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Information about Ethereum Classic Roadmap

Published on September 17, 2016

Author: splix


1. ROADMAP September 2016 by Igor Artamonov

2. PreamblePreamble

3. The DAO story The DAO is a Smart Contract based fund Raised $150,000,000 from 10,000+ investors Was hacked and lost up to $50,000,000

4. Hard Fork Happened Ethereum Foundation initiated a blockchain fork (Hard Fork) to return hacked assets The blockchain state was rewritten

5. Refused by the Community Part of the community, including miners, developers and investors refused the fork Community followed existing blockchain by declining the Hard Fork software upgrade. In a few days it self organized into the Ethereum Classic community

6. StatusStatus

7. Ethereum Clients Ready Clients for Ethereum Blockchain nodes are ready: ● Go Ethereum (Geth) ● EthCore Parity ● EthereumJ

8. Wallets Ethereum Classic has a set of desktop wallets: ● Fork of official Mist Dapp browser and Wallet ● Lightweight browser-based wallet ClassicEtherWallet ● Multiplatform wallet Jaxx ● Ripple WalletHub support

9. ETC Community Active GitHub team, 1000+ members on Slack, IRC 2500+ Reddit readers, Telegram, Forum, Wiki & several blogs Meetups in London, Zurich, Shanghai, Phoenix. NY and SF soon

10. Several Mining Pools Total mining performance 600 Gh/s or about 10% of Ethereum Supported by top mining pools: BW Pool, F2Pool, NanoPool, Coinotron and many others. Ethereum Classic pools, such as Chandler Guo (BW Pool & BitAngels) is actively supporting ETC. Many other pools are preparing to launch by end of 2016 More miners are expected to transition to ETC after the difficulty bomb is neutralized

11. Public Donations Donations from ETC supporters, including donations from CHBTC and Epool Donation process is starting to formalise as further contributions are planned

12. Crypto Exchanges ETC supported by Poloniex since its birth. Now supported by every major Crypto Exchange Trading at 1/10 of ETH Ethereum Expecting Price Parity

13. First Commercial Projects Despite the fact that Ethereum Classic is a 2 month old blockchain, it has already received serious attention from developers Fundonomy, GasTracker, Minebox, Solidarity, Stampery and Tortuga Trading More to come...

14. What is Ethereum Classic? What is Ethereum Classic?

15. “Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs Smart Contracts: applications that runs exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship or third party interference” In other words it’s code that works without servers and a third party. It’s a foundation for the next generation of Web 3 applications (or Dapps). Dapps are apps that runs on Ethereum technology

16. Ethereum (ETH) Managed by the Ethereum Foundation (EF), a centralized authority Blockchain state modifications can take place in interests of EF related companies What is the difference? Ethereum Classic (ETC) Managed by a distributed community dedicated to the principles of openness, neutrality and immutability of the blockchain Free from human intervention

17. Code is Law Code is law on the blockchain. All executions are final, all transactions are immutable. For everything else, there is a time-tested way to adjudicate legal disputes and carry out the administration of justice. It’s called the legal system. From Ethereum Classic standpoint the DAO hard fork broke the “laws of the blockchain” by imposing invalid transaction states that go against the nature of the infrastructure

18. Roadmap

19. Delay Difficulty Bomb 1 Oct 2016 “Difficulty Bomb” is a part of the Mining Formula, which forces mining difficulty to grow exponentially. Therefore making mining unprofitable at some point. Ethereum Classic has a plan to stop difficulty growth for the next year (ECIP-1010) Plan to remove it by the end of 2017

20. Reorganization Q4 2016 Setup Funding Process Stabilize the Platform Expand Dev Team with hired developers

21. Next ETC Generation Apr 2017 Migrate to Hybrid PoW/PoS. Not rejecting PoW Replay Attack Protection and new Monetary Policy to stop inflation and infinite coin supply 10 second block time

22. Provide Classic Dapp SDK May 2017+ Ethereum Classic will position itself as a Dapp Developer Friendly blockchain There will be 1000s of Dapps in next few years, ETC is working on the right tools for 3rd party Dapp developers

23. Available for commercial R&D Q3 2017+ We want to make Ethereum accessible not only to Night Hackers, but to corporate R&D, to banks and fintech For Java & C++ developers License tools under commercial friendly licenses MIT/Apache2, in oppose to Forked Ethereum which is licensed under restricted GPL/LGPL

24. Secure Ethereum Classic 2018 Encryption tools for Smart Contracts. Functional Encryption and operations over encrypted data Anonymous transactions. Privacy for Smart Contract storage and execution

25. Ethereum Classic Twitter @eth_classic GitHub @ethereumproject Slack 2016

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