I have also included quotes in the captions from the articles showing the audience can possibly relate or gain an insight on the personal views of the artists.

DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD I have used a pull quote to attract the audience further as they gain an insight into the private life of the artist that they listen to, also with the fact that it has been pulled from the interview shows that it has a certain importance so get a feel what the content of the interview may be. I have included a drop cap in my double page spread to show the originality of my magazine and show how professional it is. I have decided that my double page spread article will be an interview, again this being because the age group of my audience enjoy to gossip and will take strong interest in learning the private details behind an artists life, creating something to talk about in the social groups. I have dedicated one page to an image of the artist this to allow the audience to see the recognisable face of the artist and also for the DJ to gain some publicity. The use of the artist showing the peace adds an edge to the image that is individual and helps portray their personality. The use of the headphones in the shot address the genre of the piece and also show the audience that the artist they are reading about are legitimate, with the fade on the image into the other page it also creates a professional feel to the magazine, something in which my audience would expect from the magazine.

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