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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: louisaharris50

Source: slideshare.net


SECTION A: RESEARCH AND PLANNING. When it came to the research and planning of my trailer, there were a lot of media technologies that were useful in helping me form the ideas needed. I would say the most vital one for me was YouTube. Without this, I wouldn’t have been able to watch existing trailers like Woman in Black or Insidious to gain idea’s and techniques for my own trailer. Watching these trailers helped me massively. In the Woman in Black trailer, I loved the pacing; I enjoyed how it used both quick montage and slow montage for both tension and excitement. Click this image to watch the Woman in Black Trailer. Another media technology which helped towards my research and planning was the webside IMDB. It helped me see which horror films are popular at the moment and I knew from that which kind of storyline to go with; something along the psychological horror sub-genre, but something that hasn’t been done before. This print-screened shot shows the top 7 popular horror films. 6 of which are psychological horrors. This told me that there is a demand for these horrors so that sub-genre would be best to go with. In the research and planning process, I decided it would be really useful to find out what my target audience wanted to see in a horror film. I did this by creating a survey on survey monkey and sending it to a group of my peers who fit into my target audience. Getting the answers, I figured that they wanted a ghosty, jumpy film with a really well-developed, believable storyline. So this is exactly what I tried to

SECTION B: CONSTRUCTION. With the construction of my trailer and both ancillary products, various programmes were used to achieve the overall products. These consisted of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro C6, Adobe After Effects. My ancillary products: For my magazine cover and horror poster, I used Photoshop. I already had some pre-existing knowledge on how to use Photoshop due to the media course last year, however, this year my skills grew a lot and I was more experimental with the tools and effects. I added a layer of peeling paint to make me skin look rough and bumpy. I then took down the opacity of the layer so it wasn’t as obvious. New layer. This is the image of peeling paint I added to the new layer. I watched this online tutorial on how to change lip colours and followed the steps. To see what I did, click the image above to watch the tutorial. Outer glow. The colour of my lips before I did this process was bright red. I thought the dark colour would work better for the over-all low-key lighting effect I was trying to achieve.

SECTION B: CONSTRUCTION. Horror Trailer: We used Adobe Premier Pro for our horror trailer. I was new to this programme and found it quite difficult at first, however with time I became comfortable with it and actually surprised myself at the thing I could do on there. At the part of my trailer where Joe is being dragged up the stairs, we filmed it the other way so he was coming down the stairs. We reversed the shot and increased the speed to achieve the look we got. We also reversed the shot of Alex’s hair being pulled up. It was originally going to be so the shot was of her hair being dropped. I tried reversing it to see what it looked like, I found that it added to the fear a lot more. Another skill which I learnt through using Premiere Pro is how to fade in/out music. This was needed for our horror trailer as we have a lot of layers of sound. To do this, firstly you grab the pen tool, then drag it to the volume you require. Here is how to reverse a shot and increase/decrease the speed.

SECTION B: CONSTRUCTION. For the inter-titles in my horror trailer, I used Adobe After Effects. I used a pre-set which was already set up. So the procedure for this programme was very simple. All we had to do was think of really good, catchy inter-titles then pick a font which was reflective and suited to our trailer’s storyline and type them in, import them as a file and insert them into Premiere Pro.

SECTION C. After I completed all products and planning and research, I still found myself using a media technology: Blogger. This way, all the work which I’d done is stored logically in one place, using labels to separate them from each other and to group certain pieces of work. This, to me, is a completely vital media technology as without it my work would have no element of organisation. It helped me to keep check of what I’d done and what I needed to do, so as well as all of the Adobe programmes and websites for research materials, blogger is also an extremely helpful technology in relation to my workload. These are the labels. If you click them, all of my work for that label appears.

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