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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: bethgrocott

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Evaluation Question 3 What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Throughout the process of producing my products I conducted various feedback techniques such as interviews, hot seats, and screenings of my work so far in order to gain knowledge in order to progress my idea and products. Initially I conducted primary audience research of the products in which I felt I wanted my product to be like, in order to gain an idea of what aspects I should and should not include when creating my products. Initially feedback was productive, it enabled me to make changes that were outlined by my target audience. Thus adhering to what the target audience would expect from horror genre products. This feedback provided me with guidelines of what to include to progress my products and to use the feedback to improve the products standard. The research I initially carried out enabled me to successfully create my products. Detailed research into sound, genre, location and props for example enabled me to do so.

Initial Feedback I took the feedback from the post it notes of my magazine cover and poster, with regards to the test shots for the main image. Showing Positive feedback for the close-up images. I had Decided from researching the skeleton key poster that I wished to recreate that image thus I carried out another photo-shoot in order to make the best product possible in order to follow the required codes and conventions of a horror product to target a specific audience. I also gained some research with regards to my trailer. From researching into The Conjuring and Paranormal activity trailers I decided on a similar narrative. However Some special effects would be difficult to re create I aimed to work around them to keep To the narrative. “Good layout” “image is eye catching”

Unsuccessful First Product I was not satisfied with the draft products I had first made for my poster, and the initial feed back I received also found flaws in my products. The products lacked that Professional standard and the images look “staged” “unprofessional” However the font was “suitable for the genre” And the colour scheme “connotes the horror Genre perfectly” I took notice of this feedback and decided it was for the best to recreate both my magazine and poster.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Social Networks Feedbacks From the rise of web 2.0 It enabled us to interact with one and another. Due to This I was able to upload my final products onto social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. From using Facebook my feedback was easily received. The colloquial and instant feedback was from the audiences true though and thus gave me a non bias insight. However as most people on Facebook do not study media their responses were limited and non academic. I gained mixed views of my products, yet most responses were positive. Due to the fact my chosen genre is horror my target audience Is aimed at over eighteens, which can be successfully targeted by asking my school Friends .This enabled audiences to view my products and to comment and create discussions of constructive criticism , thus working as a viral marketing campaign as I have used methods used by mainstream industries to launch and promote new films’ I also created a twitter page for my film, enabling audiences to gain information about the film and find a link to watch the trailer.

Final Product Hot Seat Feedback I gained video feedback from using hot seat videos in which I provided the audience with a set of questions about my final products. These questions enabled me to gain critical feedback from my target audience. Progressing from this research There are some improvements suggested by the audience. Due to this I have changed some of the images at the bottom of my poster to provide clearer images. In order to promote my products as a package I went back throughout my print products and ensured they stuck to the same colour scheme as this is seen to be a key feature. However most of my feedback was positive, I decided to add more interties in my trailer to enhance to continuity of the shots.

• The narrative of my trailer was an important aspect, being the main part of my ancillary product. I received positive feedback with regards to my narrative; stating it was clear and understandable. To receive this feedback I combined questions for my trailer and print products together. Once the trailer was screened I created a set of questions in which I felt would be beneficial to ensure the answers provided me with the feedback I needed in order to make any crucial improvements. The feedback mostly focused on the narrative, location and characters which are usually represented in the horror genre.

Reflection From my feedback I have successfully learnt how to follow the specific codes and conventions of the horror genre, how to target a specific audience and how to adhere to a audiences Expectations of a horror product. If I were to create Horror products in the future I would get Feedback from older generations who have had experience of watching horror films over time. I would also use social networking sites more throughout the construction of my products In order to set me in the right direction. The way in which I have documented my feedback Could have been carried out more successfully, possibly by gaining more videos. I have learnt My skills with regards to creating my products lie with camera work and representing a genre. Whereas My weaknesses lie with regards to my trailer being shot length and editing. However I Faced difficulties with my print products with regards to layout and clearness. I would overcome These aspects if I was to create more products by researching into layouts specifically and make Sure that when I’m filming that shots are of a suitable length. However I would use the same Features of my trailer such as fast paced editing as I successfully portrayed the horror genre also With props and sound would also shoot in a similar location as it worked effectively with the Genre.

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