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Published on April 19, 2008

Author: maritimeadvisors


Slide1:  River Talk, Short Sea Feeders Panel Key Factors “EU-27” approach to Short Sea & Inland Water Transport “Free Roads – Clean Air” JOC Marine Highways Conference April 15-16, 2008 Virginia Beach, VA Maritime Transport & Logistics Advisors, LLC EU-27 – Short Sea Shipping - 2006:  EU-27 – Short Sea Shipping - 2006 “Free Roads – Clean Air” 2006 Short Sea Shipping – EU-27 more than 1.9 billion tons Accounted for 62% of total EU-27 maritime goods transported In 2005 the corresponding share was 63% Slide3:  The European Commission regards Short Sea Shipping as: “The Dynamic Choice Complementing the Sustainable Transport Chain”. Short Sea Shipping is a transportation priority in the European Union (EU). Short Sea Shipping is an integral part of the EU’s transport policy and goals to develop an efficient, multi-modal transport system capable of meeting the existing and future freight logistic requirements European Union Short Sea Shipping Slide4:  Shortsea Promotion Centers (SPC’s) Sixteen (16) Short Sea Shipping Promotion Centers (SPC’s) in the EU. SPC’s came from the need to change the incorrect and negatively perceived image of the maritime transport industry that was obstructing its potential future development. The Alliance of Maritime Regional Interests in Europe (AMRIE) formed to give the maritime regional interest in Europe and effective political voice and to contribute to establishing an “Integrated Maritime Strategy” Regional Action for Logistical Integration of Shipping across Europe (REALISE) – formed to develop technological strategies, methodologies, and tools for the EU business community and decision makers in order to encourage the use of Short Sea Shipping. The European Commission’s Transport Knowledge Center which integrates transport research results on a web site. Numerous other National and regional co-operatives, coalitions and organizations European Union Short Sea Shipping The Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency (TEN-T EA):  The Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency (TEN-T EA) Created in 2006 to implement and manage the TEN-T program on behalf of the European Commission. The trans-European networks (TEN-T) cover all transport infrastructures which are vital for trade and mobility across the European Union. Includes the interconnection of national transport networks, as well as access to these networks. Project criteria and co-financing The TEN-T guidelines set out criteria for the identification of projects of common interest and contain a list of priority projects. EU Transport PolicyModal Shift & Traffic Avoidance:  EU Transport Policy Modal Shift & Traffic Avoidance Modal shift and traffic avoidance – a top EU transport policy A main objective of the EU transport policy is to stop growing congestion on Europe’s roads EU Marco Polo program – €75 Million 2003-2006 €450 Million 2007-2013 Subsidies focus on alternative solutions or avoidance of "long haul" road journeys short sea shipping, rail and inland waterway. EU Waterway Network:  EU Waterway Network EU waterway network 35,000 km over 485 million tons annually most environmentally friendly of all land transport modes in terms of total external costs, EUR 10 per 1,000 t/km Road Transport 10% higher Main other transport networks in the EU Road: 4,800,000 km   Rail: 200,000 km  Waterway transport creates jobs In Germany alone some 400,000 jobs directly or indirectly depend on the inland waterway sector and related companies. Main other water Networks in the world USA: 42,000 km Russia: 85,000 km China: 121,000 km EU-27 Inland Waterway System4 Main Corridors – All interlinked:  EU-27 Inland Waterway System 4 Main Corridors – All interlinked Vessel Types & cargoes:  Vessel Types & cargoes Inland Shipping by Commodity EU – Naiades Program - :  EU – Naiades Program - Navigation And Inland Waterway Action and Development in Europe NAIADES program becomes full part of the EU transport policy “A multi-annual action programme to foster transport by inland waterways in Europe” (Commenced by the European Commission – 2006) “An Integrated European Action Program for Inland Waterway Transport” “Naiades” - Classical Mythology. any of a class of nymphs presiding over rivers and springs. (American Heritage Dictionary) First Comprehensive program for inland waterway transport 2006 “NAIADES” THE PROMOTION OF INLAND WATERWAY TRANSPORT:  “NAIADES” THE PROMOTION OF INLAND WATERWAY TRANSPORT The NAIADES programme provides a genuine toolbox to unlock the potential of inland navigation Replaces the cut and paste measures of the past A coherent strategy which truly aims at bolstering the advantages of inland waterway transport Tackles a number of obstacles that hamper its current development.” EU – Naiades Programfive strategic areas:  EU – Naiades Program five strategic areas The action program focuses on: 1.  Improving market conditions - creating a sound business climate and attracting new markets 2.  Modernizing the fleet - stimulating fleet modernization and innovation 3.  Developing the human capital – attracting new workforce and increasing investment in human capital 4.  Strengthening the image - promoting inland waterway transport 5.  Improving the infrastructure - providing an adequate inland waterway infrastructure. European Commission – “NAIADES” Action ProgrammeInstruments for implementation :  European Commission – “NAIADES” Action Programme Instruments for implementation CREATE FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS FOR SERVICES Proposed actions and measures Attract new markets Investigate and implement new logistics concepts Support liner services for intermodal transport Improve co-operation between modes and within the sector Encourage entrepreneurship Attract newcomers Facilitate access to finance for SMEs Improve administrative and regulatory framework Abolish administrative barriers to IWT development Ensure a level playing field/avoid competition distortions Improve co-ordination between relevant public services “Naiades” Achievements to date:  “Naiades” Achievements to date Legislative proposals put forward: Transport of Dangerous Goods Initiative Lowering the sulphur content of fuel on IW Technical requirements for vessels River information services Statistical Reporting Screening of administrative & regulatory Barriers Member States have set up financial aid schemes Financial aid for start-up of new services Cleaner engines & more efficient propulsion Fleet modernization through tax-free reinvestments Public-Private initiatives to enhance IWT Bad Godesberg, Germany 4/14/2008 Slide15:  The success of Short Sea Shipping in the European Union, as well as the success in changes in other transport modes, is attributable to the fact that Europe approaches their transportation capacity policy as a fully integrated transportation system, inclusive of all modes of transportation. “Free Roads – Clean Air” European Union Short Sea Shipping Thank You :  Thank You Maritime Transport & Logistics Advisors, LLC Mark Yonge, Managing Member email: Phone: 954-889-6852

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