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Published on April 14, 2008

Author: Silvia


Experiencing English 2:  Experiencing English 2 Unit 6 Sports and Health :  Unit 6 Sports and Health Unit 6 Sports and Health :  Unit 6 Sports and Health In this unit, you will first listen, and then talk about sports; read about a famous athlete and the way of keeping fit; learn new words and expressions; practice the use of participles; fill in a Health Background Form; visit Culture Salon for an introduction to the emblems of the Olympic Games. Unit 6 Sports and Health :  Listen Unit 6 Sports and Health Talk Part I Unit 6 Sports and Health :  Unit 6 Sports and Health Directions: Listen to the following passage and try to fill the missing words. Click here to listen. Physical activity improves our bodies’ health. A recent study 1. ______ in The New England Journal of Medicine, suggests that maintaining a healthy level of physical 2. ______ through exercise can help people live longer; and the findings provide updated 3. ______ to Charles Darwin's “survival of the fittest” theory. But repetitive exercise can become boring, 4. _______ discouragement, frustration, even quitting. Selecting an activity that provides 5. _______ as well as physical exercise, however, can be the answer. Many people have turned to sports. Sports can provide a 6. _______ – physically as well as mentally — and increase one’s physical activity while providing social interaction, a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment. First held as part of the 1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece, and then brought to Boston, Massachusetts in 1897, the Marathon is now an important part of 7. ______ in many cities across America. Marathon running, usually a 40k (26.2 miles) race, is becoming increasingly popular with both men and women for its challenge of perseverance, requiring both 8. ______ and mental endurance, and its feat of accomplishment. For first-time runners it is the culmination of a dream – a personal 9. _______ obtained after months of physical and psychological preparation and training. For veteran marathoners it’s an opportunity to improve their Personal Best — competing 10. _______ their own fastest time. Although there is no overall Marathon record, since Marathon courses vary from city to city, the best men's times are under 2 hours and 7 minutes and the best women's times are slightly above 2 hours and 19 minutes. Unit 6 Sports and Health :  Unit 6 Sports and Health Directions: Listen to the following paragraphs and decide which picture is described in detail. Click here to listen. Unit 6 Sports and Health :  Unit 6 Sports and Health The photos are all related to Sports and Health . Describe them to your classmates with the help of the following question. What is your favorite sport? Explain. How do you understand “it's more important to participate than to compete” in sports? What is your opinion about the relationship between sports and health? Unit 6 Sports and Health :  Read Unit 6 Sports and Health Explore Part II Unit 6 Sports and Health :  Passage A Never Give Up Unit 6 Sports and Health Passage B Finding a Balance Culture Salon:  Culture Salon The Emblems of the Olympic Games Goal Checking:  Goal Checking On a scale of A to E, where A stands for "very well", B for "well", C for "moderately well", D for "not very well", and E for "not at all", rate how well you have achieved the goals set at the beginning of this unit. A B C D E talk about sports A B C D E understand the two reading passages A B C D E use the new words and expressions A B C D E explain the relationship between perseverance and success A B C D E use participles A B C D E filing in Health Background Form A B C D E understand the introduction to the emblem of Olympic Games If you have given yourself a C or lower rating on any of these goals, please: visit the Experiencing English website for additional help. review the section that you found difficult. ask your teacher for extra help. work with a peer or form a study group to reinforce your progress. Thank You!:  Thank You!

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