Ethnicity Representations in the Media

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Information about Ethnicity Representations in the Media

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: Jaskirt


Representation Ethnicity

Ethnicity Dictionary Definition • 1. relating to or characteristic of a human group having racial, religious, linguistic, and certain other traits in common • 2. relating to the classification of mankind into groups, esp on the basis of racial characteristics • 3. denoting or deriving from the cultural traditions of a group of people: the ethnic dances of Slovakia • 4. characteristic of another culture: the ethnic look ; ethnic food • Your ethnicity is defined by your cultural identity which may demonstrate itself through customs, dress, food. Ethnicity suggests an identity that is based on a sense of place, ideology or religion. You can be British but of Jewish ethnicity.

Ethnic Breakdown in UK

Stereotypes of Ethnicity • • • • • Alvarado’s (1987) stereotypes in the representation of ethnicity and race; EXOTIC DANGEROUS PITIED HUMOUROUS. A recent revision of this has added the SEXUALISED stereotype

Change • Representation of people from other cultures in the media has changed dramatically since earlier days where they were defined in their potential for comedy and ‘foreignness’ • Fawlty Towers:

Otherness • People from other cultures still tend to be defined by their ‘otherness’. This can be see as either positive or negative.

Stereotypes and mis-representation • Some stereotypes and mis-representations can be dangerous as the representation that is constructed by the media is often the only experience of these cultures some audiences will have.

Young Blacks • Young black people have been demonised by some areas of the media and are presented as linked to violence and gang culture

Tokenism • Some programmes have representations of ethnic minorities. These tend to focus on the stereotypical aspects of that culture, for example arranged marriages. Do you have any examples?

Question • How are ethnic groups represented in the music industry? Back up your points with specific examples

Task Find examples of ethnic minorities in the media for each of these categories • • • • • EXOTIC DANGEROUS PITIED HUMOUROUS. SEXUALISED

Big Fat Gypsy • Clip • How is this ethnicity represented in this programme. • How is the representation constructed? • Does it use stereotypes or challenge the stereotypes

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