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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: GenX


Closing Address ETD 2004University of Kentucky June 3, 2004:  Closing Address ETD 2004 University of Kentucky June 3, 2004 Edward A. Fox ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (NDLTD):  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (NDLTD) NDLTD Board of Directors, previous Steering Committee + others Slides and notes from: Vinod Chachra, Thom Hickey, Joan Lippincott, Gail McMillan, Axel Plathe, Hussein Suleman, … NDLTD committees; those running Electronic Thesis andamp; Dissertation (ETD) initiatives in universities, regions, countries Helpful sponsorship by many organizations, especially Adobe (new initiative!), CONACyT, DFG, FIPSE (US Dept. Education), IBM, Microsoft, NSF (IIS-9986089, 0086227, 0080748, 0325579; DUE-0121679, 0136690, 0121741, 0333601), OCLC, SOLINET, SUN, SURA, UNESCO, VTLS, many governments (Australia, Germany, India, …), … Colleagues at Virginia Tech (faculty, staff, students), and collaborators at many universities Special thanks to Suzie and Beth and the ETD2004 team! ETD 2004 Success!:  ETD 2004 Success! Wonderful group of attendees! Wonderful group of presenters! Networking, collaboration, partnering Kind and friendly atmosphere Success stories / evidence of progress Practical advice / best practices Updates on technology Assessment, reflection, challenges, planning Thanks again to conference team for planning, infrastructure/facilities/services/kindnesses! Meetings past and future:  Meetings past and future 1987 mtg in Ann Arbor: UMI, VT, … 1992 mtg in Washington: CNI, CGS, UMI, VT and 10 universities with 3 reps each 1993 mtg in Atlanta to start Monticello Electronic Library (regional, US Southeast): SURA, SOLINET 1994 mtg at VT: std: PDF + SGML + multimedia objects 1996 funding by SURA, US Dept. of Education (FIPSE) 1997 meetings in UK, Germany, ... 1998 – 1st symposium – Memphis (20) 1999 – 2nd symposium – Blacksburg (70) 2000 – 3rd symposium – St. Petersburg (225) 2001 – 4th symposium – Caltech (200) 2002 – 5th syposium – BYU, Provo, Utah 2003 – 6th syposium – Berlin (215) 2004 – 7th syposium – U. Kentucky 2005 – 8th syposium – Sydney, Australia Reflection:  Reflection Heartening progress! Now are well past early adopter phase! Specialization to tackle changes, challenges, opportunities – in present environment Societies: students, faculty, institutions, public, … Scenarios: services , workflows, preservation/persistence, mentoring/training, pilot/project/program, preparing, submitting, discovering, retrieving, using, … Spaces: Internet, Web, Institution, Learning/Scholarship, … Structures: Union Catalog, policies, NDLTD organization, … Streams: harvesting, content, multimedia access, … Board of Directors:  Board of Directors Suzie Allard (ETD 2004, U. Kentucky) Denise A. D. Bedford (World Bank) Julia C. Blixrud (ARL, SPARC) José Luis Borbinha (National Lib Portugal) Alex Byrne (ETD 2005, ADT: Australia) Tony Cargnelutti (ETD 2005, Australia) Vinod Chachra (VTLS) Susan Copeland (RGU, UK) Jude Edminster (Bowling Green St. Univ.) Scott Eldredge (Treasurer, ETD 2002, BYU) Edward A. Fox (Exec Director,Virginia Tech) John H. Hagen (West Virginia U.) Thomas B. Hickey (OCLC) Christine Jewell (U. Waterloo, Canada) Delphine Lewis (ProQuest) Joan K. Lippincott (CNI) Mike Looney (Adobe) Gail McMillan (Secretary, Virginia Tech) Joseph Moxley (ETD 2000, USF) Eva Müller (U. Uppsala, Sweden) Ana Pavani (PUC Rio, Brazil) Axel Plathe (UNESCO, Paris) Sharon Reeves (National Library Canada) Peter Schirmbacher (ETD 2003, Humboldt) Hussein Suleman (U.Cape Town, S. Africa) Shalini R. Urs (U. Mysore, India) Eric F. Van de Velde (ETD 2001, Caltech) NDLTD Committees (Chairs):  NDLTD Committees (Chairs) Awards (John Hagen) Conferences (Tony Cargnelutti) Development (Peter Schirmbacher) Executive (Edward Fox) Finance (Scott Eldredge) Implementation (Ana Pavani) Membership (Shalini Urs) Nominating (Sharon Reeves) Standards (Thomas Hickey) Union Catalog (Vinod Chachra) Awards (John Hagen):  Awards (John Hagen) More entries from students? More documentation, on criteria and assessment methods? More involvement of community in selecting best entries in each of a number of categories? More liaisons / monetary support for program? (with Development Committee) Conferences (Tony Cargnelutti):  Conferences (Tony Cargnelutti) ETD 2005! Sites and teams for ETD 2006 … Scholarships to expand attendance (with Development Committee) Regional events in addition to Annual Conference (with Membership Committee) Development (Peter Schirmbacher):  Development (Peter Schirmbacher) Open advertising of partner program Short list of targeted partners Value proposition for each Exhibits and tutorials (with Conference Committee) Scholarships for Annual Conference (with Conference, Finance, and Membership Committees) Executive (Ed Fox):  Executive (Ed Fox) Long term planning Leadership and mentoring programs to more fully engage membership … Finance (Scott Eldredge):  Finance (Scott Eldredge) IRS filing Invoicing Articulating member categories and benefits (with Membership Committee) … Implementation (Ana Pavani): Chartered to Address::  Implementation (Ana Pavani): Chartered to Address: How to apply standards? How to coordinate a national program? How to launch a pilot project? How to train students regarding copyright, digital libraries, electronic publishing, preservation, …? Implementation (Ana Pavani): Subcommittees:  Implementation (Ana Pavani): Subcommittees DSpace Ensure is easy to tailor to include ETDs Ensure compatibility with Union Catalog Help promote ETD activities in DSpace Federation OAI Static Repository Model Linking with related efforts: NSDL, e-portfolios Graduate education: seminars, blogs, … Software identification, Distribution Tutorials All who presented posters on tutorial materials Those with ETDs about the ETD Initiative … The OAI Static Repository Model:  The OAI Static Repository Model Membership (Shalini Urs): Info:  Membership (Shalini Urs): Info Categories University Consortium Supporting organization Individual Benefits Supporting ETD initiatives worldwide, union catalog, … NDLTD awards/committees/Board, conf discounts/exhibits/displays Mentoring, lecture series, tutorials, web space Free to start as Affiliate, either automated/letter Online system improving (thanks to Portugese National Lib.) Want persistence of contact – please keep up-to-date! Membership (Shalini Urs): Services:  Membership (Shalini Urs): Services Lecture Series All current and former members of Board Volunteers Please let us know name, contact info, areas of expertise William Clark, John Eaton, … … Membership (Shalini Urs): Challenges:  Membership (Shalini Urs): Challenges How to double membership in 2 years? Promising areas based on conference reports: China India Latin America Appalachia, … Important areas where Adobe will assist include: Western Europe Japan Membership (Shalini Urs): Challenges2:  Membership (Shalini Urs): Challenges2 How to extend member services? Certification of data providers as per DINI Full-text search over Union Catalog content … Nominating (Sharon Reeves):  Nominating (Sharon Reeves) Slate for Board for 2005 Broaden representation Across regions Across sectors Explore use of technology to expand Board involvement Development of leaders through committees and subcommittees Standards (Thom Hickey):  Standards (Thom Hickey) ETD-MS: Cleanup/extension XML: Documentation of diverse solutions Logging and usage analysis Preservation: Acrobat/A Ratings for formats/representations Application of LOCKSS Persistent identifiers: DOIs and CrossRef Linking (OpenURL), Name authority, DRM,… Annotated bibliography Certification of (preservation) services (a la DINI) Union Catalog (Vinod Chachra):  Union Catalog (Vinod Chachra) How to ensure involvement of all members? How to extend language coverage? How to extend regional coverage? How to handle sites that use other than ETD-MS or MARC21? How to address mixing of metadata records, some with ETDs, some with partial ETDs, some with full-text, some associated only with paper documents? How to better integrate with WorldCat, Google, … Sets, automatic classification, linking with thesauri, … Spirit of NDLTD:  Spirit of NDLTD Help make a better (smaller) world Win-win-win (everyone can benefit) Have fun helping others Helpers/teachers learn more than those they work with Build on standards ETDs are preservable, popular, expressive, 'better' Doable, feasible, learnable, affordable, sharable Please join NDLTD! CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION Additions? Comments? Recommendations?

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