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Published on July 13, 2016

Author: MutSomoeun


1. The University of Cambodia PHL 105: Moral PhilosophyPHL 105: Moral Philosophy Adapted & Lectured by:Adapted & Lectured by: Mut Somoeun (M.Ed)Mut Somoeun (M.Ed) 20162016

2. Ethics Principles “The reputation of a thousand years is determined by the conduct of one hour.” – Japanese proverb

3. Ethics The embodiment of those values that the person or organization feels are important…, and spell our proper conduct and appropriate action. - Merriam Webster

4. Ethical Choices What you find is that the tough ethical choices are not between good and evil, but rather between two goods:  Truth versus Loyalty  Individual versus Community  Short-term versus Long-term  Justice versus Mercy

5. Ethical Principals  Objectivity  Selflessness  Stewardship  Transparency  Integrity

6. Objectivity Public employees must place the public’s interest before any private interest or outside obligation - choices need to made on the merits.

7. Conflict of Interest  A conflict of interest occurs when you have a private interest that may benefit from your actions, or when a private interest could interfere with official duties  An interest need not be financialneed not be financial to create a conflict of interest  Most conflicts result from the exercise of discretionary authority

8. Dilemma  You are a health inspector with a partnership interest in a local restaurant, and are assigned to perform an inspection of this same restaurant. Can you conduct the inspection? What actions should you take?

9. Dilemma  You enforce business license requirements. You discover that a local business, with you have a private legal dispute, is overdue in paying its taxes. What would you do?

10. Selflessness Public employees should not make decisions in order to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends.

11. Use of State Position A state officer or employee may not use his or her state position to secure special privileges or to grant exemptions to benefit himself, herself, family members, or other persons.

12. Dilemma  You receive a plaque and a $100 check from the Institute of Government Financial Managers for your many contributions to the field. Can you accept the plaque and the check?

13. Ethical Habits “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it the superficial appearance of being right.” –Thomas Paine

14. Stewardship Public employees have a duty to conserve public resources and funds against misuse and abuse.

15. The Use Zones Public employees have a duty to conserve public resources and funds against misuse and abuse. • Green Zone – Official Duties • Yellow Zone – Personal Use Under Limited Circumstances • Red Zone – Prohibited Uses

16. The Green Zone •Any Use that is Reasonably Related to Your Official Duties •Combined Fund Campaign

17. The Yellow Zone •Personal Use OK Under Limited Circumstances •Really de minimis exceptions • There is little or no cost to the state; • There is no interference with the performance of official duties; • The use is brief in duration and frequency; • The use does not distract from the conduct of state business; and • The use does not disrupt other state employees and does not obligate them to make a personal use of state resources; and

18. The Red Zone •Prohibited Uses • Outside business interests • Commercial uses • Illegal or unprofessional activities • Political activities, including lobbying

19. Dilemma  You send emails to your friend’s home computer from your state computer regarding personal plans for the weekend. Is this appropriate stewardship of state resources?

20. “A perfect value consists in doing without witness all that we could have done in front of the entire world” - Nobel Laureate Gabriela Mistral Quote

21. Transparency Public employees must practice open and accountable government. They should be as open as possible about their decisions and actions, and protect truly confidential information.

22. Confidential Information Standards that protect confidential information: Outside employment, business, or professional activities Disclosure for personal gain or benefit Disclosure to unauthorized person

23. Public Records Standards for disclosure: May not intentionally act to conceal a record if under a personal obligation to release the record. May apply to e-mail communications

24. Integrity Employees in public service should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organizations that might influence them in the performance of their duties.

25. Outside Compensation  Work must be bona fide and actually performed; and,  Not related to a contract or grant you supervise;  Comply with agency policies on outside employment;  Not be compensated by anyone you contract with or regulate;  Not related to a contract or grant you authorize;  Cannot involve the disclosure of confidential information.

26. Quote “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.” - Catherine Aird

27. Good People - Bad ChoicesGood People - Bad Choices  Deadlines or performance goals  Lack of resources, human or otherwise  Pressures to produce and get the job done  The action is not really illegal or unethical  The action is in the individual’s or organization’s best interests  The action will never be discovered  Fear of authority

28. Briefly Daily decisions will guide us in crisis Values can be instilled Subordinates seek standards Choice is often between two “goods” “Only a leader of courageous ethical standards can earn the trust of subordinates”

29. Thanks for Attention Q A

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