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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: mediastudiesfinearts

Source: slideshare.net

In our opening we have followed the conventions normally used in an opening title sequence. These include the order of title’s, the length of each tittle which we found is between 3 to 4 seconds and the sense of enigma being created. As well as the introduction of genre, tone and the average length of the whole sequence (2 to 3 minutes long). We have developed ideas from La Haine title sequence – The font, black/white titles. We developed this convention by making the titles appear to type and they appear from left/right/top/bottom of screen etc. Genre conventions Used: We have created the opening title sequence to a new British social drama film. They are usually low budgeted, set in a city/real-world locations. An example of this is Ill Manners which is set in the centre of London in a real life council estate with natural lighting and is biased about social issues including crime, relationships, politics etc. Ill Manors is largely based around drug deals and crime, This is England focuses on politics and race. They include a predominately male cast. However we have challenged

this by using three main women actors in our opening. This is a scene from Ill Manors witch has used natural lighting and we have chosen to also use this type of lighting. We have tried to create a different identity of each of our characters. The girl below is wearing a costume not normally associated with a social realism film. She is a shown wearing rubber duck earring and a indie jacket with chunky white shoes.

The girl in the middle is wearing a bold, bright and vibrant red lipstick, which sets a sense of mystery. She is wearing a full tracksuit. This outfit can be seen almost all social realism films. This shot has been taken from the La Haine.

We have used different camera shots including Establishing shot, close-ups (to convey emotion) , reaction shots, 3-shot Framing etc. We have looked how the framing and composition has been used in other social realm films and have tried to do the same in our opening. Extreme close up- Our film Shot from Brick Medium Shot from behind- Ours Shot from Ill Manors

Low angle medium shot- Ours Shot from kidulthood Extreme long shot- Ours Shit from Brick Challenging the Convection – We have used a predominately female cast which is very rare in social realist films: For example, in most British social dramas women are subordinate to men and are normally just girlfriends or wives in the background. In our opening women have been casted as the lead roles. The men’s role in our opening is much less significant. This is unusual for a

social realist film. These stills have been taken from British social realism films, this is the generic way in witch women are represented in this style of film. However in our the women have all the power and are shown as important and powerful.

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