European Minerals Day - We Care about Innovation

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Information about European Minerals Day - We Care about Innovation

Published on September 28, 2015

Author: ChrisHeron1


1. Pan-European Quarry Open Days 25-27 September 2015

2. As a material science industry, the industrial minerals sector helps to accelerate new technologies and transform the way we live and work. We care about Innovation

3. Thanks to product innovation in the minerals industry, our homes and offices are increasingly healthy, energy efficient, and durable. We care about Innovation

4. Today new buildings which consume 60% less energy are a reality thanks to innovative concrete solutions We care about Innovation

5. Minerals are essential ingredients in green products and technologies. We care about about Innovation

6. Within a year, one tonne of copper in wind turbines has saved over 150 times the CO2 of its production We care about Innovation

7. Salt water batteries can be used to store wind and solar energy We care about Innovation

8. The lithium-ion batteries that power electric cars contain nickel, cobalt, manganese and other metals We care about Innovation

9. New innovative technologies and 3D models will help access unexploited minerals in the EU worth an estimated € 100 Million. We care about Innovation

10. Part of your cellphones and tablets were once a rock. Before it’s yours, we mine it. We care about Innovation

11. Tungsten is suitable for high temperature applications in energy and lighting technology, and in the space industry. We care about Innovation

12. Discover the magical world of minerals! Pan-European Quarry Open Days 25-27 September 2015

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