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Published on June 25, 2016

Author: PaulCooper62


1. Vision | Traction | Results

2. Welcome Paul Cooper – Managing Director

3. Cloud for Breakfast A Report from ‘the Trenches’


5. Who is estrat?

6. Cloud Facts Cloud is mainstream now and here to stay! • Cloud is someone else’s computer – At scale! • ‘Utility’ Computing – Pay per use if and when required • Reason not always cost • Guiding principles for adoption “IDC predicts that the greater cloud spending (cloud services and IT products) will exceed $500 billion by 2020”

7. Cloud Continuum Development Community ‘As A Service’ Subscription Software Shadow IT Enterprise Adoption Dev/Test Backup & DR Overflow Non Critical Production Cloud First Production Systems Build for Cloud Orchestration Industry 4.0 IoT Big Data Analytics

8. Typical Adoption Process Trigger Analyse & Design Feasibility Review Financial Model Realisation Hardware Refresh Contract Expiry Cost Pressure Direction from Top Business ‘Revolutionaries’ Volume of Compute & Store Identify Workloads DR/Backup as a Service Art of the Possible Application Performance Data Sovereignty Movements of Workloads Governance Roles and Skills Understand Internal Cost Stable vs. On Demand Workloads Communication Cost DC Cost Savings Business Case PoC Stress Test Adjust Model Move to Production Continuous Improvement

9. From “the Trenches” New paradigm for IT • Consumer of services • ’Soft Issues’ - New roles in IT • Continuous improvement • Be frugal and change your capacity management • Get your governance right

10. MINEMAN Jamie Anderson – General Manager

11. Background • About us • Our Product • Our clients

12. MINEMAN – Our Business • Overview • Legacy infrastructure • Business Model • Why Change? • Technical drivers • Flexibility • Cost

13. MINEMAN – The Project • POC • Goals • Engagement with estrat • Go-live • Outcomes • Reviewing our goals • Additions • Compliance

14. MINEMAN – Next Steps • Shutdown the legacy environment • Migration of the UK data center • Future regions • Additional Services

15. Present Group Cobus Bothma – ICT Manager

16. AWS “all-in” Cloud Strategy

17. About Present Group • Founded in 1998 in Perth, Western Australia. • Present Group helps companies commission and complete projects. • Services include inspecting, testing, commissioning, handing over, starting up, ramping up, optimizing, operating, maintaining, shutting down, and decommissioning projects. • Present Group has offices in several Australian capital cities & Singapore. • The business’s clients include prominent companies such as Rio Tinto, Xstrata, and Origin, and Present Group has completed projects at power stations, refineries, mines, and ports.

18. The Challenge • Started operations running a data centre in the Perth office. • Virtualized to improve server utilization and minimize environmental footprint. • Upkeep of data centre proved expensive and time-consuming. • Explored cloud computing with consumption-based pricing model. • Ensuring the reliability & availability for business-critical systems. • Failed to achieve elasticity which is intrinsic to the cloud. • The business could not add capacity to support demand peaks.

19. Why AWS? • Evaluated providers but AWS could best meet our requirements. • Concerned about migrating Epicor ERP to the cloud. • Carefully evaluated the benefits of moving to AWS. • The business required true cloud that could deliver:  The ability to provide consumption-based computing.  Economies of scale, and the availability of information. • Dedicated support from AWS account and technical teams. • Ease of transition without needing to re-architect systems.

20. Why AWS? – cont’d • Established a direct connection between hosted environment and AWS. • Replication software used to build a live replica of our ERP in AWS. • Infrastructure is distributed across multiple Amazon VPCs, with Sophos UTM. • 31 Amazon EC2 instances run in the VPC, distributed across two AWS AZ’s. • Instances are set to auto-recover in the event of a problem. • File-level backup for SQL and Epicor ERP databases to Amazon S3 buckets.

21. Why AWS? – cont’d • Automated snapshots of instances daily and weekly. • Web domains hosted with Amazon Route 53. • Amazon Cloud Watch to monitor applications such as the ERP. • Developed internal skills in AWS with system administrators training. • Using AWS Business Support for increased response times & range of channels.

22. The Benefits • Achieved a range of benefits from AWS, including increased performance. • Improved ERP database performance & no disruption to month-end processes. • Reaped big financial rewards by automating shutdown of unused instances. • 30 percent reduction in operational expenditure AWS on demand, • A further 34 percent by reserving Amazon EC2 instances. • Achieved increased availability & fault tolerance. • SharePoint to AWS, maintain collaboration performance while supporting growth. • Support the rapid on boarding of new employees because of the scalability.

23. Amazon Web Services Brett Looney – Solutions Architect

24. Automation • Traditional IT: • Manual procedures • Scales with people • Components from different vendors means no common interface • Cloud services • Built for automation • Common interface for all services (web) • API interface for the computers

25. DevOps • The “new” way of doing things • But is it really all that good? • Mostly about culture • Teams working together • Taking responsibility for development, deployment and operations • Does not mean less accountability • Does it count in enterprise companies? • Lots more off-the-shelf and less built-it-yourself • But the cultural learnings may be highly valuable

26. Serverless Computing • Complete service abstraction • Partly “event driven computing” • Partly “X-as-a-service” • For whatever “X” is • Concentrate on the task rather than the plumbing

27. Business Agility • Agile is another term you hear from IT all the time • As with DevOps – cultural rather than purely process • But cloud isn’t about Agile • Cloud is about agility • Build services in minutes and hours rather than weeks and months • CAPEX is a thing of the past • Stop paying for services no longer required • Expand regionally with a mouse-click

28. Not In The Cloud Yet? Think Big Start Small Scale Fast Vision Traction Results Talk to us. | |

29. Q&A Thank You!

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