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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: kessiar

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Evaluation part of coursework


Different Technologies There are different form of technologies which I used throughout the whole coursework. They vary from filming equipment to online internet website. I will talk about the different form of media I used through the different steps, which they include research and planning, construction and evaluation. The different technologies which I will talk about will also include forms of new technology.

This is justa summary throughimaged in thedifferent form of technologies whichI usedthroughoutmywhole coursework.

Research & Planning Through my research I mostly used the internet to find information. For example in the conventions of a drama, the institutional research and narrative theories. This included websites like Wikipedia. I also looked at websites such as IMDB to look at deconstruction of trailer as they provide detail information about films which I relevant to my planning. I also had some work saved on my phone and so I downloaded the WordPress App so that it be constantly used on the go. Slideshare and Google Docs, was a way in which I presented my work other than just putting on the blog. I also used Vimeo to upload my pitch in format of a video and also used iMovie to edit the pitch to look appropriate.

Research & Planning I also use Photoshop throughout the research and planning as I needed to create layouts for magazine and posters. I also used Photoshop to create my moodboard. I also used Wordpress to publish my work on there also other blogging websites such as Blogger. I also needed to conduct research on my target audience, so therefore I set out surveys to them and to this I used Survemonkey, which collected all the information and allowed me analysed them later. Also before the production of the trailer I published the images online on Photobucket so that they could be stored and view by people.

Construction For my construction of my part of the trailer I used Adobe Premier, while I used Adobe Photoshop for the creation of the poster and film magazines. To photograph and film all of this I used my Canon 600D camera which all the footage would be stored on my SD card which would be used on the Apple Macs. They were very efficient and supported all the work that I would be doing as it. The use of my camera in comparison to phone camera was better quality and allowed for the trailer to be at 720p, which would be at HD quality. Throughout my construction I would use Google Drive and Dropbox as it allowed me to store videos and images, which would normally take a large amount of space. This is so I could access it at home and on other computers which did not have all of the data on it

Construction The music of the trailer was found on Soundhound, from searching, however this meant that we needed to ask permission for the song usage. FreeSFX was also used to find sounds/music to be used in the trailer and this allowed a large library of uncopyrighted sound/music. Once the product was finished, the drafts were uploaded to Vimeo, however Vimeo had some drawbacks as it only allowed me to upload a certain amount of video and not unlimited. This thereby resulted to start using YouTube, which meant a mass amount of people were allowed to view the trailer in comparison to Vimeo as they don’t get as many people. After all of the products were released, the trailer was promoted via Facebook and also on Instagram by posting the pictures of the Poster on there, so it will influence people to watch the trailer.

Evaluation For evaluation I again used YouTube to upload my first part of my trailer. The reason for this was because my evaluation was in a format of a video. Also to create this I used iMovies, as this was lot more simplified compared to Adobe Premier. The whole video was also recoded on the Mac computer I also used Prezi to publish another part of my evaluation as it offers a diverse option compared to Slideshare on how to publicise presentations. Another form of evaluation was publicised on Photobucket so it can be seen as a slideshow as it provides a large format of the presentation to be seen. And this evaluation is posted on Slideshare as it allows the presentation to be viewed on comfortable way. Also my presentation were created on Microsoft PowerPoint. An of course all of my evaluation is published on Wordpress on my blog.

Conclusion Forms of technology and new media was really important throughout the whole process of my coursework and so it made a huge impact on presentation of me coursework. Also it impacted my construction, otherwise if I did not have any of the forms of technologies, my product would not of probable been made in the same standards as it currently at. Technology would of also effected my research and planning otherwise I would of not as been as prepared for the whole creation of my product. Overall the technology improved the quality of my coursework.

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