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Published on February 2, 2010

Author: syrex


PROFESSIONAL ETIQUETTES : PROFESSIONAL ETIQUETTES At Workplace FACTS….. : FACTS….. Your hard skills can get you a job… But what keeps you climbing the ladder of success are your soft skills and etiquettes… Business & Work place Etiquettes : Business & Work place Etiquettes People often speak of MANNERS… : People often speak of MANNERS… BUT WHAT ARE GOOD MANNERS? Such manners that society recognizes as being agreeable & acceptable….. ……..Manners that replace rudeness, crudeness and coarseness with gentle behavior & finesse. A HAND-SHAKE..TELLS A LOT… : A HAND-SHAKE..TELLS A LOT… Give a good hand shake that conveys the message ,” Welcome! I am open to engage in conversation with you”. Limp hand shake??? Work on improving it, as instead of showing your warmth, confidence & charm it exposes your lack of it! MAGICAL WORDS… : MAGICAL WORDS… Say “Please” and “Thank you” !!!! This little courtesy is vital to show respect It makes people understand you appreciate what they can do or have done for you…. Never interrupt someone… : Never interrupt someone… In casual work environments, people can easily forget basic courtesy, &interruption can sometimes become a real problem. Remember that’s its always rude to interrupt especially when someone is making an important point or addressing a group. NO TRESS-PASSING : NO TRESS-PASSING Walking unannounced & uninvited into someone’s office or cabin is another form of interruption & makes a bad impression. You may not need an appointment to talk to your team leader, boss or a colleague, but you should always make sure that person is not busy when you want to talk. REMEMBER……. : REMEMBER……. Start with consideration & respect…. NO MATTER whom you come in contact with, that person deserves being treated with respect & dignity…. Even if you dislike someone for his or her behavior, you’ll come out on top if you maintain a respectful manner. Contd… : Contd… “A true professional treats others with respect, & expects the same from them”. This doesn’t mean you have to let people step on you, but it does mean showing concern for their feelings, respecting their opinions, & being honest with them. If you think someone else is mistreating you, deal with it & tell you won’t tolerate disrespect”. KINDNESS… : KINDNESS… Anyone who thinks kindness is not important in today’s environment isn’t thinking… Kindness is one of the most important skills in dealing with people of all ages. Every living thing responds to kindness. Use this skill for good results in handling people. Helps others whenever you possibly can!! STOP BULLYING…. : STOP BULLYING…. Help your Juniors & Subordinates….Don’t bully them or allow your peers to so…. REFRAIN FROM GOSSIP : REFRAIN FROM GOSSIP Keep gossip or hurtful information to yourself. Don’t spread rumors or encourage them. Would you like someone to gossip about you???? POLITICS AT WORKPLACE : POLITICS AT WORKPLACE Don’t encourage or indulge in politics at workplace… REMEMBER…. : REMEMBER…. Trust is fragile…. Very easily broken & very difficult to regain…. Only people with integrity are the people we can trust!!! MIND YOUR LANGUAGE… : MIND YOUR LANGUAGE… Language counts…. Your point won’t come across any better if you use rude, derogatory, or obscene language, no matter whom you are addressing… Talk like a professional & you’ll be seen & treated as a one… Choose your company carefully…. : Choose your company carefully…. It may be fun to hang out with a group that talks loudly, cracks jokes & ridicules co-workers, but doing so could lead a bad impression with the boss & others. It’s nice to fit in, especially when you have to spend so much time with the same people…. ……BUT the office is not a place where you can hang out with friends. It’s a place to get work done……. KEEP YOUR PRODUCTIVITY HIGH… : KEEP YOUR PRODUCTIVITY HIGH… YOU are paid to WORK, so WORK!! NO GOOFING in office hours… OFFICE EQUIPMENTS…. : OFFICE EQUIPMENTS…. Its there to make your make easier….USE it Judiciously…. Handle all office equipments carefully… Remember,...misuse of office equipment leads to breakdowns, affecting your productivity.. …..Care it for it as you would for anything that you owned…… Contd… : Contd… Misuse of equipment also includes using it for your personal use… …Respect the trust that the employer has placed in you…don’t violate it…. ALWAYS KEEP THESE BASICS IN MIND… : ALWAYS KEEP THESE BASICS IN MIND… Understand that nobody is born with these etiquettes. One has to learn them… They can also be learnt by observing others & imbibed…. ….But neither are these difficult to learn or put into practice…..

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