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Published on January 21, 2008

Author: Raffaele


Slide1:  Gay E. Canough ETM Solar Works Enough Solar Energy falls on New York in ONE DAY to power the state for ONE YEAR Slide2:  Learning How the Universe Works Particle Physics is Fun Fermilab Particle Accelerator Simple capacitor Bank is first stage Particle accelerator Proton Splatter Slide3:  From “The Professional Pest” by G. Canough: Rule #1: Determination and Persistence Will Get You Anywhere! In this case, To the Moon! The Lunar Prospector As designed by ETM And SSI As built by Lockheed Slide4:  Space Solar Power 24 hours per day! Slide6:  Use Renewable Energy because You care about the future Earth is our one and only home You want to “grow your own” electricity Sources of fossil fuel are finite Increasing CO2 leads to climate change Distributed generation more robust than centralized Slide7:  500 MW of PV would have prevented this. It would have cost $3 billion. Cost of power outage to business: $8 billion! --- R. Perez Slide8:  Source: Solarbuzz Europe and Asia Take the Lead Slide9:  Electricity Farming in Germany Village Solar Power Plant, 10 MW Bavaria Solarpark in Muehlhausen, Guenching, and Minihof Slide10:  Did you know that: The entire country of Germany is NORTH of 46 degrees latitude. Munich: 48 degrees N While Syracuse is at 43 degrees NORTH latitude. Yet, there are around 250,000 PV systems installed in Germany, around 20,000 in the USA, and 300 in NY. Slide11:  Solar Energy in New York New York: 2.5 MW installed Source: NYSERDA Slide12:  Consolidated world production of photovoltaic cells increased to 1146 MW in 2004. Japanese manufacturers contributed 48%, with the US contributing 11%, compared to 26% five years ago. Total production from the Rest of the World more than doubled to 171 MW. See USA gives up manufacturing leadership Slide14:  Scotty Says: Reduce Your Load, Captain Kirk! Slide15:  Energy Efficiency Saves Big Bucks Slide16:  A Kilowatt Is a Unit of Power A Kilowatt-hour is a Unit of Energy Power is momentary effort required to do something. It’s like the strength needed to lift that battery. Energy is Power x Time. It’s like the amount of pizza required to keep a solar installer lifting batteries for an hour. Units Slide17:  The Definition of Full Sun is 1000 Watts/square meter Under these conditions:    In 1 hour 1 square meter of the Earth’s surface intercepts 1 Kilowatt-hour of solar energy.   The Solar Resource Slide18:  June 21 Dec 21 North West East South PV modules Path of the Sun Face your PV South, DO NOT SHADE! Slide19:  30 Years of Data Does Not Lie! Slide20:  3% of the State of New York’s land area is covered with buildings and parking lots. If we covered just 1/3 of these buildings and parking lots with photovoltaics, we could power the entire state! 1% of NY’s land area could power the state if covered with photovoltaics. From Dr. R. Perez Slide21:  30 yr average kWh per sq. meter per year in: San Diego, Ca……….. 2044 Phoenix, Az ………….2336 Syracuse, NY ………..1533 Binghamton, NY …….1496 New York City ………1642 Seattle, Wa …………..1387 Seattle gets 60% of the amount of sun that Phoenix gets. Binghamton gets 73% of the amount of sun that San Diego gets. This means we need a LARGER AREA of photovoltaics in Binghamton than they do in San Diego to make the same amount of KILOWATT-HOURS. Slide22:  New York City, Long Island and NJ get 70% of the amount of sun Phoenix gets Summer peaking load (air conditioning) + high utility rates + lots of sun in the summer + dire need of grid support = some of the best places in the USA for Solar power! From Dr. R. Perez Slide23:  The Wind Resource Slide24:  The Site Survey Can I see for miles in the direction of the prevailing wind? Slide25:  You can find the exact location of the site using Google Earth This one is 43° 01’ 36.52” x 75° 19’ 32.41” Slide26:  Now look up the wind speed and prevailing wind direction using From Google Earth measurement from Kellogg Rd., I guessed that The hill at Spring Farm is here: Slide27:  Here’s the wind report for that spot: Slide28:  Prevailing wind direction This is nice… the long view is in the direction of the prevailing winds. Slide29:  Installing Wind Turbines Turban Turbine Southwest Windpower:  Southwest Windpower H 80 Rotor diameter:10' Weight:65 lbs Start-Up wind speed:7.0 mph Peak Power:1000 W @ 24 mph Rotor diameter:7‘ Weight:47 lbs Start-Up wind speed:7.5 mph Peak Power:900 W @ 28 mph H 40 Rotor diameter:15' (5.0 meters) Start-Up wind speed:7.1 mph Peak Power:3200 W @ 27 mph Whisper 175 Air 403 Rotor Diameter:46" Start up wind speed:7 mph Output:400 W at 28 mph Whisper 200 Whisper 100 Bergey Windpower:  Bergey Windpower Start-up Wind Speed:  3 m/s (6.7 mph) Cut-in Wind Speed:  2.5 m/s (5.6 mph) Rated Wind Speed:  11 m/s (24.6 mph) Rated Power:  1000 Watts EXCEL 10 kW Start-up Wind Speed:  3.4 m/s (7.5 mph) Cut-in Wind Speed:  3.1 m/s (7 mph) Rated Wind Speed:  13.8 m/s (31 mph) Rated Power:  10 kW (grid & pumping), 7.5 kW for battery-charging Slide32:  This site looks good. Now what? Is there zoning? Yes  Are there height limits? Yes  Apply for Variance No No Fill out SEQR Apply for Building permit If Variance granted If there is zoning, the Town is the Lead Agency for the SEQR, otherwise it’s NYSERDA Complete NYSERDA paperwork Aesthetics issues may kill project at this stage May not be approved if wind speed less than 10 mph May approve less than 50% of the total cost Complete utility paperwork Install it approved Slide33:  Things to submit for building permit Engineering drawings of the tower Site plan showing location of turbine, wire runs One-line diagram Slide35:  The Tilt Up Slide36:  Art of the Tilt-up “gin pole” Slide37:  Base for tilt-up Slide38:  Crane can pick up lattice tower Slide39:  Lattice Tower Slide40:  Things do not always go as planned! Slide41:  See for details Slide42:  So, can humans be at least as smart as trees and shrubs and Harness the Power of the Sun ? Slide43:  Stepping up to solar power Solar electricity (photovoltaics) And wind power Active solar heating (solar hot water) Passive solar design Energy efficiency House with solar hot water heaters:  House with solar hot water heaters Searsburg Road Trumansburg, NY Slide45:  “Photovoltaic Array” module 24.2’ long 8.66 ft wide Stand-alone photovoltaics:  Stand-alone photovoltaics Slide47:  Off the Grid in Upstate NY Slide48:  The Power Shed To house Inverter, charge control And battery bank in shed 900 W Slide49:  Really, Really Remote Cathead Mountain Adirondacks Jan 1998 Slide50:  You’ll need one of these pesky things For off-grid solar power Slide51:  Don’t like batteries? Try… Slide52:  The Lehman Alternative Community School Goes Solar! Ithaca, NY Slide53:  Power production curve on June 10 Peak Power for last 14 days Alternative Community School See data for all schools at: Slide54:  “Praise the Lord !”(for sunshine). The church reduced their electric bill by 88%! Slide55:  PV on aluminum rack, bolted to rafters will withstand a hurricane! Sidney, NY Rochester, NY Bethpage, NY Slide57:  Albany County Hockey Facility Solar Power Keeps Ice Cold! 40 kW Slide58:  Sidney Library 10 kW Slide59:  Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca NY 20000 sq.ft. of PV Goes solar: 186 kW Slide60:  Powerlight PV system generates electricity, protects roof and adds insulation to roof. NY Department of Transportation goes solar. 40 kW in Kirkwood NY Slide61:  60,000 sq.ft. PV array, 612 kW Just in case you are still thinking that solar power can’t serve a large load here’s over ½ a megawatt in Farmingdale NY! Every 100,000 square feet of roof space can generate 1 megawatt with PV on it. Photo source: Powerlight Slide62:  2.5 kW solar array, Where? UniSolar PV Shingles in Speonk, NY Slide63:  Solar Electric Roof with Atlantis SunSlates 50 year warranty! Slide64:  Don’t like “panels”? Try photovoltaic roofing! Unisolar PV Laminates stick to Galvalume metal roof. 7 kW on “Green Cinderella” in Brooklyn NY Slide65:  Atlantis Energy Day-lighting PV Light AND electricity for your building! Interconnection Rules:  Interconnection Rules Certified Devices:  Certified Devices Slide68:  Cost of Solar Electricity These things both cost $40,000 SUV Life expectancy: 8 years 4 kW Solar Electric System Life expectancy: 35 years Slide69:  How much photovoltaics do YOU need for your house? Your Load in KILOWATT-HOURS per year Divided by Hours of Full Sun x system efficiency   If your yearly load is 5000 kWh, the sun in Ithaca is 1496 Hours of Full Sun per year and the system efficiency is 75% (typical) then the PV system you will need to run it is: 5000/ (1496 x 0.75) = 4.46 kW Photovoltaic System South roof, NO shade 4.46 kW requires about 356 square feet of roof. For irradiance data in your area, visit Slide70:  Cost of Solar Electricity The 4.46 kW PV system will cost around $44,600 (or $10/Watt). But what you pay is: $44600 -$17,840 ---------- $26760 You can finance up to $20,000 with the Energy Smart Loan Then at tax time, you get up to $5000 NYS CREDIT and up to $2000 Federal tax credit So the cost is ultimately less than $20,000 So it is comparable to buying a new car. Words to the Wise: Larger systems cost less per Watt. Solar roofing costs more per Watt than panels. Battery backup adds $7000 to the cost. Roof mounts are less expensive than ground-mounts Some contractors are less expensive than others Some contractors are better qualified than others Slide71:  New York Encourages Solar Power You get $4/W discount on solar electric systems Up to $5000 tax credit Low interest Energy Smart Loan Even the federal government is beginning to feel the sunshine In 2006 and 2007, you get up to $2000 federal tax credit on solar energy systems For more incentive info see: Slide72:  Syracuse NY Look at all that roof space crying out for photovoltaics! Slide73:  Google Earth your Town to Prospect for Roof Space The MOST, Syracuse, NY

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