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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: disenoinstruccionalut



Unit: Pronunciation Johanny Alvarado Quiles ETEL 602 Avalúo de los Cursos en Línea Profesora. Laylannie Torres CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH COURSE FOR ADULTS

Selected Objective •Differentiate the incorrect use of the rules of pronunciation from the correct use.

Activities Formative Sumative Evaluation

Formative Evaluation •Diagnostic Activity • Students will be provided with a list of tongue twisters. Each student will choose a tongue twister from the list. They will listen carefully to the pronunciation used. Then, the student will record himself / herself saying the chosen tongue twister using any podcast tool. (Suggested tools Voki, Audacity, Podomatic). This podcast must be published in their course blog for evaluation.

Formative Evaluation •Activity # 2 •Students will watch the following videos on Pronunciation: • •

Summative Evaluation •Activity # 3 •After watching the videos, through a Discussion Board / Chat meeting the students will answer the following questions: • What is the importance of having a good pronunciation in English? • Explain 3 problems having an incorrect pronunciation may cause in a conversation? • Reply to at least two classmates publications.

Summative Evaluation •Final Activity •Applying the correct use of pronunciation, student will visit a public place and perform a life interview to a native English Speaker. •This interview must be recorded by the students. •The students will transform the interview into a video and uploaded to YouTube. •This video must also be published in their course blog for evaluation.

Evaluation / Assessment tool • For all the activities, Rubrics will be used to evaluate the students’ academic progress. The main rubrics are as follows: • Attendance and Participation 5 pts. • Pre - Test • Learning Activities 10 pts. • Videos • Discussion Board Participation 15 pts. • Responses are accurate and promote discussion • Blog Creation 25 pts. • Includes all required elements (rubric will be sent to students) • Final Project Development 45 pts. • Interview • Includes all required elements (rubric will be sent to students) Total 100 pts.

Reflection In an online course technology plays a very important role. Based on the fact that the teacher and student are separated by space and time Web 2.0 tools were used in the development of this course. Technology truly enriched the course and made better the formative and summative activities. In simple words, watching an online video, record a podcast, or upload a video to Youtube would not be possible without technology. Technology has given the teacher and the student as well the opportunity to be creative, highly motivated, collaborative and over all to think out the box.

References Accurate English. (2011, May 16). English Pronunciation – vowel changes in stressed and unstressed syllables. [video file] Retrieved from https:// Pawel, M. (2011, Aug 11). Problems with English pronunciation FUNNY. [video file] Retrieved from v=OuzS6uXR0Hk.

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