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Published on January 21, 2008

Author: SvenAERTS



Lecture given at European Partner for the Environment platform meeting EU - Eco innovation and Finance, supported by DG Environment

EU Platform on Finance & Eco-Innovation Technology developing and access to finance from a Kyoto Protocol Consultans’ perspective how we could help the initiatives Skype: SvenAERTS

World we live in ... Research Transfer Services B D A M - Services Business-Development/Advise/Management 15 Results/Teasers Time: 10’ then Q&R ok ? World we live in RTBF-Services BDAM-Services 15 Results/Teasers

Executive Summary Future EPE • Bringing together • the Green Eco-Innovation/Inventors/R&D community • with the Business community • with the Financiers community • with the Public Sector • and hoping “projects will emerge/develop/Research and Innovation will find its way to the market, Brain-drain will stop, a 360º strategy will emerge” ... is naive ... What you have in practice is a “Clash” of communities/cultures ... that speak different languages, have different expectations, needs. • EPE should offer and be the cusion/buffer/communication facilitator between these different players - Eco-R&D Community, Business Community, Financiers, Public Sector- so that • R&D’ers get assistance from teams of former Drs/Professors/Bankers/Mangers, who make sure R&D results are well embedded in Business Plans, in R&D teams that got masterclasses & learn how the Business and Financiers community talk & think, puncture dreams and unrealistic expectations • R&D’ers/Inventors/Innovators stay in Europe • Europe keeps the momentum in the Green Eco-Innovation market • develops and inserts itself in an open and collaborative attitude towards other regions of our planet that supports the Millennium Development Goals and other initiatives of high moral value for the creation of a sustainable planet that’s a nice place to live and be part in for every person, independent of race, gender, religion and nationality. • EPE can do this by providing • RTBF - Services = Services that foster Research Transfer to the Business and Financiers community = Quality Business Plans around Eco-Innovation/R&D • RTS - Services=Services that foster Research Transfer to Society= • collaborating in an open wikipedia-kind of initiative that would lists Eco-Innovations/R&D results • select with RTBF-teams from that list a list of eco-innovations that can break through thanks to grouped Public Orders • continuous flow of innovative and appealing Green Eco Innovations that governments and media can use to communicate Eco-Innovation to Society and show how exciting a 100% sustainable society can be World we live in • Who else should take & grow this initiative ? RTBF-Services • Skype: SvenAERTS - - candidate EPE Mgt BDAM-Services 15 Results/Teasers

What are the challenges according to you ? • Next decennia ? 2000 is a long time ago <-> Humans, can we comprehend/behave like this : • Brazil, India, Eastern-Europe, Russia, China, USA, Mexico, Asian Tigers • Global Climate Destabilization : Water, Soil, Pandemics, Sea/Land change, Hidden Eco-Time- Clocks/Bombs s.a. Biodiversity, ... • 2007: an area 2x Britain melted in a week • Population Growth, Religion,Virtual Offices/Internet • Life Expectation of over 110 yrs, aging • Depletion of Fossile & Nuclear Fuels • UN-Millennium Development Goals • Global military budget: 1,2 trillion $ - EU Nuclear Research:2,751 million €/7yr World we live in RTBF-Services • New Ways of Working: internet, open & BDAM-Services collaborative organisations 15 Results/Teasers • Things Change ... google Lester Brown Plan B

R&D-reality • US R&D= €287 billion, €121 billion more than EU. US =78% more high-tech patents/capita • 400,000 European science and technology graduates now live in the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand • Degrees are not recognized inside EU • Chinese R&D’ers takes 6 months to get a visa to attend a European conference... • Results are not becoming business in Europe ! • Financiers read 100 business plans to find 3 World we live in RTBF-Services BDAM-Services 15 Results/Teasers

R&D-Answer • Lisbon European Summit in 2000 “ • ... Europe has to become a knowledge society & economy and ...we need 700,000 new researchers by 2010 and lure back the Continent's scientific expats by by 2010 ...” • European Research Area • a quot;common marketquot; for science, building networks, pooling strengths and raising standards regionwide • Barroso wants a European “MIT” • Research Framework Programmes • “European Charter for European Researchers” and the “Code for Recruitment of Researchers” • European meet the Scientists days for youngsters • Marie Curie Grants • Research training networks • 200 European Network of Mobility centres World we live in RTBF-Services BDAM-Services 15 Results/Teasers

RTBF-Services Research Transfer to the Business and Financiers Community Multi-disciplinary teams, Profs, Drs Bankers, Managers, fun coaching young & bright, ... google: greennovate, ProreTT RTS-Services Research Transfer to Society List of eco-technologies that could benefit from a grouped order of public purchasers Example next slide R&D RTBF-Services BDAM-Services Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

Sustainable Electric Taxi Isolation through Phase quot;Solarquot; Air Convection for Green Wall - Airconditioning Change Material public buildings Urban Folding,Electric Bike Green-facades & City Air Quality Geothermal energy / ORC Smart Roofs Smart Streets:Solar Collector Smart Photo Voltaic Windows Smart Wind Aplifier Membrane Bio Reactor

RTS-Services Research Transfer to Society List of eco-technologies that could benefit from a grouped order of public purchasers Example next slide

Municipal W2E RTS-Services Waste-to-Energy Research Transfer to Society Solutions Presently Available List of eco-technologies that could benefit from a grouped order of public purchasers Example next slide •Affordable, Renewable Petrol from Waste - Imagine a gasoline and diesel source that is CO2 neutral, sulfur-free, derived from renewable sources, superior in its power performance to fossil-based fuels, and costs less than 1/7 of fossil-based fuels. The company has also built an engine to optimize use of the syngas portion of the product. •Plasma Tech - the only publicly traded waste-to-energy plasma arc technology company in the world. They presently have three 5 ton/day installations in operation, with a number of other plants in various stages of implementation. A 200 ton/day plant being scheduled for Panama will be the largest such plant in the world. • Plasma Arc Flow Reactors - Technology has been developed to process liquid wastes into a clean burning fuel known as magnegas, plus heat and other usable byproducts, said processing occurring without noise, liquid, gaseous or other pollutions. New discoveries of science involved. help keep R&D center in EU

BDAM-Services Business-Development, -Assistance, -Management 300 offices all over the world Corporate Housing Temporary Management Assistance coach commercial team M&A ... save the costs of Business Angel/Equity Buy-Outs, tap directly into the pool of eco-R&D results thanks to RTBF teams and keep momentum and initiative via financial power and speed of deployment : take a market in 1 generation iso 3 R&D generation RTBF-Services BDAM-Services Further .. EU loves SME’s, lot of support! Green R&D Fight prejudices! 15 Results/Teasers

Behave like 21st Century Player R&D RTBF-Services BDAM-Services Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

Results • Europe has RTBF-Service teams ... let EPE support them or let EPE be the platform for them to develop momentum • List with over 15 screened R&D results by RTBF-teams • List is taken-up in an open community autoregulated wikipedia- alike initiative • BDAM-Team has identified a pipeline of over 14,5 billion €, where it has AND business plans, building and exploitation permits, manufacturing capacity, erection capacity, Build-Own-Operate- Transfer capacity, even a fund that will invest and take over full- responsibility for financiers that prefer that. R&D RTBF-Services BDAM-Services Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

Patient Capitalists • Money is available • More and more money is coming to Europe - if it adopts the ambition to attract it - from Growth Countries and Middel East (depletion of fossil fuel) • Interest for an A-Z/360º strategy: RTBF+BDAM+Ambition to expand to 15.000 people company in 1 generation • More interesting for all: inventor can choose to whom to sell iso Busines Angel of Equity Provider just selling to highest bidder • UN: quicker spreading of welfare, economic growth: green technologies are made available, money is transferred from polluting nations to developing nations thanks to Kyoto Protocol R&D RTBF-Services BDAM-Services Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

RTS-Services Research Transfer to Society Inspiring communicators/message carriers Electric car Smartfish faster than ferrari biofuelled eco power racer Eco-Airplane trimaran-submariner R&D RTBF-Services BDAM-Services Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

What are ‘BDAM-Services’? Business-Development, -Advisory,-Management We offer Business Development Assistance & Corporate Housekeeping. What is it ? Example: You have a great product and you've defined the top-5 countries/markets for it. We have 300 member offices Worldwide. After an interview, we will understand what it is you are doing and what you want to achieve. In those 5 countries, our local staff will e.g. hire a commercial person, offer supportive services to this person (meeting room, shared office, phone-service, PO Box, etc.), introduce him to the local business network communities in which we have excellent contacts, so that your commercial person will be able to find the right customers immediately and close deals in a minimum of time. For the management in the country of origin we offer (temporary) mgt. reinforcement / relief services: a listening ear/management for your commercial person/staff, bookkeeping, auditing so that you are sure that R&D RTBF-Services all profits you are entitled to are sent to you, M&A, BDAM-Services implement corporate bookkeeping, business asset deal, etc. Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

BDAM-Services Business-Development, -Advisory,-Management Corporate Housekeeping • Implementing a full internal organization, payroll applications, specific and corporate reporting procedures, domicilation facilities • Starting with the incorporation of a subsidiary, a branch company, a representative office,... • Providing local Domiciliation and Executive Management Services • Open a Letterbox Company if it is important for you to be able to say you have a presence in every/the capital city or major cities, with or without a Telephone Service • A Virtual Office: Website, Wiki, Desktop-Sharing, Video- Conferencing, Web-Based & Shared Calendar, Project R&D Management Tool, Who's-Who's-Friend, iDisk, ... RTBF-Services BDAM-Services Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

Green R&D RTBF & BDAM-Services Our Green-Cell focus We teach & focus “How to create welfare, local jobs, to make money, attract financiers, create jobs, transfer and develop business around new technologies, add value to existing business thanks to the quot;Kyoto Protocolquot;, to people, researchers, businesses, governments, Ambassadors, NGOs,... Markets: 100 billion €/yr only for Carbon Emission Trading by 2010 • Solar thermal energy, Concentrated solar power • Photovoltaics • Wind energy • Ocean Energy • Geothermal energy • Energy efficiency • Fuel Switch/Alternative Fuels • Alternative Vehicles • Re-/Af-Forestation R&D • Waste-To-Energy RTBF-Services • Our market is hence worldwide, although we select a list of top-10 BDAM-Services countries which we reveal only to our customers. Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

Green R&D RTBF & BDAM-Services Research Transfer Business Finance & Business-Development, -Advisory,-Management Results • Specialised in “How to use the “Kyoto Protocol” to bring financing to R&D and benefit from it as fianciers and business-people ?” • Concerting with “MIT-Team of Barroso” • Access to the top Green R&D Results embedded in Business Plans • Team that can roll-out and take a Green market in every BRIMC-country and most interesting Kyoto Protocol-Countries • Teams can absorp 10-100 M€ deals, good contacts with manufacturers and service- operators that can cover their region R&D RTBF-Services BDAM-Services Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

Green R&D RTBF & BDAM-Services Research Transfer Business Finance & Business-Development, -Advisory,-Management Organigram • Open & Networked • Open to new members & partners • Open to interlink with other groups: EU initiatives, Governmanetal, ... • Management = Service to the organisation, have to make sure e.g. there is a team that offers a top-Virtual Office ... • Better with each other than one on top of another • Academy allowing people to follow courses so they can take up another function in the organisation when they feel like R&D RTBF-Services • Logical Share distribution BDAM-Services Green R&D 15 Results/Teasers

How is your strategical plan ? The plan we presented for this and the next decade can be part of your strategical planning: 1. You have the whole EU strategy behind you: European Research Area, even UN’s strategy 2. Strengthens YOUR answer to next decennia challenges: Brazil, India, Eastern-Europe, Russia, China, USA, Mexico, Asian Tigers, Global Climate Destabilization (Water, Soil, Pandemics, Sea/ land change, hidden eco-time-clocks/bombs s.a. Biodiversity, ...) , Population Growth - Life Expectation of over 110 yrs, Depletion of Fossile & Nuclear Fuels, UN-Millennium Goals 3. Answer to Aging Europe versus all the power coming towards Europe from above countries Answer : Innovation, Speed of Implementation and Open & Free Collaborative Attitude 4. Source-to-Customer Strategy for the 22nd Century, considering the Planet as a Village thanks to nowadays technology and organisations 5. The Genia Strategy allows you to tap-in straight into the pool of Green R&D Results all over Europe and beyond, scouted and coached by RTBF-Services (services that help Research to be Transferred to the Business and Financiers community, eventually even to society: Governmental Organisations, European Union, Networks, TV, Media, ... ) that embed R&D results in Business Plans that go for a world wide expansion within 15 yrs into a group of 15.000 people, 6. BDAM-Services: Business-Development, Business-Advisory, Business-Management Services for and in all of the above mentioned BRIC+countries, to help to expand within 15 yrs into a group of 15.000 people and TAKE a market 7. Innovation, Speed of Implementation and Open & Free Collaborative Attitude as answer to next decennia challenges 8. Sustainable = small when it has to be small (e.g. PV, Solar Collector, Biogas, Water Recuperation that skips the utility bill by 80% in every house-hold), community approach when that is more appropriate e.g. Geothermal, Waste-to-Energy, Hydro-Energy,...) R&D Expressions of Interest RTBF-Services Quotation Services, Quotation Diagnosis BDAM-Services Green R&D Quotation Scenarios/Feasibility Study 15 Results/Teasers or SvenAERTS22&

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