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Information about Eucalyptus Essential Oil
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Published on February 19, 2014

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Eucalyptus essential oil has calming and clearing properties.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Eucalyptus essential oil has calming and clearing properties.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uses • • • • • It treats animals cough and cold It is helpful in curing Tuberculosis It cures eyes and ears inflammation It treats childhood diseases like Measles It treats nose Rhinitis and Sinusitis

Extreme Reasons why Essential Oils are Good for your Health • What’s essential about essential oils? They are your one-stop remedy to keep diseases at bay. Essential oils have been a way of enhancing wellbeing and your outlook on life through the centuries cutting across religions and cultures. They have miraculous healing properties with the power to alter moods and emotions in a jiffy. Essential oils have not stayed far from divination and rituals either. The chemicals in these natural oils influence the sensory system of the brain to realign the mind, body and spirit into harmonic balance. • doTERRA has perfected the magical art of putting together the sweet aroma or stimulating fragrances and the rich therapeutic properties of enlivening essential oils into bottles that are perfect for tense times for you to just pop a cork, and breathe your way to profound psychological and physiological wellbeing. The manner in which essential oil odor molecules reach the olfactory bulb in the brain to control breathing, stress levels, blood pressure, anxiety, heart rate and hormonal balance, is effortless.

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