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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: melisaaliu

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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My chosen genre for my opening sequence is horror. By conducting research into the horror genre and what the audience prefer, I created a opening sequence that depicts real life circumstances. I found that the audience like to be surprised, they prefer spontaneous pop ups as it elicits fear when they are least expecting it. This makes the audience feel vulnerable and empathetic towards the victim.

Codes and Conventions Typography is one of the main factors that effect the way the film is perceived. This is how the credits and titles are placed in the opening sequence. Each film has different types of fonts and colours that sets the scene and gives off an appropriate atmosphere for example mystery or spooky. According to my research, most horror films include bold writing in capital letters, with colours such as mist blue, grey, black, white, red and orange. The company title comes first, the main actors follow, and the rest of the production credits come after. The main cinematography used in horror genres are close ups and low angles. This emphasises that the victim is always in danger, we get to see the full facial expressions and true emotions of the victim and villain.

Comparison ‘Se7en’ is one example of a film that uses similar typography to mine. The credits are placed in different sections of the screen for example bottom left and then top right. This shows that the villain is not in his right state of mind; it is effective in causing the viewers to question the film and what is happening. The font in ‘Se7en’ is more appropriate than mine however as it does show that the text is distorted and can relate to the film and the horror genre. My font is basic with a little sense of horror to it however it doesn’t fully show the full horror element.

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