Etech 09: The End of Free Space

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Information about Etech 09: The End of Free Space

Published on March 12, 2009

Author: avantgame



What might the world be like when launching a personal satellite is as easy as launching your own blog or website or social network today? Find out the initial results of our 3-day massively multiplayer thought experiment!

The End of Free Space initial results from a 3 day massively multiplayer thought experiment #Signtific @ Institute for the Future

Let’s explore >3500 micro-forecasts… … in <10 minutes.

Natalie Villalobos (IFTF) & Ariel Waldman (SpaceHack)

Alex Soojung- Kim Pang, Signtific Senior Researcher

From the Signtific Lab team: Cesar Castro, Mathias Crawford, Nathan Verrill

Etech’s modus operandi Positive imagination outweighed dark imagination 2:1 (650:312)

Etech’s modus operandi ighly collaborative: Momentum cards most often played (870)

Etech’s modus operandi You are a SUPER-CHALLENGING crowd: >450 ANTAGONISM (“I disagree!”) >200 ADAPTATION (“a different take”) >350 INVESTIGATION (“explain it!”)

The start of EARTH WATCHING?

The start of ECO-CURRENCY?

The start of SPACE MEDICINE?


The start of SPACE SOURCING?


The start of a PRIVACY INDUSTRY?


Not to downplay the dark imagination…

Terrorists in space - OUTLIER WIN!

Terrorists in space - OUTLIER WIN!

But let’s give the final word to our 2009 space hackers…

The start of a space renaissance?

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Go into space:

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