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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: GabbyNYeboah

Source: slideshare.net

Final Products Poster Magazine cover Trailer Maintaining the consistency of all the main products was an important aspect during the production stages of the task. For example the film and poster created both refer back to the concept of the trailer created reminding the audience of its hard-hitting story line, this is achieved through the images used and the texts included. Furthermore this improved the effectiveness of the products as they all related to each other and were easily recognisable due to the similar theme used.

Text: the text written above the title “inspired by a true story” emphasises the verisimilitude created in the story and suggests to the audience that the film is centred around social realism. Thus allowing the audience to identify the films genre as being drama . Costume: The protagonist is also depicted in the same clothes featured in the trailer which references his state of disequilibrium being homeless . Colours: The white background symbolises, the dreams and hopes that the protagonist has. This is likewise with the scene depicted at the start of the trailer in which it is very bright, which in effect forebodes that something good is going to happen despite the characters state of disequilibrium. Image : The protagonists is standing away from the crowd into the distance suggesting that he is alone and separated from society. He is also looking up which have conations of dreams, hope, aspirations. This is also depicted in the beginning scene where he is also alone and looking up above the sea. Furthermore emphasising the emotional and moving side of the film as well as the protagonists journey to finding happiness and freedom in himself.

Text: The subheading below the title further emphasises the hardhitting story of the film. The words “life changing” references the characters development in the film trailer, from a homeless person to one who becomes successful. The sky line text also makes the audience aware of the film genre, drama. Image: Unlike the poster created the protagonists is looking directly at the audience. This suggests to the audience that the film is based around the characters life, establishing him as the protagonists in the film. Colour: the background colour white along with the film title and subheading, this is a scheme maintained in both the ancillary products . The white symbolises the protagonists dreams and hopes, which is a constant theme portrayed in the film trailer. Costume: The character is depicted wearing casual wear, which further supports the films genre drama as well as the verisimilitude created in the film. This also suggest to the audience that the film will be based around social realism as he is depicted as an ordinary teenage boy.

Both my ancillary products differ from one another, however they still relate to the main product. This was purposely done in order to attract the audience to each of the products made rather then have them similar to each other. In all the products created the story line and genre is consistent allowing the audience to identify them. Thus suggesting the effectiveness of the combination between the main product and the ancillary product created. However in order to improve this effectiveness I could have used particular scenes from the trailer in my ancillary products to draw the audience to the image. Another way I could have improved this was by maintaining a colour scheme or typeface used in my film trailer. This would have maintained the consistency of the ancillary products as well as allow them to suite one another effectively.

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