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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: asmediab13

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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Blogger is a website that I have never used before. It is associated with Google and has allowed me to frequently upload my work to my blog. Blogger is important aspect of my work as it displays my whole foundation portfolio. Photoshop is a computer-based software which I have used to actually produce my magazine. I have had a brief introduction to this software when using it in previous media tasks however have built up my skills on this software since producing my magazine. InDesign is the software that I used to create my double page spread. I have never used this software before and found it slightly complicated to get to grips with. I learnt a variety of skills from using this software such as laying out text into articles and inserting a drops cap. I used a professional camera to take the photographs for my magazine in order to enhance the professionalism of my magazine. I experimented with shot types when taking photographs as well as using different locations.

I will now show how the skills I have learnt throughout this process have built up to create a professional appearing magazine… Front Cover

2. I then added a green gradient effect onto my white background to add some colour to my magazine. 1. I used the quick selection tool to cut around the image in order to place it in a plain background. When cutting around the image, some of the models hair was cropped out as well. I used the clone tool to fix this. 3. I used a drop shadow effect on the image in order to enhance the models and make the magazine more professional.

4. I used the text tool to insert my masthead at the top of the page. I ensured that an appropriate size font and style was selected. 5. I used the stroke tool to place a thick green outline around the masthead to add boldness and definition to it.

Contents Page 1. I merged these three images together to join them together. I then added a stroke effect around the merged images. 2. I inserted different sized rectangular shapes using the shape tool to structure the layout of my contents page.

Double Page Spread 1. Firstly, I edited my image in Photoshop. I cut out one of my models due to my personal decision to limit the band to three members as opposed to four and to decrease the width of the image. 2. I then used the black and white effect on my image.

1. I inserted my image using the place tool and set it to a size in order to make it cover both sides of the double page spread. 2. Again, I used the text tool to insert my main text. I used the same font as on my front cover and contents page of my magazine in order to show consistency and professionalism.

3. I copied my double page spread interview over from a word document and set it out into three columns. 4. I used the drops cap tool to make my article more professional.

Presenting my work: Prezi is an interactive and fun device specifically for presenting work. I built up skills when changing the direction of paths, and the theme of the presentation. This was an effective method to present my work as it was professional and you can vary your work. Slide share was another website that I used to present my work. I used this to present more text focussed work as it was more suited to this method. I created PowerPoint presentations, then uploaded them to slide share which presented them in a professional formant. Scribd is very similar to slide share and also allows you to upload word documents. This was useful as you are unable to upload word documents alone to the blogger website. Again this presented my word document in a formal layout.

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