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Information about Ethics
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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: srujanirulzzworld



This presentation gives a brief idea about how a person can possibly be ethical in his/her day to day life

Ethics Walk With World(WWW)

Ethics  Moral principles that govern a person's behaviour  Branch of philosophy that involves systematizing defending recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct addressing disputes of moral diversity. 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 2

Being righteous  The set of values integrated by a person that go along with his conscious.  These defer from person to person 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 3

How are a person’s set of values influenced Parents & family The locality, school, college & friend circle Values are generally defined by what has been imposed on him by others Only things that are appreciated seem to be right and while the others seem to be a total waste 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 4

How to set your own set of values now  Step  Step  Step  Step  Step 10-03-2014 I- Introspect II-Analyse III-Open up IV-Imbibe V-Transformation Srujani Shrawne 5

Few qualities of people with a high moral Down to Earth Respect others Deal with situations tactfully Take responsibility Humble Soft words Consistency 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 6

Work Ethic  A value based on hard work Diligence  belief in the moral benefit of work ability to enhance character. 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 7

Integrity  Trusting relationships with people around  Ability to give honest feedback.  Trustworthy 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 8

Sense of Responsibility  It affects how a person works and the amount of work he does.  When the person feels personally responsible for his job performance  he shows up on time puts in his best effort completes projects to the best of his ability. 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 9

Emphasis on Quality  Some people do only the bare minimum, just enough to keep their job intact.  People with a strong work ethic care about the quality of their work  do their best to produce great work,  &not merely churn out what is needed. 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 10

10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 11

Discipline  It takes a certain level of commitment to finish your tasks every day.  A person with good discipline stays focused on his goals is determined to complete his assignments. show a high level of dedication to their work  always ensuring they do their part. 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 12

Sense of Teamwork A person with a high sense of teamwork Helps a team meet its goals Delivers quality work. Is respected by the team members Makes collaborations a smooth task 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 13

Why be ethical at all?  Sense of self worth  No self doubt in case of failure  Get the best out of one self  Forever moving towards self improvement  Become Idealistic for people around  Sustenance in the long run  Clean record  Respected by people around 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 14

Thank you -Srujani Shrawne(S.E. Env.) 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 15

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