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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: danielbruce22

Source: slideshare.net

Intro As a keen consumer of Thriller films myself I feel that the target audience through this film is established both through the BBFC ratings and the advertising of the film. These characteristics ultimately control who can watch the film as well as who will watch the film.

Audience Research As my treatment for the film itself is quite deep and contacts lots of audience emotions, it will also have moments of fear, thrill and death. I would probably advise the target audience of this film to be from 15-55, with possible changes being made if the BBFC felt the age limit could be lowered. On the right hand side is a picture of a visual chart which describes the occupation of the viewers who could potentially watch the film and that we could aim the film itself at.

Audience Grading I would class myself as a B or Possibly an A social grade and so I have certain views and expectations that would bring this side out of myself and into my films these include things such as locations, vocabulary used and the general structure to the movie itself. As a thriller film, I would say that the genre does generally appeal to many people however I would try and incorporate as many classes as possible. However, I have a certain understanding that the more upper class demographic may prefer a more low tempo film. Realistically I would say our film would be aiming at B through to E social class with a few exceptions of grade A, purely because the film has to be in some places more gritty than I would of liked. Whereas, the start can be very much clean and professional, and in many ways the opening sequence itself touches on many of the social grades throughout.

Types Of Audience I have no reason to believe that the man or woman on the right hand side would not enjoy my following opening title sequence. I don't feel however that the general story line provides an insight to their lifestyles, however the start of the opening sequence does include a hard working man who works in a similar environment to the man pictured to the right and so I feel that their are elements of class to both opening sequence and film. It is however not just the status of the audience, but their age and so my opening sequence aims to encapsulate both the man and women pictured on the right hand side using several ideology’s, paradigms etc.

Types Of Audience Continued I do however think that the 15-30 bracket as pictured to the right is best to appeal to. Many of the younger generation in particular are very much represented in thriller films with the main protagonist and antagonist being of a reasonably young age and represented as current and 'cool'. Thriller films are greatly popular amongst this age range and I'm sure many young aspiring media or film workers would be very interested in my production and enjoy what they saw. However I cannot help but think that lower class 15-30 year olds would enjoy this opening sequence. As a stereotype of the young generation is violence, with video games and movies very much having a strong part in the modern day image.

Conclusion I feel that although the film starts off as perhaps slow paced, the plot which follows is truly exhilarating and by no means smooth and clean. Therefore I feel that the age range from all classes will find something in both the opening title sequence and the following feature film itself that they will like and empathise with. As both the director and a thriller film enthusiast, I understand just how hard it is as well as crucial to attract all types of audience, to generate more capital for the film, creating a good buzz all round.

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