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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: Jamsheed2724

Source: slideshare.net

7) Looking back at your preliminary task , What do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Equipment  There is a substantial difference between my preliminary task and final product.  During the making of my preliminary video , I found it difficult to handle the equipment , for example the tripod.  I had trouble in placing the tripod in the correct position and bring it up to the eye level.

Mistakesnumber of mistakes  There were a in my preliminary task. First of which was the match on action shot. It did not link together and the framing was poor.  Another easily readable error was that in certain scenes, my framing in one of the over the shoulder shots was incorrect and the part of the character face had been cropped out.

 Furthermore, the two shot was also incorrect as both characters were almost completely hidden. This was because of my poor choice of location, which was a classroom, so there was less space to position the tripod.  Some shots were out of focus as well. This combined with the artificial lighting reduced the clarity of the video substantially.

Research Process for the Final Product  As for the final product, I started out with the movie     concept which was the initial idea. Next came the film treatment in which I further explained the plot and characters. Then came the shot list in which the shots I was going to use were decided and the scenes for those shots described briefly. I then processed it into a screenplay which was the main script of the film. After that I created the storyboard, and thanks to my artistic skills I was able to draw out the characters well.

 Next came the shooting of the film. I had to shoot the movie twice as the first time was filled with distractions and mistakes.  Finally came the editing, which converted my short clips into a two minute opening and gave life to it with the music and effects.

ImprovementsI was  In the preliminary task unable to film the walking scene correctly, but I managed to pull it off in my Final product by choosing the right location and framing correctly.

 I used the appropriate nose space and framed correctly in my final product, which was previously incorrect in the preliminary task.  Outdoor shooting and correct focus gave my final product better clarity.

 I successfully executed the match on action technique, correctly linking two shots together in my final product.

Conclusion  I think I have my made some significant improvements in film making since the preliminary task, and look forward to my next assignment.

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