Ethics in Nursing Research

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Information about Ethics in Nursing Research

Published on July 11, 2009

Author: frenchka


Ethical Research: Balancing Research Needs and Participant Protection: Ethical Research: Balancing Research Needs and Participant Protection Research 3210 Kim French MSN, FNP-BC Summer 2009 Ethics Module Goal: Ethics Module Goal Overview of ethical considerations that researchers use when creating and implementing research proposal and analyzing research outcomes Population Intervention/ Control or Comparison Safety – Risks Efficacy – Benefits Research Outcomes: Research Outcomes Benefit versus risk: Physical Psychological Financial Moral-ethical Autonomy (Human Dignity), Beneficence, Justice Specific Module 3.2 objectives are available on D2L Nursing 3210 course content under Module 3 Research Misconduct: Research Misconduct Fabrication Falsification Plagiarism Vulnerable groups History of Ethical Guidelines Development: History of Ethical Guidelines Development Utilitarianism - The welfare of the state over the individual Early efforts for ethical codes: William Beaumont (1833), Claude Bernard (1865), German Reich Health Council (1931) Nazi medical experiments (1930’s- mid 1940’ s) Nuremburg trials: The Nuremburg Code (1947- 1948) Tuskegee Syphilis Study (1933-1972) Declaration of Helsinki (1964) Belmont Report (1979) Current Protections : Current Protections Research Protocol Institutional Review Board Publication Peer (Blind) Review Future Trends: Future Trends Participant involvement from beginning of research process Community or External Review Process or Research Ombudsmen Case Study: “ Miss Evers’ Boys”(2001): Case Study: “ Miss Evers’ Boys”(2001) The Great Depression- 1929 to early 1940’s An incurable disease- Syphilis The research problem- The place Assignment Module 3.2 : Assignment Module 3.2 1. Read Chapter 5 in Polit and Beck by Wednesday July 15th 2. Between Sunday July 12 th and Tuesday, July 14 th watch the mini-lecture about research ethics using the Authorstream link in D2L 3. Groups- using your book and 1 nursing ethics article reference, come up with a definition of your group’s ethical dimension (autonomy-respect for human dignity, beneficence, justice) 4. Groups- After viewing the video on Wednesday July 15 th from 9 am until 11 am, complete a group definition of your dimension, 2 examples of ethical misconduct from the video using your definition, and 1 alternative research practice which should have been implemented. This post will be due on the D2L Discussion Board by Wednesday, July 15 th at 6 pm (Total 1 group post). 5. Individuals- Post one response (more than agree or disagree) to another group and answer one response to your group, due by Sunday, July 19 th at 6 pm (Total 2 individual posts). Reference Resources: Reference Resources Belmont Report Declaration of Helsinki Food and Drug Administration Good Clinical Practice Program Tuskegee Syphilis Study To play a DVD on the SMART Board: To play a DVD on the SMART Board The DVD is available in the Nursing Office 2 nd floor with Mrs. Tabb On the main console on top of the desk Press the main button on to turn the system on Press the DVD button to turn on and control the DVD player (you may have to push it twice if it is blinking ) On the DVD player, make sure the player is set to DVD, not VHS - Push the open / close button - Insert the DVD - Close the DVD drawer - Push the play button either on the DVD player, or the main console controls - Adjust the volume as necessary Please return DVD to Mrs. Tabb when done, Thanks Ms. French

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