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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: GenX


Welcome remarks,Conference opening/introduction ETD 2004University of Kentucky June 3, 2004:  Welcome remarks, Conference opening/introduction ETD 2004 University of Kentucky June 3, 2004 Edward A. Fox ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (NDLTD):  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (NDLTD) NDLTD Board of Directors, previous Steering Committee + other NDLTD committees; those running Electronic Thesis andamp; Dissertation (ETD) initiatives in universities, regions, countries Helpful sponsorship by many organizations, especially Adobe (new initiative!), CONACyT, DFG, FIPSE (US Dept. Education), IBM, Microsoft, NSF (IIS-9986089, 0086227, 0080748, 0325579; DUE-0121679, 0136690, 0121741, 0333601), OCLC, SOLINET, SUN, SURA, UNESCO, VTLS, many governments (Australia, Germany, India, …), … Colleagues at Virginia Tech (faculty, staff, students), and collaborators at many universities Slides included from: Vinod Chachra, Thom Hickey, Joan Lippincott, Gail McMillan, Axel Plathe, Hussein Suleman, … Slide3:  The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations Leader of the Worldwide ETD (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Initiative Training Authors Expanding Access Preserving Knowledge Improving Graduate Education Enhancing Scholarly Communication Empowering Students andamp; Universities What led to today’s meeting?:  What led to today’s meeting? 1987 mtg in Ann Arbor: UMI, VT, … 1992 mtg in Washington: CNI, CGS, UMI, VT and 10 universities with 3 reps each 1993 mtg in Atlanta to start Monticello Electronic Library (regional, US Southeast): SURA, SOLINET 1994 mtg at VT: std: PDF + SGML + multimedia objects 1996 funding by SURA, US Dept. of Education (FIPSE) 1997 meetings in UK, Germany, ... 1998 – 1st symposium – Memphis (20) 1999 – 2nd symposium – Blacksburg (70) 2000 – 3rd symposium – St. Petersburg (225) 2001 – 4th symposium – Caltech (200) 2002 – 5th syposium – BYU, Provo, Utah 2003 – 6th syposium – Berlin (215) 2004 – 7th syposium – U. Kentucky 2005 – 8th syposium – Sydney, Australia What are we doing?:  Aiding universities to enhance graduate education, publishing and IPR efforts Helping improve the availability and content of theses and dissertations Educating ALL future scholars so they can publish electronically and effectively use digital libraries (i.e., are Information Literate and can be more expressive) What are we doing? NDLTD Incorporation:  NDLTD Incorporation Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations incorporated May 20, 2003 in Virginia, USA Charitable and educational purposes (501 c 3) Can accept donations, collect dues, receive funds LeClair Ryan provides legal counsel Officers Executive Director (Ed Fox) Secretary (Gail McMillan) Treasurer (Scott Eldredge) Board of Directors:  Board of Directors Suzie Allard (ETD 2004, U. Kentucky) Denise A. D. Bedford (World Bank) Julia C. Blixrud (ARL, SPARC) José Luis Borbinha (National Lib Portugal) Alex Byrne (ETD 2005, ADT: Australia) Tony Cargnelutti (ETD 2005, Australia) Vinod Chachra (VTLS) Susan Copeland (RGU, UK) Jude Edminster (Bowling Green St. Univ.) Scott Eldredge (Treasurer, ETD 2002, BYU) Edward A. Fox (Exec Director,Virginia Tech) John H. Hagen (West Virginia U.) Thomas B. Hickey (OCLC) Christine Jewell (U. Waterloo, Canada) Delphine Lewis (ProQuest) Joan K. Lippincott (CNI) Mike Looney (Adobe) Gail McMillan (Secretary, Virginia Tech) Joseph Moxley (ETD 2000, USF) Eva Müller (U. Uppsala, Sweden) Ana Pavani (PUC Rio, Brazil) Axel Plathe (UNESCO, Paris) Sharon Reeves (National Library Canada) Peter Schirmbacher (ETD 2003, Humboldt) Hussein Suleman (U.Cape Town, S. Africa) Shalini R. Urs (U. Mysore, India) Eric F. Van de Velde (ETD 2001, Caltech) NDLTD Committees (Chairs):  NDLTD Committees (Chairs) Awards (John Hagen) Conferences (Tony Cargnelutti) Development (Peter Schirmbacher) Executive (Edward Fox) Finance (Scott Eldredge) Implementation (Ana Pavani) Membership (Shalini Urs) Nominating (Sharon Reeves) Standards (Thomas B. Hickey) Union Catalog (Vinod Chachra) NDLTD Committee Activities:  NDLTD Committee Activities Implementation (Ana Pavani) How to apply standards? How to coordinate a national program? How to launch a pilot project? How to train students regarding copyright, digital libraries, electronic publishing, preservation, …? Membership (Shalini Urs) How to double membership in 2 years? How to extend member services? Membership Info:  Membership Info Categories University Consortium Supporting organization Individual Benefits Supporting ETD initiatives worldwide, union catalog, … NDLTD awards/committees/Board, conf discounts/exhibits/displays Mentoring, lecture series, tutorials, web space Free to start, automated/letter Online system improving Want persistence of contact NDLTD Membership:  NDLTD Membership Selected Projects / Sponsors:  Selected Projects / Sponsors Australia (ADT) Brazil (BDT, IBICT) Canada Catalunya Chile (Cybertesis) Germany India (Vidyanidhi) Korea OhioLINK: 79 colleges/univs Portugal (National Library) South Africa UK (British Library, JISC, Edinburgh, …) UNESCO (especially Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa) Venezuela Some Countries:  Some Countries Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Chile China, Hong Kong Columbia Finland France Germany Greece India Italy Jamaica Korea Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Namibia Netherlands Norway Poland Russia Singapore S. Africa S. Korea Spain Sudan Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey UK USA Venezuela Yugoslavia Some Institutional Members:  Some Institutional Members British Library Cinemedia Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Consorci de Biblioteques Universitàries de Catalunya Dissertationen Online (Germany) ETDweb, a Division of Ibero-American Science andamp; Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC) National Documentation Centre (NDC), Greece National Library of Portugal (for all universities) OCLC Online Computer Library Center OhioLINK Organization of American States (SEDI/OAS) Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET) UNESCO ( UNESCO and ETDs(by Axel Plathe at ETD2003):  UNESCO and ETDs (by Axel Plathe at ETD2003) Promoting the use of the Internet as a tool for disseminating scientific knowledge Facilitating the transfer of ETD expertise from developed to developing countries   1998: Member of the NDLTD Steering Committee 1999: First UNESCO ETD meeting on ETD internationalisation   2002: 'UNESCO Guide to Electronic Theses and Dissertations'   2003: Model training programmes and training courses 2003: Sponsor pilot projects 2003: Pilot projects (Africa, Europe, Latin-America) Slide17:  Convene Local Planning Group ETD project participants:  ETD project participants Academic administrators Faculty Students Staff Graduate school / provost / registrar Information technologists Librarians Slide19:  Build Local ETD Site Digital Library Slide20:  NDLTD Computer Resources Research Literature Student Prepares Thesis/Dissertation Slide21:  Student Defends andamp; Finalizes ETD Slide22:  Student Gets Committee Signatures and Submits ETD Slide23:  Graduate School Approves ETD, Student is Graduated Slide24:  Library Catalogs ETD, Access is Opened to the New Research WWW NDLTD Access Possibilities:  Access Possibilities Web search engines library catalog clients www. theses. org www. openarchives. org 3rd Party Services (e.g., UMI) Virginia Tech National Library of Portugal CBUC (Spain) Ohio Link MIT National Projects: AU, GE, … ETD Union Collection (OAI):  ETD Union Collection (OAI) Union catalog: OCLC:  Union catalog: OCLC OCLC will expand OAI data provider on TDs. Is getting data from WorldCat (so, from many sites!). Will harvest from all others who contact them. Need DC and either ETD-MS or MARC. Set for ETDs, from overr 40 repositories, now with over 110K records Sets in OCLC Union Catalog:  Sets in OCLC Union Catalog Slide29:  Slide30:  Union catalog: VTLS, VT:  Union catalog: VTLS, VT VTLS will enhance search/browse service for ETDs Will harvest from OCLC’s set of ETD records Will receive through other mechanisms Will work with MARC-21 and ETD-MS VT will continue to offer experimental services Slide32:  Slide33:  Slide34:  NDLTD Union CatalogContent Languages:  NDLTD Union Catalog Content Languages The VTLS NDLTD Union Catalog has data in 6 different languages. These are: English German Greek Korean Portuguese Spanish Examples follow Slide36:  Slide37:  Slide38:  ETD-MS:  ETD-MS ETD Metadata Standard XML-encoded metadata standard (content and encoding) for Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) in part conforming to Dublin Core (DC) using RDF using UNICODE With specified relationship to MARC Complex to Simple:  Complex to Simple MARC ($50) Dublin Core (DC) + thesis Added Support by NDLTD:  Added Support by NDLTD Links from NDLTD site ETD individuals support – submit ETD ETD discussion (e-prints) – community activities Conference papers and presentations – community activities Automated support to 'join NDLTD' Marcel Dekker book now available Edward A. Fox, Shahrooz Feizbadi, Joseph M. Moxley, and Christian R. Weisser, eds., The ETD Sourcebook: Theses and Dissertations in the Electronic Age, New York: Marcel Dekker, 2004 Slide42:  Slide43:  Selected Links -  Selected Links - NDLTD (electronic theses and dissertations worldwide) and OAI (Open Archives Initiative) Virginia Tech Digital Library Research Laboratory (DLRL) Spirit of NDLTD:  Spirit of NDLTD Help make a better (smaller) world Win-win-win (everyone can benefit) Have fun helping others Helpers/teachers learn more than those they work with Build on standards ETDs are preservable, popular, expressive, 'better' Doable, feasible, learnable, affordable, sharable Please join NDLTD! Questions/Discussion?:  Questions/Discussion?

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