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Published on December 23, 2008

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European Explorers In North America : European Explorers In North America 5th Grade Review Instructions: : Instructions: This presentation is designed to help you study for your Explorer test. Read all information on each slide. Try to answer all questions before the computer answers them. The last slide is empty so that you can work on it. I expect you to begin working by inserting a textbox and typing your first and last names into it. Next, you are to key information, in your own words, about the explorer that you worked on in class with your group. The last slide will be printed for Mrs. Klunk, so make sure you do your best work. As time permits, you may insert the picture of your explorer from your folder after you have completed the rest of your slide. Ms. Piestrak Slide 3: Name the three European countries that were in competition to extend their influence and power to the newly discovered continent of North America. _______________________________ Each of these three countries were motivated by the promise of ____________, a desire to ________________________, and a drive to expand their __________ and _______________. These are also known as competitive forces. As the European explorers set out to claim the vast lands of North America, they faced many obstacles. Name the four major obstacles they faced: 1). __________________________________ 2). __________________________________ 3). __________________________________ 4). __________________________________ Name the three major accomplishments of these European explorers. 1). _________________________________________________________________ 2). _________________________________________________________________ 3). _________________________________________________________________ Spain, France, and England great riches spread Christianity empires cultures Poor maps and navigational tools A lack of adequate supplies Disease and starvation Fear of the unknown An exchange of ideas and goods between Europeans and Indians Improved navigational tools and ships The major European powers claimed huge areas of land Slide 4: John Cabot In 1497, Italian navigator John Cabot sailed from England (sponsor country) to North America. He was trying to find a Northwest Passage to Asia. Cabot explored the coasts of present-day Labrador and Newfoundland in eastern Canada. Cabot explored eastern Canada for England! Slide 5: Explorations of Coronado Spanish explorer Francisco Vásquez de Coronado led one of the earliest European expeditions to the Colorado River region in 1540 and 1541. Coronado was in search of gold or other riches that were rumored to exist in the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola, which were thought to be located in the Southwest. Members of Coronado’s party did not find the Seven Cities, but they probably did become the first Europeans to view the Grand Canyon. Coronado claimed land in the southwestern U.S. for Spain! Slide 6: Champlain established the French settlement of Quebec! Samuel de Champlain Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer who, in 1608, founded the Canadian city of Québec as a fur-trading post. Champlain befriended the Algonquin and Hurons in the area. With a party of indigenous peoples and two French companions, Champlain led a raid on the Iroquois, who were defeated largely because the Europeans had firearms. Slide 7: LaSalle claimed the Mississippi River Valley for France! Sieur de La Salle Claims Louisiana Territory Sieur de La Salle settled in Canada in 1666. La Salle received a land grant near Montréal and entered the fur trade. He also began exploring the North American continent. During an expedition on the Mississippi River in 1682, La Salle claimed the entire Mississippi Valley for France, naming the territory Louisiana. Areas of Cooperation between the Europeans : Areas of Cooperation between the Europeans Farm animals Transportation of firearms and farm tools (technologies) Trade Desire of English to spread Christianity Crops Land Competition for trade Disease Language differences Areas of Conflict between the Europeans Cultural Interactions of Each European Ethnicity: Spanish : Cultural Interactions of Each European Ethnicity: Spanish Conquered and enslaved Indians Brought Christianity to the New World Introduced European diseases into the New World Cultural Interactions of Each European Ethnicity: French : Cultural Interactions of Each European Ethnicity: French Established trading posts in the New World Spread Christianity Cultural Interactions of Each European Ethnicity: English : Cultural Interactions of Each European Ethnicity: English Established settlements and claimed ownership of land Learned farming techniques from American Indians Traded Slide 12: Timeline John Cabot Francisco Vásquez de Coronado Samuel de Champlain Sieur de La Salle

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