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Published on June 30, 2009

Author: mtcorps


Discipline and Punish: : Discipline and Punish: Mr. Estling’s Classroom Management Plan Classroom Management: A Definition : Last year: fairness, consistency, routine, with a focus on safety and creating a calm, quiet space where students can learn Second year: more of the same… It is the role of the teacher to structure the room so that students can learn content and master skills. Human beings crave leadership and the teacher must assume that role. Classroom Management: A Definition A Philosophy of Discipline : Last Year: A long diatribe about choices, consequences and values, with the point of discipline to modify unwanted behaviors. Second year: The students are, quite literally, pack animals, and if the teacher does not assert his or her leadership in and outside the classroom, then one or more of the kids will assert themselves, and that steals instructional time from all of the students. A Philosophy of Discipline A Positive Learning Environment : Last Year: It is the duty of the teacher to create a rewarding, pleasurable environment, etc. I thought content was the most important aspect of teaching. I learned that management and organization are far more important. Second Year: The teacher should be consistent and fair, with a reliance on routine. The teacher should force students to work from bell to bell from day one until the last day of the year- no exceptions, no filler, no “game” days, etc. My students came to enjoy the structure, after posturing for 3-12 weeks. A Positive Learning Environment Classroom Rules : Last Year: Developed rules for the room but the school had a uniform set of rules… Second Year: school policy, decided by staff/principal. 1. No gum or food. 2. Raise your hand to speak. 3. Be respectful. 4. Show up on time with materials. 5. Be positive…Enforcing assigned seats, no talking, hand raising = few problems with management. Also, no sleeping and no not working. Sleep at home or be lazy in some other teacher’s class. Classroom Rules Consequences : First Year: warning, hall conference, writing assignments, call home- never used, as the principal/staff developed a uniform school policy: warning, conference, call home, and a write up, with ISS or parent conference to follow. (I also used keeping a kid after the bell rang for 1-2 min., cleaning the room) Second Year: Same uniform policy, but the school is adding Sat. morning detention… Consequences Rewards and Recognition : Last Year: Praise, ticket system, homework pass, call home, etc. This was never used as the principal/staff had a uniform set of rules, rewards, and consequences. Second Year: I assume the principal will use the same kind of uniform policy, which is good for the kids as the expectations don’t change from room to room (or shouldn’t). *Gum/bathroom breaks. Rewards and Recognition Procedures and Routines : Last year: Had plans, etc., but there was not enough focus on organization and spelling out routines from day one. The schools are chaos. The only thing you can control is the classroom. Second Year: Shake hand, quiet, sit down in assigned seat, work, stay, raise hand. No bathroom. No talking. Missed work after class, not during. Every time, every day. No exceptions. No drama. No excuses. Procedures and Routines Parental Involvement : Last Year: The teacher should work to include all stakeholders…blah, blah, blah. Second Year: Contact the guardians of students that are in danger of failing- CYA. Document, document, document. Spend less than 3 min. per phone call. Be professional, be courteous, and be blunt. End phone calls that become abusive or uncivil- document. Parental Involvement The End : About 330 days or so until I leave… The End

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