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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: Jamsheed2724

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Evaluation 1

EVALUATION  1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

GENRE-Action  My film belongs to the action/adventure/spy genre.  The reason I was drawn to this genre was because I find the fights , explosions and chase scenes entertaining.  Another factor was that I really wanted to create a sense of suspense and thrill in my movie as well.

th Century Fox INSTITUTION-20  I decided to go with the Hollywood film industry since I am familiar with the kind of movies they make.  The reason I chose 20th Century Fox was because they produce a wide range of films and genres , in which the action/adventure genre also exists. I was also inspired by some of the movies they made in my particular genre.

 20th Century Fox was founded as the result of a merger between Fox Film Corporation and 20th Century Pictures , Inc.  It was founded on May 31st 1935 by William Fox, Joseph M. Schenck and Darryl F. Zanuck.

REFERENCE FILMS  I was inspired by a large number of films , most of which belonged to 20th Century Fox.  One of the movies I was inspired by was The Transporter trilogy from which I used the idea of a chase scene in my film.  Another aspect I was inspired by was the protagonist being outnumbered by the enemy which has been the case in many films like The Transporter , Behind Enemy Lines , Knight and Day etc.

Mise-en-scene  The type of location or plot in most of the films I drew inspiration from are similar.  The action mostly takes place in crowded , public places like streets.  My movie has similar elements like the street but instead is based in a more secluded area as compared to my inspirations.  Another aspect of the mise-en-scene is the lighting. Most spy movies nowadays are shot in daylight such as Knight and Day.

 In my movie I have decided to keep the lighting the same as my inspirations , so I shot during day time.

PROPS  Action/adventure movies usually consists of props like guns , cars etc.  Since my movie is more towards the spy category I did not make use of any weapons as props.  While shooting , a briefcase was used to indicate the primary objective of the movie as the story revolved around it.  Characters wore sunglasses to connote a sense of mystery and seriousness . This was also used in the film Knight and Day.

CLOTHES  The clothing for most action movies is serious. For example, Jason Statham wears a black suit to portray the main character , Frank Martin in The Transporter.  In my movie the dress code is similar as the main characters are dressed in formal attire.  The main protagonist wears an overcoat , signifying suspicion and mystery.  The antagonists wear black suits portraying seriousness.

 All characters are dressed in dark coloured clothing to create a sense of seriousness.

CHARACTERS  In action movies , usually the protagonist looks posh and of a higher class . For example Jason Statham in the Transporter  The protagonist in my movie plays the role well though he lacks experience.  The antagonists are relatively more posh and look of a higher class though that is not the case in most action movies.

EDITING TECHNIQUES  In action/adventure movies there is use of fast editing and dramatic non diegetic sounds in the background.  Similarly there is use of fast editing in my movie as well and dramatic sounds to create suspense .

TITLE  Action/adventure films usually tend to have a simple short title which indicates directness and seriousness . It also make the title easily comprehendible to audiences of all ages and class.  My movie is no different. It is a two-word title , simple and easily gives you a clear idea about what’s going to happen in the film.

CHALLENGES  In action/adventure movies , usually the protagonist is more posh , well dressed than the antagonist , whereas in my film’s case it is the opposite.  My film is shot in a less populated, more secluded area as compared to mainstream action/spy films.

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