Ethereum Classic - technology progress to date and next steps

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Information about Ethereum Classic - technology progress to date and next steps

Published on December 28, 2016

Author: splix


1. Ethereum Classic Technology Progress to Date and Next Steps December 2016 Igor Artamonov

2. How it started ● At block 1,920,000 (at 20 July 2016) Ethereum Classic was born ● In the early days people kept using the nodes without the hardfork ● At the beginning there were only one person who was able to maintain the Ethereum Core code - Gravity ● Then, a few more developers joined ETC GitHub ○ To fork and fix Ethereum code ○ To start new projects

3. Ethereum Classic Progress 1. ETC Community has focused on taking care of all core aspects of the network: Nodes and Wallets 2. Successfully made first protocol upgrade (Hard Fork at block 2,500,000) a. VM Operations reprice to mitigate DDoS attack 3. Implementation ready for the next fork planned for 15th of January a. Difficulty Bomb delay b. VM Operations price improvements c. Replay Protection

4. Core Projects ● Geth - official client implementation of the protocol ● Parity - 3rd party client implementation, supports both ETC & ETH ● Mist - official wallet for ETC

5. Additional Projects ● ETC Block Explorer (hosted on ● Dapp UI SDK - Javascript components for building ETC applications ● EtherJar - Java tools for Dapp developers ● EtherKube - tools to deploy/manage ETC nodes in a cloud (Kubernetes & Docker based clouds)

6. Community ● The Community is the main force behind ETC decisions and development ● All significant changes to the protocol are made through ECIP (Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal) process ● 35 members at the moment who have rights to commit ● Community makes code reviews for each commit into core projects ● Other people can send Pull Requests

7. Core Projects Team ● Dedicated team to work full time on Core Projects ● To maintain, improve and implement next versions of core projects ● Forming currently by Igor Artamonov ○ Hiring Rust, Go and Javascript developers ○ Team funded by investors who are interested in Ethereum Classic’s future ○ ETC is also looking for additional and sustainable sources of funding

8. Core Projects Plan for Y17 ● Do protocol upgrade on January 15th ○ Difficulty Bomb, Replay Protection, VM Operations Reprice ● Implement and test new Monetary Policy ● Classic Wallet (New Project) ○ We aren’t happy with current Mist (ETH Wallet) code and we don’t think it’s worth the effort to maintain existing code, so focus is to create a new wallet from the ground up ● Research Hybrid Proof-of-Stake/Proof-of-Work consensus applicability to Ethereum Classic ● Maintain Geth and Parity

9. Overview

10. Other Teams Few other teams and commercial organizations are gathering around Ethereum Classic at the moment

11. Ethereum Classic 2016 Igor Artamonov / Twitter @splix

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