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Published on October 1, 2014

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- Hollywood, Los Angeles - Piaget Limelight Gala, White gold watch set with diamonds. PIAGET BOUTIQUES: Abu Dhabi: Avenue at Etihad Towers, 02 667 0044 Dubai: The Dubai Mall, 04 339 8222, Mall of the Emirates, 04 347 6336 Dubai: Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, Atlantis 04 422 0233, Burj Al Arab, 04 348 9000 Burjuman Centre, 04 355 9090 Abu Dhabi: Al Manara International Jewellery, St. Regis Hotel, 02 6673535 The Galleria Sowwah, 02 6743444

PCEO’S WELCOME 7 MOUNT KILIMANJARO, TANZANIA Etihad Airways has never been an airline that conforms to convention. It’s just not our way. Instead, we constantly strive to introduce impressive products and services to make Etihad Airways the undisputed leader in modern air travel. You’ll find many examples of this in our short but groundbreaking 11 years of operations – from our Inflight Chefs and Flying Nannies to the soon-to-be-introduced Residence suite with its own Butler on our new A380 aircraft from December. Our latest example is something that you will not fail to notice as our planes fly to all six continents of the world: a bold new livery for our aircraft. This striking new design will fly us into the future, and quite frankly there is simply nothing else like it in the world. The exciting new design is inspired by traditional Emirati design patterns to reflect our strong and proud Arabian heritage in a fresh and modern way. It echoes the landscapes and hues of our homeland as well as the geometric shapes found in the modern architecture of Abu Dhabi. You’ll also see the UAE national emblem and the national flag prominently positioned along the fuselage next to the Etihad Airways name. We very much hope you like the new design, which is unmistakably unique and will gradually appear on all our aircraft in due course. Finally, I am delighted to tell you about a further three new Etihad Airways routes for 2015 – Baku, Tbilisi, and Dar es Salaam. These destinations join six other services previously announced for 2015 – Kolkata in February, Madrid in March, Entebbe in May, and Algiers, Edinburgh and Hong Kong in June. A four-times-a-week service to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, and a three-times-a-week service to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, will begin in October. Both cities are famed for their warm hospitality and natural beauty, offering a range of botanic gardens and parks, as well as historic attractions, museums and galleries. I know they will become popular additions to our network. Baku and Tbilisi will be followed by daily flights to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania in December, our 11th destination in Africa and one of East Africa’s most important centres with tourist attractions including Mount Kilimanjaro. These new routes build upon the extensive network development which has occurred in 2014 with the launch of seven new routes to Jaipur, Los Angeles, Medina, Perth, Rome, Yerevan, and Zurich. We are not finished yet, as new flights to Phuket in Thailand start this month, followed by the US cities of San Francisco in November and Dallas in December. From our unique new aircraft livery to a constant focus on giving you the best new world-class destinations, it’s all proof that Etihad Airways really is a special new force in modern global aviation. Thank you for flying with Etihad Airways. We hope you enjoyed your flight with us today, and look forward to welcoming you on board one of our aircraft again soon. JAMES HOGAN, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ETIHAD AIRWAYS Dear Guest, welcome on board! View slide

CONTENTS 56 46 58 FEATURES 43 64 43 Abu Dhabi Developing film The Abu Dhabi Film Festival returns this month, bringing with it a number of firsts, showcasing everything from pet projects to silver screen classics to multi-million dollar Disney spectacles. 46 Cover Story The phoenix from the waves Ten years on from the devastating tsunami Phuket has never been busier – or more ready to host guests seeking luxury. 53 Gourmet Careful with the knives Dining in working prisons is the latest foodie fad to hit London – but here’s why it’s more than just an arresting lunch. 56 Sport To the Max Holland’s Max Verstappen is set to become the youngest-ever F1 driver next season at just 17 years old. We assess the precocious talent. 58 Wide Angle Nomad’s land Levison Wood recently finished walking the length of the River Nile – a journey from its source in Rwanda to its delta in Egypt. Here, Ashwin Bhardwaj recounts joining Wood for the Sudan leg of this epic expedition. 64 Culture Finding leviathan Formerly the world capital of whaling, New England’s fortunes rose with the industry. Today people still flock there in pursuit of something magnificent 66 Escape Hotel California British television personality Dom Joly is used to being recognised at home, but a stay at the Chateau Marmont left him quite star struck. View slide

THE WHOLE WORLD TO THE NEAREST MINUTE. Duomètre Unique Travel Time. Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 383. Paris, New York, Tokyo, New Delhi… Swiss precision around the globe. The Duomètre Unique Travel Time is the world-time watch offering dual-time adjustment to the nearest minute. A feat made possible by the patented Dual-Wing movement. With 180 skills united under one roof, the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre consistently contributes to driving advances in the field of Fine Watchmaking. MAJOR PARTNER OF Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutiques: The Dubai Mall +971 4 339 8769 Abu Dhabi Marina Mall +971 2 658 0004 Avenue at Etihad Towers +971 2 681 2834 Find your nearest point of sale at YOU DESERVE A REAL WATCH.

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YOUR WORLD SNAPSHOT YOUR WORLD UNESCO has officially designated Botswana’s unique Okavango Delta its 1,000th World Heritage Site. Find out more on page 18. 20 Driven Is the Golf R worth the extra spend over the already legendary GTI? 22 Room with a View Explore one of London’s most iconic hotels, The Savoy. 26 Transit Lounge Etihad Airways Brand Ambassador Shane Warne chats to us about his favourite places. IMAGE:

YOUR WORLD // LOCAL COLOUR PILGRIMS PROGRESS One of Egypt’s most important moulids [religious festivals], the Moulid of Sayyed Ahmed al- Badawi, will transform Tanta in the Nile Delta – around 90 kilometres from Cairo – towards the middle of this month. The eight-day festival honours a Moroccan Sufi who fought the Crusaders in the 13th century. Up to three million pilgrims make their way to Tanta from across the Arab world to pay their respects in the city’s richly ornamented, triple-domed mosque, which holds al-Badawi’s tomb. Thousands sleep either inside or around this building during the festivities as a mark of respect. Expect chanting and ritual songs, boisterous parades and rolling drums, snake charmers, shisha [water pipes], hubb el Azziz [sugared nut snacks], and vendors selling tartours [cone-shaped hats]. The chaotic religious fervour includes Sufizikr ceremonies, where participants chant and clap their way into a trance, in an attempt to achieve unity with God. HTTP://EN.EGYPT.TRAVEL 14 STAMPEDE TO SYDNEY The Stampede is charging around Australia bringing complex obstacles and convoluted courses in a fundraising challenge that will test the hardiest of souls. This month sees Sydney on the blocks on 18 October. Participants will run wild through an epic 5km or 10km obstacle course focused on fun that pushes each partaker to the limit – from inching their way through thick mud, climbing cargo nets, speeding down the mega slip-and-slide and dashing through live wires charged with 10,000 volts. It’s challenging, rewarding and fun for all fitness levels, with the junior stampede catering for mini contestants aged five-11 years. The youngsters confront a 2km course with 10 kid-friendly obstacles. In addition, the Sydney Stampede is offering something new this year – for participants to buddy up and tackle the course together, attached with specially designed bungee belts. WWW.THESTAMPEDE.COM.AU GLOBAL GO COWBOY CHEFS Every year, during the second full weekend in October – this year, 9-12 October – Ruidoso Downs in the American state of New Mexico plays host to what may be the nation’s finest cowboy festival. Held at the Ruidoso Downs Race Track, the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium sees old west storytellers, noted historians, poets, musicians, western artists, craftsmen, and a whole lot of cowboys ride into town for four days. The events include cowboy competitions, horse demonstrations, western swing dancing, a kids’ rodeo, and lots of country and western music. The highlight is the World Championship Chuckwagon Competition, with prizes totalling US$13,000. This is not the standard chuckwagon race – instead it is a cook-off, where competitors are judged on their mouth-watering food, and on the authenticity of their wagons and attire. They’ll have to cook up a storm to feed the 20,000 visitors gathering to celebrate all things western. WWW.COWBOYSYMPOSIUM.ORG

LOCAL COLOUR // YOUR WORLD 15 WHITE NIGHTS In 2006, one fine night in September, Toronto in Canada kept its eyes open from dusk until the early pre-dawn hours. The city buzzed with excitement as Scotiabank Nuit Blanche was unleashed on an unsuspecting city, the all-night exploration and celebration of contemporary art keeping slumber at bay. Since then, one night a year is dedicated to this multi-location artistic endeavour, which sees art grace the streets, parks and all manner of venue across the city. Toronto won’t be sleeping this year on 4 October, with the free art event kicking off at 6:53pm and flowing through to sunrise. Hundreds of artists are involved in creating more than 125 art projects. Some works encourage an intimate encounter with art, others wow with large-scale spectacle. The curated projects this year include Between the earth and the sky, the possibility of everything; The Night Circus; and Performance Anxiety, but you’ll find surprises around every corner. WWW.SCOTIABANKNUITBLANCHE.CA TRUFFLE TIME The Alba White Truffle Festival kicks off on 11 October, running every weekend through to mid-November, and is the highlight of the white truffle season in Italy. The Piedmont region, where Alba is located, is considered to produce the best white truffles in the world. As such, visitors travel from far and wide to take part in the White Truffle Festival in Alba’s central square, the epicentre of the truffle-globe. The festival features not only the tasty fungus, but also arts and cultural events and spectacles that revolve around the celebration. One of the non-culinary highlights is the donkey race, held on the first weekend of the festivities. Heralded by a lavish medieval procession and theatrical pageantry re-enacting key moments of Alba’s history, the race is a comedy of errors, with the stubborn beasts refusing to run, or cantering off wilfully in the wrong direction, their desperate jockeys trying to urge them over the finish line. WWW.FIERADELTARTUFO.ORG IMAGES: Getty Images, Active Event Entertainment, Getty Editorial & PERISCOPE October brings a host of cultural celebrations, from symphonies to literature. Cultivate your sophisticated side with some of this month’s refined events. AUSTRALIA: THE SOUND OF ORPHEUS This production presented by Orpheus and the Australian Festival of Chamber from 3-6 October sees one of the world’s finest string quartets – the prestigious Goldner String Quartet – in the exquisite tropical setting of Orpheus, a secluded island hideaway set in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. WWW.AFCM.COM.AU ENGLAND: BFI LONDON FILM FESTIVAL The London Film Festival is the UK’s largest public film event, screening more than 300 features, documentaries and shorts from almost 50 countries. The festival showcases the best of world cinema to champion creativity, originality, vision and imagination. WWW.BFI.ORG.UK FRANCE: ATLANTIQUE JAZZ FESTIVAL Jazz brings the tip of Brittany to life from 2-19 October, with some 30 concerts in 12 towns from Langonnet to Guilvinec. Expect creativity throughout a month full of experimental sounds, culminating in a grand finale in Brest. WWW.PENN-AR-JAZZ.COM GERMANY: FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR The Frankfurt Book Fair, held on 8-12 October, is the largest international book fair in the world, receiving visitors and book dealers from over 100 countries. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press just outside Frankfurt and the first fair was held by local publishers shortly afterwards. WWW.FRANKFURT-BOOK-FAIR.COM/EN/FBF TURKEY: ANTALYA GOLDEN ORANGE FILM FESTIVAL The Golden Orange Film Festival, running from 8-14 October begins with a bang as a parade goes through the streets of Antalya. This festival is a great introduction to some of the finest performers in the Turkish movie industry. WWW.ANTALYA.ORG Artist Ai Weiwei mounts a labyrinth of 3,144 interconnected bicycles in his project Forever Bicycles at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2013 in Toronto, Canada.

TRAVELLING IN STYLE Globe-Trotter has been around since 1897, although the company relocated from Germany to England in 1932, where it has remained. Every suitcase produced by the luxury travel brand is handmade in the UK on original Victorian machinery. The cases are constructed from vulcanised fibreboard, composed of 14 layers of specially bonded paper, with the corners, handles and straps crafted from leather. Don’t miss the recently launched Voyage collection, which is handcrafted in sumptuous purple, comp lemented with rich burgundy leather trim and brass hardware. This is the first time Globe-Trotter has released a purple edition, which also celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the company’s first limited edition featuring a Liberty-print lining. Opening the Voyager case reveals the exquisite Hera peacock feather print, which originally debuted in the 1890s as a furnishing fabric. WWW.GLOBETROTTER1897.COM YOUR WORLD // FASHION 16 IMAGES: GLOBE-TROTTER, KALIGARH & MOSCHINO DRAPED IN CHOCOLATE Creative director Jeremy Scott’s debut Autumn/Winter 2014- 15 collection for Moschino features his Fast Fashion selection of styles, which combines food, couture, irony, joy and glamour, all in one witty blend. This playful collection presents RTW and accessories inspired by fast-food, cartoons and the fun characters who enliven packaging of chocolate bars, candies, popcorn and cereal boxes. The colourful, irreverent pieces – which include a French Fry Case that looks like a takeaway portion of the fast food, chocolate-wrapper dresses and bold golden arch sweaters – were an instant hit in the UAE, selling out immediately. But select items are now back by popular demand and are available at The Galleria, Al Maryah Island. WWW.MOSCHINO.COM NEPALI ARTISTRY Nepal’s recently launched Kaligarh was founded as a tribute to the artisans of the Himalayan region. And within this company’s jewellery lines, the motifs and designs inherited from generations past, are re-crafted into new forms by small-scale craftspeople, who hand-make each product. The elegant works are inspired by the history, geography and diversity of the Himalayan region. There, jewellery is more than a form of adornment – it carries symbolic reference to the cosmology, lifestyle and spiritual beliefs of the wearer, and the community within which they live. The Puraniya collection showcases silver, gold and brass pieces that are adorned with turquoise, coral, and lapis lazuli. WWW.KALIGARH.COM GOOD LOOKS

Ýof enjoyment... Witness and enjoy 360 degrees of unparalleled views of Dubai and beyond from level 124 of the world’s tallest tower. Cruise at an incredible 10m/s with the world’s fastest double deck elevators. Explore the story behind Burj Khalifa with unique and interactive exhibits. Step on to an outdoor terrace and experience sweeping views of Dubai’s ever growing skyline. To experience all-round enjoyment, visit At the Top, Burj Khalifa. 800 ATTHETOP (288 43 867) At the Top, Burj Khalifa AttheTopBurjKhalifa Atthetop–tweets

YOUR WORLD // ECO NEWS 18 TURTLE TIME The private island of Sainte Anne in the Seychelles is home to a Beachcomber Hotel, lapped by the waters of one of the world’s largest marine par ks. The turtle egg-laying season starts here this month, lasting until January. Each day, turtles venture ashore to lay their eggs on one of the six beaches or creeks that form the beautiful shores. Two months later, hatching begins, giving guests an amazing glimpse of nature. Aware of the importance of the preservation of these animals, the hotel has committed to a protection programme in conjunction with Sainte Anne’s marine park authorities. Every birth that occurs on the island is reported and the turtles are regularly counted and weighed. Procedures are implemented to guarantee the preservation of the fragile ecosystem, with the nests clearly marked, and lights switched off at night to offer the creatures peace and privacy. An increasing number of turtles returning to the island year on year suggests these measures are working. WWW.BEACHCOMBER-HOTELS.COM/HOTEL/ SAINTE-ANNE-RESORT-SPA DANGLING ABODE The Roomoon is a hanging tent handcrafted by Rufus Martin. Originally part of an A-Level design and technology school project, the Roomoon has now become a full-time business – after all, who doesn’t want some time in a spherical haven in the trees? The pinnacle of tensile glamping, the Roomoon’s durable stainless steel frame is held rigid with push pins, but folds down for easy transport. The hand-made canvas cover is designed to provide shelter, yet opens to reveal the world, and the matt lacquered ply floor can be rolled away for access to a small storage space below. Rolled up, the boards become the carrying case for the frame and accessories. The real creativity, though, is in the custom-made hoist that allows the user to haul themselves three metres off the ground. Based on an engineering scheme from the 18th century, the hoist can lift up to one tonne with its three ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene slings, leaving you dangling in the canopy. WWW.HANGINGTENTCOMPANY.COM GREEN LIFE AN ODE TO THE OKAVANGO UNESCO has officially designated Botswana’s unique Okavango Delta its 1,000th World Heritage Site. Situated in north-western Botswana, the Okavango Delta is a broad, fan-shaped plain of permanent swamps and seasonally flooded grassland, spanning an area roughly twice the size of Qatar. Its extraordinary annual flooding, which occurs in the dry season, supports one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife in Africa, sustaining populations of threatened large mammals such as the cheetah, the white and black rhinoceros, the wild dog and the lion. It harbours 24 species of globally threatened birds and is key to the survival of Botswana’s population of 130,000 elephant – the largest community of the species in the world. The Okavango also supports the lives of thousands of people by providing fresh water, food, building materials, medicinal plants and employment through tourism. The proposal for World Heritage listing was strongly backed by the indigenous peoples living in and around the delta, who have conserved the area for millennia. WWW.OKAVANGODELTA.COM IMAGES: Alex Mourant &

YOUR WORLD // DRIVE Hatching a plan THE INVENTOR OF THE ORIGINAL HOT HATCH HAS CREATED SOMETHING EVEN HOTTER WITH ITS LATEST ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE MODEL. BUT IS THE GOLF R WORTH THE EXTRA SPEND OVER THE ALREADY LEGENDARY GTI? It was 1976 and a motoring revolution was brewing. With the global oil crisis in full swing, frugal fun was certainly a winning formula. One German car-maker understood that not everyone could afford a sports car, and proved that keen drivers need not be lumped with boring metal. Volkswagen set out to capture customers by appealing to their sensible nature. It took a humble city runabout, the Golf, and installed a ground-breaking, K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection system. This gave it 110bhp, which, combined with stiffer suspension and direct steering, made it a blast to punt down the local B-road. A redesigned interior, wider wheels and GTI badges were added. The first “hot hatch” was born. Seven generations later and the GTI is still the pick for those who want hatch practicality but enjoy a bit of fun on the weekends. But, like everything in life, there are those who want more. Thus, with the advent of the Golf Mk IV, Volkswagen decided to be a bit creative. It took a 3.2-litre six-cylinder engine making 237hp and shoehorned it into the tiny engine bay of the GTI, adding a driveshaft to also power the rear wheels, creating an all-paw 20 screamer. The Golf R32 entered the world with a zinging engine and tremendous grip, even if it wasn’t especially fast. The next iteration was brilliant – more power, better balance, better sound. It was quick and affordable, but again, was quite heavy. A move to reduce emissions meant downsizing the engine, thus the Mk VI Golf R utilised a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder. A good effort, on paper, it was executed poorly in reality. Despite being all-wheel-drive, it behaved exactly like a front-wheel-drive car, understeering when pushed and far too laggy when coming on boost. The result was rather undignifying – the front ploughed on in almost every corner and the rear wheels couldn’t supply enough power to bring the back around. Apart from the extra power over the Golf GTI, there was absolutely no benefit in paying the thousands of dollars extra it cost. However, in 2014 a new version was launched, and The Mark VII Golf R is very different to its predecessor. It’s longer, wider and heavier, but it counters with more power, better suspension and a far more capable drive system. Again, it’s a 2.0-litre boosted four-pot, but Volkswagen has beefed up the internals to handle the extra grunt. The cylinder head, exhaust valves, valve seats and springs have been all upgraded, while redesigned pistons, injection valves and turbocharger are included. It’s a strong engine; oh yes, aftermarket tuners will be rubbing their hands with glee. Using a dual-clutch transmission (the much-vaunted six-speed, rather than the sloppy seven-speed), the Golf R puts its power effectively, launching it to 100kph in just five seconds. But while it’s impressive in a straight-line, it’s most at home attacking a corner. Using a Haldex 5 apportioning drive system, each wheel is primed to compensate for slip, even before it happens. The result is a beautifully balanced vehicle, and one that doesn’t raise the white flag to physics partway through a curve. Even if the road tightens, keep your foot buried, allowing the electronic brain to sense the yaw and shuffling the torque to the needed wheels. The system is completely seamless, feeling as natural as a well-sorted rear-wheel-drive, and it simply pulls you through the bend and slingshots you out the other side. Despite this elec-trickery going on underneath, it never feels disconnected or artificial. There’s good weighting from the steering, the brakes give good feel and the paddles mounted on the steering wheel shift near-instantly. In Race mode, there’s even a growly exhaust note, adding to the enjoyment. Couple that with a beautifully built interior and heaps of room and the Golf R passes as not just a hot hatch, but a genuine daily mode of transport. WORDS KARL PESKETT

YOUR WORLD // ROOM WITH A VIEW 22 IN WITH THE OLD LONDON’S ICONIC SAVOY HOTEL HAS RE-OPENED AFTER A MULTIMILLION-POUND RESTORATION PROJECT. THIS PRESTIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENT IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF ALL THAT IS MODERN LUXURY, BUT HAS MAINTAINED ITS TRADITIONAL BRITISH AESTHETIC AND OLDE-WORLDE CHARM. WORDS REEM FEKRI Lunch Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill serves up a wonderful array of traditional and comforting, yet classy, food. A strong Art Deco aesthetic filters through the square, endearingly lit dining room. The neo-Edwardian menu proves the perfect solution for a rainy-day lunch. Savour pan-fried gnocchi with sea vegetables and sweet garlic or a forest mushroom and confit potato pie with cabbage. Afternoon Tea There’s nothing quite as quintessentially English as high tea, and this, at The Savoy, is legendary. Taking place at the Thames Foyer, the central cupola allows natural daylight to flood the room, highlighting in the centre, a charming pianist playing in an equally delightful gazebo. Try the increasingly rare yellow tea (similar to green tea) while nibbling on four courses of an array of finger sandwiches, scones, French pastries and Savoy signature cakes. Morning No two rooms are alike at The Savoy with their interiors presenting a mix of Edwardian or Art Deco features. Wake up to an incredible view of the Thames, just as Monet, Churchill and Monroe did in the past. If you manage to prise yourself from under the exquisite bed linen, head up into the hotel’s well-appointed gym to work up a sweat in preparation for the breakfast to come. After rinsing under a gargantuan rain shower, head down into the Thames Foyer and gorge on traditional-with-a- twist breakfast options such as papaya with lime, followed by Bircher muesli topped with banana, blueberries or caramelised apple and cinnamon brioche French toast. People-watch and digest while sipping on white peony and rose tea from quaint, Edwardian-patterned crockery. Midday Be transported into heavenly bliss at the Savoy Spa. Wipe away the smog of the city by opting for the deep cleansing facial – a rejuvenating experience that uses freshwater mud masks, along with oils and massage. Afterwards, work up an appetite by doing laps in the pool. Situated under a stunning atrium, the water contains hardly any trace of chlorine (it’s purified by Kinetico systems) and will leave your skin nourished and soft. Dinner & Cocktails If you have room to spare, make your way to Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill, equipped with beautiful 1920s-inspired décor and a panoramic view of the river. With such a varied menu, Kaspar’s focuses on fish, cheese as well as more traditional “classy” cuisine such as sweet potato and goats cheese ravioli. Round off with the delectable chocolate fondant, accompanied by caramel ice cream and hazelnuts. For post-dinner cocktails, head to the Beaufort Bar. The bar stands on a former cabaret stage and is dramatically decorated in black and shimmering gold. While a jazz pianist enhances the atmosphere, sip away at the best cocktails in the world. IMAGES: The Savoy

MODERN. CONTEMPORARY. ABU DHABI ART. 5 - 8 November 2014 Manarat Al Saadiyat Saadiyat Cultural District Abu Dhabi Art offers a multi-disciplinary experience combining an art fair with a diverse public engagement programme which includes art, talks and sensational events. ABU DHABI ART 2014 GALLERIES AB Gallery Acquavella Galleries, Inc. Agial Art Gallery Aicon Gallery ARNDT Athr Gallery Ayyam Gallery Carpenters Workshop Gallery Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art, L.L.C. Elmarsa Galeri Zilberman Galerie Brigitte Schenk Galerie Enrico Navarra Galerie GP & N Vallois Galerie Janine Rubeiz Galerie Tanit Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac GALLERIA CONTINUA Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde Hanart TZ Gallery Hauser & Wirth Horrach Moya Hunar Gallery *Gallery list correct at time of printing, visit for up to date information. kamel mennour Kashya Hildebrand Gallery Kukje Gallery / Tina Kim Gallery Lam Art Gallery Le Violon Bleu Leehwaik Gallery Leila Heller Gallery Lisson Gallery Meem Gallery October Gallery Park Ryu Sook Gallery Paul Kasmin Gallery Paul Stolper Gallery Salwa Zeidan Gallery Sfeir-Semler Gallery Simon Lee Gallery Taymour Grahne Gallery The Breeder The Park Gallery The Third Line Whitestone Gallery XVA Gallery Organised by: #AbuDhabiArt #InAbuDhabi

YOUR WORLD // BOOKS 24 BOOKS: Magrudy’s THE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF THE FAKIR WHO GOT TRAPPED IN AN IKEA WARDROBE AUTHOR: Romain Puértolas PUBLISHER: Harvill Secker PRICE: AED 84 This debut novel by French author Romain Puértolas is a number-one best-seller in France, has been translated into English and is currently being sold in close to 40 countries… not bad for his first go. Following in the footsteps of Jonas Jonasson’s popular The One-Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, Puértolas’ novel is a hilarious adventure tale (sprinkled with smatterings of satire) in which a mischievous hero (an Indian con-artist named Ajatashatru Oghash) embarks upon a series of unbelievable escapades. Leaving his small village in India, he jets off for Paris on a pilgrimage to IKEA, where intends to obtain a brand new bed of nails. But, in no time at all, he accidently ends up on a European tour. It’s all very silly, and is a great read if you’re looking for some light-hearted comic relief, while its serious undertones add necessary depth. SILENCE YOUR MIND AUTHOR: Dr Ramesh Manocha PUBLISHER: Orion PRICE: AED 71 The benefits of this book are twofold: if you’ve considered meditation, but are unsure about how to start, then this is for you; and if you’re already dabbling in it, then the techniques and solid information presented will only help to deepen your experience. Dr Manocha is a medical practitioner and researcher currently based at the Sydney Medical School, Sydney University, where he co-ordinates the Mediation Research Programme. In Silence Your Mind, he draws upon extensive new scientific research, fusing Western society’s concepts of creative flow and mindfulness with the ancient authentic Eastern idea of inner stillness. He promises that you can improve your happiness in just 10 minutes a day, should you follow his suggested approach: the concept of meditation called “mental silence”, which is practiced in Sahaja Yoga. Master this, and your world could change. JAMIE’S COMFORT FOOD AUTHOR: Jamie Oliver PUBLISHER: Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin Books PRICE: AED 195 Jamie has been writing cookbooks for the last 15 years, but with this, his latest tome of delectable dishes, he set out to take cooks to the “next level”. “I’ve dedicated more space to the recipes and switched my usual editor filter off so I can really talk about all the slightly eccentric, geeky little details with extra rants and pops of information,” he says. It’s brimming with guilty pleasures, pick-me- ups and sweet indulgences, presenting everything from beans on toast to his close-to-perfection Insanity Burger, steaming ramen and katsu curry to sticky toffee pudding and tutti frutti pear tarte tati – all captured through exquisite photography. “I hope it helps you think about where you take a dish, how you cook and perfect it, so that every time you make and serve one of these scrumptious, comforting meals, there’s big old smiles around the table,” says Jamie.

YOUR WORLD // TRANSIT LOUNGE There’s no place like home MINUTES IN THE TRANSIT LOUNGE WITH SHANE WARNE FOR INTERNATIONAL JET-SETTER AND ETIHAD AIRWAYS BRAND AMBASSADOR SHANE WARNE, HIS HOMETOWN OF MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, IS STILL HIS FAVOURITE CITY. Where is home for you? I spend most of my time split between London and Melbourne, as well as many other stops in between. I’m Australian, so my heart will always be in Melbourne. It’s where I was born and raised. I’ve seen a lot of cities but can say that Melbourne is the best city in the world. What makes Melbourne such a great place to live and to visit? Melbourne always has something going on – a great energy about it with great people. Winters are cold but are not as harsh as in London, and our summers really are (just like the Aussie cliché) all about hanging out down at the beach with family, having a few beers and a barbecue. Tell us about some of the places in Melbourne that mean something to you. I love Brighton as that’s where I lived for a long time with my kids – it’s a great part of the city and it’s close to the beach. I also have good memories of summer holidays down at Portsea. Where would you take a visitor if you were showing them around? If we were in Melbourne, I would take them for 26 a walk along Brighton Beach, then for lunch at one of the amazing cafés like the Pantry, and then for a night out at Club23 at Crown. In London I couldn’t go past taking them to [Ciro’s] Pizza Pomodoro on a Sunday night – it has the best Italian food and an Elvis impersonator who will rock your socks off. Where else in the world is important to your career? The United Kingdom is a huge part of my life, particularly London as it’s where I am based and live. It’s a place that has been such a big part of my career – both for playing cricket, and now also for commentating. I’ve made a lot of great friends in London. Of course I also do a lot of travelling to South Africa and India, which are both great places to visit – and both have the most passionate cricket fans. What is the best trip you’ve ever been on? That would have to be the 1993 Ashes tour to the UK. We were an amazing group of guys; we had fun and won everything. Tell us the three things you always take with you when you travel. I’m lucky that Etihad provides me with most of what I need on the flights. But three things I always have with me are my laptop, my phone with my current music playlist, and usually a pen and paper so I can write down all my thoughts and things I need to do. What makes you feel at home when you travel? Being able to keep in contact with my family back home is so important. I’m pretty lucky these days with all the new gadgets and apps available that enable me to talk to or text my kids and family at any time. Etihad even has Wi-Fi that I can use when I’m thousands of feet in the air, which is pretty amazing. What’s the worst part of flying? The jet lag! Although I have it down to a fine art now and can pretty much fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. What’s your routine when you get on board a flight? Generally, if it’s a night flight, I’ll get straight into the pyjamas and go to sleep! But on a morning flight or when I’m awake I love to make use of the in-flight movies and of course I’ll order myself some delicious food – the steak sandwich with chips wins every time. IMAGES: Getty Editorial & Brighton Bay’s beach houses in Melbourne, Australia.

للتذاكر ولمزيد من المعلومات To buy tickets & for more information انضموا إلى الحوار Join the conversation

YOUR WORLD // ETIHAD HOLIDAYS 28 ISLAND IDYLL North Island in the serene Seychelles archipelago is the ultimate island paradise, a rare sanctuary for those seeking a gorgeous, unspoiled tropical haven on a large, private island. It’s home to just 11 opulent, hand-crafted guest villas, each exquisitely designed to celebrate nature and offer a home-away-from-home ambience. The villas are 450 square metres, the optimum size to produce the feeling of exclusivity and space with enough room to spread out and enjoy a unique, island-style experience to the full. Escape to this five-star paradisiacal hideaway with Etihad Holidays from AED 51,299 per person. The package includes return Business Class flights with Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi to Seychelles; three nights in a Presidential Villa on twin sharing basis; breakfast, lunch and dinner, all drinks and cocktails; scuba diving and snorkelling activities around North Island dive sites; sea kayaking; mountain biking; sunset cruises and guided nature walks; a half-day fishing charter; use of a North Island buggy; return helicopter transfers and taxes and surcharges. WINTER WONDERLAND Historic Christmas markets, held throughout Europe, are becoming more popular. The ambience of a typical German Christmas market is enhanced by the aromas of hot chestnuts, grilled sausages and other tasty snacks. Explore this magical country with Etihad Holidays and a four-day Christmas market tour in southern Germany, from AED 6,599 per person. The package includes return Economy Class flights from Abu Dhabi to Munich; three nights’ accommodation in a four-star hotel in Munich; breakfast; return airport transfers; a full-day excursion to Neuschwanstein Castle (excluding entrance fees) as well as a full-day excursion to Nuremberg; and taxes and surcharges. GOLDEN TRIANGLE TRAVELS India’s “Golden Triangle” is one of the country’s most well-travelled routes and is known for its cultural gems and transient landscapes. Embark on a journey tracing its lines with Etihad Holidays from AED 2,599 per person and discover the sights and sounds of this vibrant country. Enjoy two nights exploring the historical city of Delhi before travelling to Agra and visiting the majestic Taj Mahal. Travel onwards to the famed “Pink City” of Jaipur and its palaces, impressive forts and museums. The package includes return Economy Class flights from Abu Dhabi to Delhi; five nights’ accommodation in varied four-star accommodation on a twin sharing basis; breakfast; tours; transfers and taxes and surcharges. IMAGES: Filmfoto & ALL OFFERS ARE VALID FOR SALE UNTIL 31 OCTOBER 2014, FOR TRAVEL UNTIL 31 DECEMBER 2014. PLEASE NOTE THAT CHRISTMAS MARKET TOURS RUN DAILY FROM 23 NOVEMBER UNTIL 15 DECEMBER. OFFERS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, AND HIGH-SEASON SURCHARGES MAY APPLY. TO BOOK CALL 800 2324 OR VISIT AN ETIHAD SHOP OR PREFERRED TRAVEL AGENT.

tailored luxury 8 Whiteman Street Southbank Victoria 3006 Australia |+61 3 9292 6868 |

ABU DHABI SNAPSHOT ABU DHABI 32 News Disney spectaculars, the National Traditional Handicrafts Festival and family fun at Yas Marina are all to be found in the Capital in October. 40 People A horrendous injury abruptly curtailed Emirati Mo Hassan’s rugby career in the middle of a World Cup. Now he’s returning to the international stage, but in an altogether different sport. 43 Developing Film The Abu Dhabi Film Festival returns this month, bringing with it a number of firsts. Stratos, a new revolving lounge and grill concept at Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi offers a world of lavish interiors and delicious cuisine. IMAGE: Stratos

ABU DHABI // NEWS 32 DIVE IN Yas Marina’s water-themed family-fun day Splash@Yas is back – with a host of water sports and entertainment on 17 October. Here is your chance to try wakeboarding, water skiing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking or sailing. For adrenaline junkies there’s the sea sofa – a high-speed tow along the channel between Yas Marina and the mainland, or visitors can jump aboard one of Captain Tony’s Cruises and set sail for half an hour around Yas Island. There will be plenty of action on dry land too, with kids’ entertainment and activities, a playground and a musical fountain. With a combination of free and paid activities, pack your swimsuit, bring a towel, and simply dive in to everything on offer. To finish off in style, a free family movie will be screened outdoors. With seven restaurants and bars on-site, there’s no need to go home hungry, and when the sun fades, the marina nightlife kicks off with live music and DJs. WWW.YASMARINA.AE PAYING HOMAGE TO HERITAGE The Emirate’s cultural heartland, Al Ain, is launching a new celebration – the National Traditional Handicrafts Festival, running from 23-29 October. It will take place at the historic Souq Al Qattara; an old market once abandoned that was restored and re-opened in 2012. The festival aims to shed light on the importance of traditional craftsmanship in Emirati heritage and support craftsmen’s efforts to preserve, revive, and transfer their skills to future generations. The programme will include heritage competitions for visitors of all ages, including an Al Yola dance contest for children, a craftsmanship competition, preparation of traditional Emirati dishes and making Arabic coffee, in addition to dance and musical performances. There will also be a series of specialised workshops on the production and promotion of traditional handicrafts, which will outline the importance of handicrafts as part of the living heritage of the nation, intrinsic to modern life. WWW.VISITABUDHABI.AE IMAGES: Getty Editorial & THE POWER OF LOVE Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is celebrating 20 years on stage, with its first-ever international tour. The musical fairy tale will be arriving in Abu Dhabi on 30 October with performances up until 8 November at the du Forum on Yas Island. Based on the 1991 Academy-Award winning animated feature film, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the classic story of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the beast, who is really a young prince trapped by a spell placed upon him by an enchantress. If the beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end, but time is tight and if he doesn’t learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed. Since licensing in 2004, this enchanting tale has been performed in 22 countries, seen by more than 35 million people, during a run of over 28,000 performances. WWW.THINKFLASH.AE/EVENTS/DISNEY-S-BEAUTY-AND- THE-BEAST

RESPECTED GLOBALLY PREFERED LOCALLY MEDICLINIC MIDDLE EAST OPERATES: đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ!(.!ƫ+/,%0(ƫ đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ%05ƫ+/,%0( đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ1%ƫ ((ƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫđƫ ! %(%*%ƫ *ƫ0010 đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ ! +3/ƫ đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ.%*ƫ*$!/ đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ %. %"ƫ ƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫƫ đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ(ƫ1/%/ đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ!$ƫ+ ƫ đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ(ƫ1"+1$ đƫ ! %(%*%ƫ+.*%$! EXPERTISE YOU CAN TRUST. ƫƫđƫƫƫ ƫƫđƫƫ  ƫƫđƫƫ

ABU DHABI // ETIHAD AIRWAYS ARRIVAL LOUNGE Arabian hospitality Freshen-up An innovative new “SHAVE by Etihad Airways” concept has been introduced inside the lounge, with guests offered a complimentary refreshing wet shave by fully qualified barbers. In addition, why not clean up before leaving the airport, with 10 revitalising shower units, each equipped with luxurious amenities and linked to a complimentary service for clothes steaming. As part of the offering, garments such as suits and dresses can be steamed by housekeeping while guests shower, and will be returned within 10 minutes. 34 IMAGES: Etihad STEP INSIDE THE NEW, ONE-OF-A-KIND ETIHAD AIRWAYS’ ARRIVALS LOUNGE FOR FIRST AND BUSINESS CLASS GUESTS AT ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. A dedicated relaxation area, with high-comfort seating, large screen televisions, and an array of local and international newspapers, magazines and books await you. Savour café-style refreshments, which are served throughout the day, including a delicious breakfast spread in the morning, a selction of beverages, and a delectable range of canapés, snacks and sweet treats, all freshly prepared by a world-class culinary team. Guests looking for a quiet and productive space to prepare for meetings can utilise the on-site business facility, which features a large-screen Apple computer, printer, and complimentary broadband and wireless internet connections. Unwind What’s more

Cancer Treatments. Attentive. Precise. Effective. The Center for Cancer Care at American Hospital Dubai Cancer not only affects your health, but also your family and lifestyle. Understanding this, the American Hospital Dubai Cancer Care Facility offers a range of current Medical Oncology and Hematology services for adults and children. Our specialists are American Board Certified (or equivalent) and are supported by a team of expert staff trained in advanced cancer treatment techniques in the region. We are here to ensure that you are never alone in your fight against cancer. Because when you are treated at American Hospital Dubai, you are with family. The first hospital in the Middle East to be awarded Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) The first private laboratory to be certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Clinical Offerings • Medical Hematology Oncology • Pediatric Hematology Oncology Chemotherapy • Radiation Oncology • Surgery • Palliative Care • Multidisciplinary Approach For more information, please contact +971 4 377 6369 or visit our website www.ahdubai. com American Hospital Dubai accepts most major insurance plans. For more information please call 800 - 5500 KA89089

ABU DHABI // FASHION 36 The new watch design is based on Michael Kors’ bestselling Runway watch, this time in rose-gold-tone stainless steel with a detailed map of the world etched onto a striking grey-blue dial. This timepiece is available exclusively in Michael Kors stores worldwide and online at IT’S TIME TO FIGHT MICHAEL KORS RECENTLY ANNOUNCED THE LAUNCH OF THIS NEW, LIMITED-EDITION WATCH AS PART OF THE 100 SERIES, THE SPECIALLY DESIGNED WATCH COLLECTION OFFERED IN SUPPORT OF THE BRAND’S GLOBAL WATCH HUNGER STOP CAMPAIGN. FOR EACH 100 SERIES WATCH SOLD, 100 CHILDREN IN A HUNGER-STRICKEN AREA WILL RECEIVE A NUTRITIOUS MEAL.

ABU DHABI // AT LEISURE 38 IMAGE: Stratos Sky-high delight STRATOS, A NEW REVOLVING LOUNGE AND GRILL CONCEPT AT LE ROYAL MERIDIEN ABU DHABI, IS UNIQUE TO THE CITY. TOWERING ABOVE THE UAE CAPITAL, IT SITS IN THE CLOUDS, OFFERING A WORLD OF Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani and executive head chef Justin Galea have something in common: matching collections of gilded, Art Deco-style crockery from Germany. While Armani keeps his at home, chef Justin uses his set to present culinary works of art at Stratos, Abu Dhabi’s latest hotspot in the sky. Set on the highest floor of Le Royal Meridien, this revolving restaurant takes more than two hours to rotate, allowing for plenty of time to take in panoramic views of downtown Abu Dhabi, the Corniche, Lulu Island and beyond. And whether it’s for afternoon tea, sunset cocktail hour or dinner, there’s the chance to catch sight of the UAE capital in a variety of light. But I’d suggest getting there after dark to experience it at its best. As the city’s skyscrapers begin to flicker, spot lamps are dimmed and candles are lit. Gold cushions on plush, high-backed seats shimmer, and bronze cutlery on reflective black tables sparkles. A black and white carpet with a diamond motif commands attention while framed quirky line-drawings of camels, owls and flamingos decorate the walls. The fit-out is Great Gatsby meets Alice in Wonderland, and this opulent and playful theme trickles down to chef Justin’s food. It’s hats off to this man and his chef de cuisine Grant Balinger, for delivering an imaginative menu and presenting their dishes with flair. The kitchen is open, and as I spin past it twice during dinner (yes, I stayed here that long), I chat to the cooks while they work. Created with seasonal produce and sourced from the finest global suppliers, they’re all about achieving the right balance of flavours. Nothing looking contrived. Snacks from the Lounge Selection include crispy fried king prawns scented with fresh curry and lemongrass sauce, and chicken fritters, which I dunk in chipotle mayonnaise. The former are fragrant and delicate, while the latter are addictive. And if fine dining did ever offer a take-away, these morsels of comforting goodness should be served in a bucket. An edible empire of mains will tempt all taste buds, and really it’s difficult to decide on what’s best. From caviar served in a 24-carat-gold-plated egg, to parmesan gnocchi served with black truffle and parmesan foam, or the buttery west coast Scottish langoustines to the decadent lobster mac-and-cheese made with a rich Dunlop cheddar and a brioche crust, it’s a feast for the senses. Simple sides packed with flavour serve as perfect accompaniments. Order the uber-creamy Paris mash or spinach Rockefeller and don’t leave without trying the salad of baby spinach, red onion, tomato, olive and Roquefort. Can the desserts top all that? The answer is yes. And there are three that need to be tried. The spiced roasted pineapple with star anise syrup, eight spice and black truffle ice cream has an intriguing bite. Match it with one of the fine whiskies on offer and its smokey flavours will explode in your mouth. The chef’s Valrhona chocolate version of a Magnum ice-cream bar is simply delicious, but it’s the strawberry posset which, if I absolutely had to choose, would win my vote. Served with granola, meringue, lemon sorbet and 20-year-old balsamic vinegar, it’s a great take on this classic pud, which I think epitomises chef Justin’s style. LAVISH INTERIORS AND DELICIOUS CUISINE. WORDS TIFFANY ESLICK



ABU DHABI // PEOPLE The UAE and Hawaii are not quite antipodes, but they come close to that. Almost 14,000km and innumerable cultures separate Honolulu and Abu Dhabi; the fact surfing has successfully travelled from one to the other is proof of its global appeal. In just four years, Mohammed Hassan Rahma (or Mo, as he prefers to be called) has gone from an artificial pool in the Abu Dhabi desert to chasing hurricane-driven swells in Mexico, and, at the end of this month, competing in the International Surfing Association World Surfing Games, which will be held in Punta Rocas, just south of Lima, Peru. Mo moved to Los Angeles in time for Etihad Airways’ launch there earlier this year – the 27-year-old is a sales development manager for the airline – ostensibly for work, but also to continue his development into a world-class surfer. The move allowed him to significantly improve his surfing, and increase the amount of time he could spend in the water. At the right time of year, the UAE does enjoy surfing swells, but they are seasonal and unreliable. Alongside a stint in Australia, Mo’s time in California has seen him qualify for the Surfing Games. That is significant in its own regard but remarkable considering his path to get there. Not only has his rise in the sport been meteoric but, quite incredibly, this is the second sport at which he will participate in a 40 the sea, especially when it comes to reading the ocean. In that regard, he will always be playing catch-up with competitors who have spent most of their lives watching the horizon, preparing for the perfect wave. For Mo, the waves in Peru are likely to be the biggest he’s ever surfed. He plans to get to South America 10 days before the tournament, but is realistic about what he hopes to achieve. “My main goals are to represent my country and to increase exposure of surfing in the UAE. Putting that all together would be really good for me; putting the UAE on the surfing map… I hope that in three years’ time we’ll have five Emiratis competing in the event.” Above all, he takes enormous pride from being able to be the UAE’s flag-bearer. During the opening ceremony, each surfer will deposit a handful of sand from their home country – in that element at least, the Emirati expects to do well. “It’ll be the easiest part,” he laughs. IMAGES: Abdel Elecho A HORRENDOUS INJURY ABRUPTLY CURTAILED MO HASSAN’S RUGBY CAREER IN THE MIDDLE OF A WORLD CUP. NOW HE’S RETURNING TO THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE, BUT IN AN ALTOGETHER DIFFERENT SPORT. WORDS JAMIE LAFFERTY world championships. And whatever happens in Peru, it’s hard to imagine this time around being more of a disaster than the last. They say pride comes before a fall, but in Mo’s case it came immediately before an obliterated knee. He was competing in the 2008 World Cup Rugby Sevens when he had the chance to score a try. Bearing down on the points, he decided to showboat a little, at which point his ACL, meniscus and knee bone imploded. The pain and rehabilitation process for such an injury would be enough to put most people off the idea of sport altogether. Yet, before medical professionals thought he was ready to do so, Mo found himself in the water and very quickly on a board. There followed a whirlwind of improvement, expedited by good coaches and meeting the right professionals. His current coach is Sean Mattison, whom Mo credits for his improved technique, fitness and results. “He makes me cry every day – if I don’t finish a manoeuvre that we’ve been practicing, I’m not allowed to come in,” he says over the phone from Los Angeles. The Emirati manages to squeeze in surfing before and after work most days, and is practicing as much as possible before the big event. But while he has clearly adapted to the sport at an almost unnatural rate, there is no substitute for the experience of being in


COME FOR THE RACE STAY FOR THE FUN Be a part of the most exciting F1 race® of the season! Etihad Airways, as proud sponsors of the 2014 FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX, invite you to attend the iconic F1 Season finale, where for the first time in the history of the sport, drivers will get a chance to pick up double championship points in the last race. with family activities, luxurious restaurants, and thrilling adventure at Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld. For more information on Grandstand Tickets or for special all inclusive packages, visit 2014 The F1 FORMULA 1 logo, F1, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX and related marks are trademarks of the Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula One group company. All rights reserved.

ABU ABU DHABI FILM FESTIVAL // ABU DHABI The Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF) is growing up. Now in its eighth year, its programme is more varied, covers more nationalities, more subjects and a longer span of film history than ever before. More selections are submitted for consideration, audiences are bigger. As the ADFF has matured, so have its audiences. In 2013, some filmgoers were so affected by what they’d just seen that they approached the filmmaker afterwards with tears in their eyes, trembling while trying to explain their gratitude. “Since Ali Al Jabri became festival director, there has been a significant increase in the local audiences,” says director of programming, Teresa Cavina. The opening film of this year’s festival is a good indicator of just how far things have come. And it’s an Emirati film that will kick off the eight-day event. Dubai-based director Ali Mostafa’s From A to B tells the story of a group of friends taking a road-trip from Abu Dhabi to Beirut. The follow-up to Mostafa’s 2009 City of Life, its prominence within the programme is seen as a triumph of local film-making. “This is the first time we’ve opened with an Emirati film and we’re proud and happy to present it on opening night,” says festival director Ali Al Jabri. From A to B will be the highest-profile Emirati film shown, but it is far from being the only one. While there is still a shortage of native feature films, the short-film scene is booming. The festival programme has grown by 12 percent this year overall – a figure matched by the increase in submissions to the Emirati Film Competition. However, these days that title is something of a misnomer. “There has been a wealth of short films submitted,” says Cavina. “It’s called the EFC, but it’s actually open to all Khaleeji [Arabian Gulf] filmmakers. We have submissions from all GCC cultures.” The 2,032 entries included works by Kuwaiti and Bahraini artists, as well as the expected deluge of domestic pieces, with filmmakers free to tackle any subject they liked. 43 DEVELOPING FILM THE ABU DHABI FILM FESTIVAL RETURNS THIS MONTH, BRINGING WITH IT A NUMBER OF FIRSTS, SHOWCASING EVERYTHING FROM PET PROJECTS TO SILVER SCREEN CLASSICS TO MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR DISNEY SPECTACLES. FROM TOP: Emirati film director Ali Mostafa reviews footage; the red carpet at last year’s Abu Dhabi Film Festival. The opening film of this year’s festival is a good indicator of just how far things have come. For the first time, an Emirati film will kick off the eight-day event.

At the other end of the festival’s budgetary scale is Big Hero 6, which has been chosen to close the proceedings on 1 November. The first Disney film since 2013’s ludicrously successful Frozen (which had a budget of US$150 million and went on to take over $1.2 billion globally), it marks their first cinematic union with Marvel. Set in a fictional future city, Big Hero 6 follows a young robotics prodigy and his portly android companion Baymax as they are forced to become amateur crime fighters. With two of the most powerful names in children’s entertainment attached, and a budget that most filmmakers can only dream of, it’s a huge movie – and surely the biggest film ever to come to ADFF? “Well we have to agree on the term ‘huge’,” says Cavina. “When we can also show our audience winners from the Berlin [Black Coal, Thin Ice, winner of the coveted Golden Bear] and Cannes festivals [The Salt of the 44 Earth, winner of Un Certain Regard special prize] and the Francois Truffaut films, it is maybe not so clear. But it’s true that there’s a synergy happening here in Abu Dhabi. I don’t think it’s by chance that we were selected not just because of the festival, but also because Abu Dhabi is becoming an important place for film.” Important enough for the Star Wars franchise, now also managed by Disney, to come to the emirate earlier this year to shoot part of the seventh movie in their cherished saga. However, for many, it’s the Francois Truffaut films that Cavina mentions which are perhaps the most signifi

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